Obama shows America one more time that he is (a) a Muslim, or (b) stupid, or perhaps both

Even as Islamist terror attacks continue around the globe, Obama cautions Americans against stereotyping Muslims based on the actions of of a few extremists.   “It’s not who we are,” he says.

The Washington Times reports: “In a clear warning shot at President-elect Donald Trump, President Obama said Tuesday the U.S. can only protect the homeland against terrorism by embracing Muslims and encouraging a society ‘that can criticize a president without retribution.’

Speaking to special operations troops at MacDill Air Force Base in Tampa, Florida, Mr. Obama delivered his final speech on the war on terrorism as a thinly veiled reminder for Mr. Trump about ‘what we’re fighting for.’

‘The United States of America is not a country that imposes religious tests as a price for freedom,’ Mr. Obama said in a reference to Mr. Trump’s proposal to temporarily ban Muslim immigrants. ‘The United States of America is not a place where some citizens have to withstand greater scrutiny or carry a special ID card or prove that they’re not an enemy from within.’

Obama said the U.S. must remain true to its values, that ‘each of us has a responsibility to sustain the universal right to speak your mind and protest against authority, to live in a society that’s open and free, that can criticize a president without retribution.’

World-wide, Muslims demonstrate that they’re the most intolerant humans on the planet, especially to those of other religions.  They follow their religious book faithfully, which says “kill the unbelievers wherever you find them.”  Hard to be less tolerant than “kill those who do not believe as you do.”  Not a shred of tolerance in that command, is there?


[From an article published by MINUTEMEN NEWS]


NORM ‘n’ AL Note:  There are several pretty amazing things in the above article. First is the fact that Mr. Obama thinks America needs his advice one more time. He came into office telling us what a super Christian he is, and he leaves office having missed no opportunity to help us understand he’s a Muslim. He has also missed no opportunity to lie to this country as few ever have. Apparently Obama thinks we’re all sitting around waiting for more of his lies and nonsense. Secondly, Obama obviously thinks the way to intimidate and control your enemies is to coddle them into submission. If we “embrace Islam” sufficiently well, the terrorists will all fall into line.  It is absolutely plain from all Obama has tried but failed to do, that this approach is not even remotely workable.  Maybe Obama would be willing to put his theory to the test by inviting a radical Islamic terrorist to the US on a mission to behead Obama before he leaves the White House.  As the terrorist runs to greet him, with his razor-sharp blade glinting in the sunlight, Mr. O can begin his “embrace Islam” speech again to show us how well this approach might work.  Thirdly, Obama mentions above that people in the US should not have to prove they are not “an enemy from within.” When the enemy among us is as obvious as Obama has proven HE is, additional proof is probably not necessary. Otherwise, it’s a pretty good idea.




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Obama’s comments show he is deep in denial that his own mistakes doomed the Democrats

As Obama sought to blame Fox News for the Democrats’ humbling and humiliating showing on Election Day, Fox host Neil Cavuto suggested Friday that Obama was in denial over the fact that his mistakes doomed the Democratic Party.

During a Rolling Stone interview about the election, Obama continued his assault on media outlets that reported different perspectives than his own.

“The challenge is people are getting a hundred different visions of the world from a hundred different outlets or a thousand different outlets, and that is ramping up divisions. It’s making people exaggerate or say what’s most controversial or peddling in the most vicious of insults or lies, because that attracts eyeballs,” Obama said.

He later added that the election loss was triggered in part by “Fox News in every bar and restaurant in big chunks of the country.”

Cavuto heard in Obama’s words the same type of refusal to admit the truth Cavuto had experienced with health issues that led him to need open heart surgery.

Denial is deadly, so forgive me when I see the same reaction from Obama, not over a physical crisis, but a personal crisis, this election. His candidate lost, and he cannot fathom why that happened,” Cavuto said.

Cavuto said Obama is confusing cause and effect.

“Fox News didn’t create this populist wave, your policies did. It wasn’t us playing in bars that doomed you, but so many people perhaps going to those bars because of you,” he said.

Cavuto noted that Obama does not seem to have understood then or now the consequences of his actions.

“You went after the rich, and seemed stunned when everyone else revolted. All but called the other side racist, yet failed to see the writing on the wall that was pretty black and white,” Cavuto said.

“Just like you failed to see that voters didn’t have a problem with the color of your skin, maybe just the thickness of it. Just like you failed to see Americans weren’t chauvinist for rejecting a woman for president, but just this hugely  corrupt and dishonest woman,” he added.

Cavuto said the election turned on what the president had done, not what voters were doing.

“The buck stopped with you, not some guys in a bar watching Fox reporting on you. Fox News didn’t help to win the election, but you helped mightily to lose it. Yet even that is beyond your understanding.”

Cavuto closed with one final comment.

“Sometimes the toughest part is looking in the mirror and knowing the only guy who will ever be looking back is you, with all your flaws and imperfections,” he said.


[From an article by Jack Davis, writing for WESTERN JOURNALISM]


NORM ‘n’ AL Note:  Personal accountability is, unfortunately, not a part of the lives of many American politicians. Just like Hillary attributed her election loss to the thickest of “glass ceilings” which prevented her from breaking through to a victory on November 8th, Obama cannot remotely understand that his own stupid mistakes and accompanying arrogance over the past eight years were responsible for his disastrous two terms in the White House.  People who are unable or unwilling to admit they need to change their view of reality should not run for public office, let alone be elected in spite of that huge shortcoming. Both Obama and Clinton are poor examples at best of what it takes to govern a nation, and when you demonstrate that you are seeking an office in order to better yourself instead of the country you’re attempting to lead, American citizens have no trouble at all seeing through that charade. Putting yourself ahead of the country is called SELFISHNESS and GREED; putting the country first is called DOING THE JOB RIGHT.  Neither Obama nor Clinton ever thought for a moment about doing the job right, and they cannot understand why the American public despises them. THAT is called STUPIDITY.




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The perfect souvenir of the recent election: The “Lyin’ Hillary Doll”

Lyin' Hillary Doll

Inside the Pleasant View Orchards store in Rhode Island, the “Lyin’ Hillary Doll” dangles from a metal hook pushed through a loop of green yarn. A Trump sign taped next to it proclaims, “Make America Great Again.”

Squeeze the 11.5-inch, pant-suited Hillary plush toy — available online for $28.65 — and “she’ll tell 18 unbelievable tales,” according to http://www.lyinhillarydoll.com. The doll says: “Not a single one of my emails was classified.” Or “I don’t believe I ever lied — to the public.” Or, “When I got off the plane in Bosnia I had to dodge sniper fire.”

Facebook postings and Yelp customer reviews in Rhode Island are taking the owners of the orchard to task for the doll’s placement, describing it as “a despicable display of misogyny,” a “public lynching display” and as being “hung by a noose.” Some posts urge potential customers to stay away.

Pleasant View owner Tony Polseno Jr., 81, took offense Wednesday in his store, which is festooned for the holidays. “Everyone who comes in here loves it.” If you don’t like it, then look the other way.”

Polseno said a customer purchased the doll online “and gave it to me.”

The store, a longtime fixture on Pleasant View Avenue, sells apples, pumpkins, apple cider donuts, fudge and flowers, honey and more.

Polseno said the online complaints reflect a misunderstanding.

“They’re making it look like I want to hang people. I don’t do that. … We don’t want to be mean. We don’t want to offend anyone. If we offend anyone, I’ll take it down.”

Online comments mounted after a woman’s Facebook posting Tuesday about the doll. The Journal was unable to reach the woman Wednesday. Many commenters said they have not been to the store.

The “doll of a presidential candidate being hung” is “offensive and not appropriate for children — or really anyone,” wrote Amanda L. from Providence, on Yelp.

“I cannot support a bigoted business such as this one. Having a doll of Hillary Clinton, Secretary of State, with a noose around her neck? That is not only so disrespectful but misogynistic and hateful,” wrote ‘Ellie B.’ in Providence. ” … Please patronize the good folks. Hate does not deserve their money.”

Polseno said he was unaware of online comments because he doesn’t use computers. He played a message left on the store answering machine, which he first heard Wednesday, left by a man calling “all the way from Key West.”

The caller said in part: “You should be ashamed of yourselves for having a doll hanging … I hope your business goes down.”

Polseno said, “Don’t worry about putting me out of business over a doll. They’ll need an axe.” He said he has had a solid customer base for half a century.

Camella Polseno chided her husband when a reporter visited the store, saying, “I told you to get rid of the doll.” She said her husband “didn’t mean to hang it by the neck.”

But Camella Polseno said she also “wanted to punch” the Hillary doll. The Trump sign “represents not slaughtering, not aborting babies,” and Trump “represents hope.” Hillary Clinton “represents the elite,” and Trump “represents the middle class, the upper middle class.”

She added, “That gentleman that made that terrible phone call to us — he has to know, my husband is 81 years old. We’ve been in business almost 47 years. We contribute a lot of tax money to the town. We contribute a lot of tax money to the state. For him to say he hopes our business goes down, I think is just very deplorable.”

A man who answered the customer service line at http://www.lyinhillarydoll.com said, “They sold out the day after the election. The only thing we’re doing now, if it doesn’t work or someone wants to return it, we will accommodate them. It’s a gag. It’s a joke. It’s funny. For those who want to poke a little bit of fun.”

This is not the first time Pleasant View Orchards and its owners have been subject to what Tony Polseno calls “cyber attack.” Online comments in September attacked the owner for alleged hate speech: The Journal was unable to reach a woman whose comments provoked online discussion.

Tony Polseno said, “Why don’t they come here and tell me? I think this is a cyber attack. I don’t know these people. I’ve never seen them. What they’re telling you is BS. I never said anything to anybody.”


[From an article published by GOPUSA.COM]




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Taste test in the golden age of the fast food chicken sandwich

Chicken sandwich taste test...

We’re living in the golden age of the chicken sandwich.

Fried chicken sandwiches are popping up on more menus across the country, according to data from the menu research firm Datassential.

Chick-fil-A has transformed from a regional chain to a national chicken powerhouse, managing to lift annual sales by more than $1 billion in a year.

Restaurant chains that aren’t even known for chicken are looking to poultry to appeal to more consumers and in turn boost sales, Nation’s Retaurant News recently reported.

McDonald’s completely overhauled its chicken sandwich, and Shake Shack unveiled one of the best sandwiches ever made in 2016.

David Chang fanned the flames with the chicken-sandwich-focused Fuku, the most hyped addition to the trendy Momofuku empire.

In light of this crispy, golden renaissance, we decided to gather the chicken sandwiches from major fast-food chains and see which ones are worth it — and which ones are better left untouched.


For this taste-test showdown, we got sandwiches from seven major fast-food chains: McDonald’s, Burger King, Wendy’s, Arby’s, Dairy Queen, KFC, and Chick-fil-A.


First up: McDonald’s. The recent revamp of its chicken sandwich brought some much-needed change to the chain. The ‘buttermilk crispy chicken’ sandwich is indeed crispy — in fact, perhaps a little heavy on the breading.

The chicken is slightly on the dry side, but there is a definite hint of tangy buttermilk seasoning. Unfortunately, it often gets masked by a glob of mayonnaise — the usual for this sandwich, based on our reviews before. The ‘artisan’ bun does the job well, holding up to the heaping helping of mayo without getting too soggy.

Burger King’s ‘tendercrisp chicken sandwich’ is … not the best. It’s soggy and saucy; the outrageous amounts of mayonnaise mixes with the watery and weak tomato slice to form a strange, warm slurry beneath the bun.

The chicken is juicy, but salt seems to be the only hint of flavor here. A hunk of gristle — or something — brought the taste-test to an abrupt end. My advice: Don’t go to Burger King for the chicken. It’s not ‘Chicken King,’ and at this rate it never will be.

Wendy’s chicken has always impressed me, at least as far as fast-food chicken can. There’s a crispy, thick fillet with a modest amount of mayo; the iceberg lettuce, however, is a bit of a letdown.

The bun is dolefully spongy, but it stays dry in the face of mayonnaise and a wet tomato slice. Wendy’s isn’t the most amazing of chicken sandwiches, but it’s the old faithful, the decent standby.

Of all the sandwiches, Arby’s is the most unexpected. First, finding that Arby’s even serves a fried chicken sandwich was a learning moment. Secondly, it’s surprisingly good. The chicken is quite tender but has a satisfyingly crunchy breading.

There’s a lot of mayonnaise — the bane of chicken sandwiches everywhere, evidently — but it tastes like real store-brand mayo, which is something of a silver lining. The bun is fantastically soft yet stays dry, and the tomato is flavorful and strong.

Dairy Queen — I’ll preface this by saying how much I adore the Blizzard. I do not expect much of the food, yet even then I am sorely disappointed. Such a sad, sad sandwich. The crispy chicken sandwich is a swampy debacle with far too much mayonnaise and a bun that deteriorates in hand — much like one’s hopes of this sandwich being a decent and enjoyable meal.

The meat is incredibly bland, the tomato is pallid, and the sorrowful shreds of iceberg lettuce add nothing positive to the equation. “That’s … rough,” one taste-test helper said. Please, Dairy Queen, keep making great ice cream treats and stop making food.

KFC’s chicken sandwich, overshadowed by the ghost of the infamous chicken-on-bacon-on-cheese-on-chicken ‘double down,’ is called the ‘doublicious.’ It’s a crispy fillet draped with strips of bacon on top of rich and subtle Monterrey Jack cheese and a slightly spicy sauce.

This sandwich is really, really good. It doesn’t fit within the chicken-tomato-lettuce-mayo tradition of sandwiches, but the flavors are notably nuanced for a fast-food sandwich. The thin chicken is well seasoned with pepper, buttermilk, and whatever the Colonel’s elusive herbs and spices may be. The sauce is likely a mixture of mayonnaise and barbecue sauce, which adds a vinegary kick without overwhelming the sandwich. It’s not as salty as one would expect, as the slightly sweet bun counteracts the bacon.

Chick-fil-A’s revered chicken sandwich is iconic for a reason. Man, it’s a hot one — the foil envelope it comes in keeps it steaming hot for a long, long time. There is a sweetness to the bun, which pairs well with the savory chicken.

The chicken breast isn’t that crispy, but it’s incredibly juicy and tender, and the taste is smooth and fresh. The pickles add a delightful crunch and piquant notes. An elegant simplicity surrounds this sandwich: bun, chicken, pickle. It’s a humble sandwich with little pretense.

Chick-fil-A’s deluxe is another beast entirely, which is why it has to be included in this as well. If we’re going to be shallow and base things purely on looks, this sandwich is the most beautiful thing we have ever laid eyes on. Perfectly ruffled lettuce, melted cheese draped like silks in a Dutch still life, and an unblemished bun — it’s a sight to behold.

As far as taste goes, it’s fantastic; however, it feels … complicated. The chicken — arguably the best part of any Chick-fil-A sandwich, is muffled within the cheese, thick tomato slice, and puffed-up bun.

Of all the sandwiches, KFC’s flavors and quality seemed to shine through — a beacon of crispiness and depth. And even though it has bacon and cheese added on (what is this, a wannabe club sandwich?), the Colonel’s mysterious seasoning gives it the best taste and crunch. But I have to say — Chick-fil-A’s simple, modest, classic sandwich is almost always a winner and pleases even the pickiest of palates.

[From an article by Hollis Johnson, written for BUSINESS INSIDER]


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New York City rebound: The view from the 78th floor of 30 Park Place

Fifteen years after the terrorist attacks of 9/11, downtown New York City is making a serious comeback.

The view from the 78th floor...

With One World Trade Center as the construction epicenter, development in the neighborhood has soared. Among the projects is the Brookfield Place shopping center, with high-end retail offerings like Burberry and Michael Kors, an Equinox gym, and restaurants like Amada and the stalls of Hudson Eats. The $4 billion World Trade Center Transportation Hub — more commonly known as the Oculus — also doubles as a Westfield shopping center.

Reaching high above them is 30 Park Place, a luxury condo development built by Silverstein Properties and Robert A.M. Stern Architects to contribute to the revival of the area. It’s attached to the new Four Seasons Hotel New York Downtown, which occupies the bottom third of the building.

Living the high life...

“All around us, downtown has become a model of what is best and most exciting about New York,” Larry Silverstein, chairman of Silverstein Properties, said to Business Insider. “Since 2001, the population has tripled, and we are now one of the city’s most desirable places to live and raise a family.”

To see more of what a new condo at the top of 30 Park Place looks like, CLICK HERE.


[From an article published by BUSINESS INSIDER]




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Correct vote counting shows Hillary lost the election by approximately 10 million popular votes

The non-progressive progressive chosen one, Hillary Clinton and her propaganda machine, would like us to believe she won the popular vote by almost 2 million. What they are not telling us is over 3 million of her votes were cast by illegal aliens, almost 2 million votes came from dead people, and almost 3 million people were registered to vote in more than 1 state.

Thus, the claim she won the popular vote is a total fraud, given that off the top 3 million of her votes should be disqualified, since they were cast by people who are here illegally. So what we have here is Hillary Clinton losing the election by over 10 million popular votes, considering the ones we know about being illegal votes, as well as possibly millions more when you take into consideration the manipulation of the electronic ballots at the polls on election day.

What Hillary Clinton and her government controlled propaganda machine, masquerading as the lame stream media, failed to realize is most of us remembered how Hillary cheated her way to winning the presidential primaries where she cheated Sanders out of a win in the beginning in Iowa, supposedly defying impossible odds by winning 6 coin tosses in a row. This was just one example out of a whole primary long string of cheating and fraud that led to her being chosen as the cheating, fraudulent Democrat nominee for President.

Even her nomination for president required her to openly bribe Bernie Sanders into not contesting the results, via her buying him a new house on the shore of Lake Champlain for $600,000. Sanders had every right to contest her being nominated since going into the convention neither one of them had the required number of delegates to secure the nomination.

What the Democrat dictatorship in Washington, Hillary Clinton, and their propaganda machine actually did was fool themselves into believing Hillary could not lose. Their confidence in their ability to fool the American people into believing Hillary had all this support, ended up building such a false sense of confidence that everyone involved was surprised at Hillary’s defeat. The American people saw through the whole mirage.

The reality is, the people of the United States rejected the corrupt, lying, and treasonous ideals of the current Democrat Dictatorship, demanded their country back, and then made sure they got it.

What we all can and should do now is take comfort that Hillary Clinton’s political career is dead and will be buried on Inauguration Day, 01/20/2017.

The majority of the people have spoken and have taken their country back. They not only want to make America great again, but even more important, make us the United States of America again.


[from an article by Tony Elliott published by EAGLE RISING]




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A small (and cheap) product that every American needs

Unlike lots of (many!) blogs in publication, it is not our policy or our practice to try to sell anything to our readers.

Please allow us this one small diversion. We promise you will thank us for it.

We have tried a product called AquaLyte (TM) which is nothing more than a super-easy way to add minerals to our drinking water.  If you know anything about the normal American diet today, you know that both our food and our water are often greatly deficient in nutrients. Our farmers must rely on fertilizers to add nutrients to our soil, many of our food producers are now giving us genetically modified (and heavily processed) foods, and the water most of us drink is utterly devoid of the minerals which are essential to healthy living.

Do yourself a favor, and perform just a small amount of research. Verify that the statements above are true.

Farmers in the US have been heavily using chemical fertilizers for many decades now. (Organic foods are not the answer, either. Organic only means the producer has not used pesticide chemicals in the growing process.) And our potable water comes to us via the local water service, or via bottled water. The local water company must add chlorine to the tap water it sells in order to be sure the water is safe to drink when it gets to you…and it also adds fluoride to help prevent tooth decay. Bottled water is also heavily processed, normally being tap water which has been filtered by reverse osmosis, or spring water which has also been filtered and then had a small amount of minerals added “for taste.” All the water we normally drink has virtually no mineral content, and especially no ionic mineral content.

On the other side of the water spectrum there is an island in Japan, the island of Okinawa, which is essentially a coral island. Its water comes from rainwater which is naturally filtered through that coral, and the people of Okinawa live much longer and healthier lives than the rest of us, because they are getting the ionic minerals their bodies need for health and long life.

Scientific researchers have said there are four main reasons why the people of Okinawa experience such incredible longevity and good health:

  1.  Their water is alkaline, not acidic. It is filtered by coral, which helps to create a healthy bodily pH level.
  2. Their water contains over 70 essential minerals and elements including the rare elements such as lithium and deuterium, which further enhance the body’s ability to absorb essential minerals.
  3. Their water contains minerals already ionized to be a thousand times smaller than almost any other minerals or mineral supplements; this enables the minerals to easily enter the cells of organisms to help them grow and thrive.
  4. Their water contains minerals that are electrically charged; these electrolytes are necessary for the transmission of electrical impulses throughout the nervous system. (The water that most of us are getting, tap water and filtered water, have none of these electrolytes.)

Water is the source of all life. It covers most of the earth’s surface, and makes up 70% of our bodies and 90% of our blood.  It is only common sense that drinking healthy, mineral-rich water would be beneficial for your blood, your bones, even for enhancing the efficiency of your immune system.

The company we want to introduce to you, Basic Reset of Nashville, Tennessee, has a product called AquaLyte (TM).  AquaLyte is really nothing more than the coral minerals of Okinawa delivered to the consumer in a small sachet (think of a miniature tea bag) for easy insertion into a bottle or glass of ordinary water. AquaLyte is the same premier coral mineral product that is the #1 seller in Japan.

Please visit USA1.BasicReset.com.  Spend a few minutes and learn about its science and its products. Order a month’s supply of AquaLyte ($24.95 plus shipping) and start your body on a path back to healthy living. You WILL notice a difference in how you feel once your body is getting the ionic minerals it needs. (If you don’t, just ask for your money back. The product is 100% guaranteed.)

If you happen to know people who would also like to feel better — better health, less pain, more energy, etc. — let those folks know about AquaLyte too. It’s an amazing product, and one that we ALL NEED.

For ONE MONTH, forget expensive energy drinks, pain pills, and $7.00 Starbucks coffees.  Put a little tiny “tea bag” into your bottled water once a day, and KNOW that you are GOING TO FEEL BETTER.




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