“You can’t make this stuff up” because it’s coming straight from the mouths of some top-level Democrats who are telling us “America was NEVER great and is certainly NOT GREAT NOW”

Bernie SandersRecent video clips of three big-name Democrats proved just how much the Democrat Party hates America. All three disgorged what have become extremely common liberal positions, but the three also showed just how far Democrats have descended from a once patriotic party to one now filled with hate for the country they tell us they want to lead.

These videos prove that if you are a Democrat, you simply do not love the United States of America. Indeed, it is wholly impossible to love a country that evokes these kind of reactions.

The speakers are big deal folks among liberals. Green activist and billionaire Tom Steyer, self-described socialist Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, and New York’s Democrat Governor Andrew Cuomo all proved today that each of them hate the very country they want to lead.  And it follows that anyone who would vote for an America-hater must be an America-hater too.

Let us start with the one-time Democrat candidate for president, Bernie Sanders.

Sanders appeared on CBS This Morning on August 15 to revel over the joyous idea that the U.S. electorate — especially Democrats — have become thoroughly receptive to socialism.

But at one point close to the end of his few minutes on the air, Sanders insisted that the U.S.A. is a rotten place because we don’t have in place “free” education, “free” healthcare, and a litany of other left-wing policies.

To hearty nods of approval from the cloying TV dolts, Sanders told the hosts, ” I think that there is growing resentment, not only among young people — who in many cases can have a lower standard of living than their parents — I think that there is an understanding that there is something fundamentally immoral and wrong that a nation in which  three people who own more wealth than the bottom half of the American people.”

Sanders had just told his hosts that the United States is “fundamentally immoral and wrong.”

Again, one of the nation’s leading liberals just said in a totally matter-of-fact tone that this country is “immoral” because we aren’t socialist enough for him.

Tom SteyerThat is terrible, of course, but liberal activist Tom Steyer isn’t about to let Bernie Sanders out-do him in hate for the U.S.A.!

In another video out this week, Steyer said that people in law enforcement and the military are not “real” Americans because they have guns.


During an absurd discussion about how he thinks tax cuts only help “the rich,” Steyer ended his point with this bit of left-wing doggerel:

Every single program that ends with a person is cut, and every single program that ends with a man holding a gun is up thirty percent. That’s the military, it’s ICE, it’s the police, it’s the prison system. And that is NOT how America is gonna prosper. America’s gonna prosper cuz Americans succeed because we invest in each other, we enable each other, we include each other, and then we kick ass in the 21st century.

Notice what Steyer just did. He pitted our security services (all of them) against the American people as if our soldiers, cops, and prison employees are NOT Americans.

Then he suggested that our taxes be spent on a long list of left-wing causes. But, note again, that this means HE is the one being un-American. After all, our military, for instance, is one of the principal things our federal dollars are supposed to be spent on according to the U.S. Constitution.

Contrary to what Steyer tried to fool his gullible audience into thinking, the military is the one true American expenditure. All the socialist programs he is suggesting appear nowhere in our founding documents.

So, Steyer hates our Constitution along with our soldiers, police officers, and other security servers.

Andrew CuomoLast we turn to the demagogue serving as New York’s governor, inbred half-wit Andrew Cuomo, the same governor who told all Americans who hold a center-right ideology that they are not welcome to live in New York.

“We’re not going to make America great again. It was never that great,” Cuomo said in front of an audience of teen girls and young people.

Even the kids knew how outrageous this was because as he said it, a bunch of guffaws could be heard from those in attendance.

“We have not reached greatness,” this ignoramus went on to say. “We will reach greatness when every American is fully engaged…” and then he went into just another screed focused on left-wing victimology.

So, there you have it, America. The United States is “immoral,” its Constitution is “un-American,” and it has “never been that great.”

These are three of the Democrat Party’s biggest names.  They hate you and they hate our country.

Will you allow these scumbags to get back into power, America? Just how much do YOU love your country?

PLEASE…think about it.  Think about it NOW, and especially think about it BEFORE YOU VOTE.


[From an article by Warner Todd Huston written for GODFATHER POLITICS]




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Keith Ellison wants to become Minnesota’s next attorney general, but does not have a law license!

The evidence is overwhelming. One thing is certain, and that is the fact that Keith Ellison is a danger to society. Along with being an ardent supporter of Jihad; an enabler and supporter of anti-Semites such as Louis Farrakhan and Linda Sarsour; a supporter of ANTIFA, which is a designated domestic terrorist organization; a member of an anti-white Islamic Center; and, believe it or not, an unlicensed attorney, Ellison is in no way whatsoever fit to serve as Minnesota’s next Attorney General.


Attorney Generals are elected to uphold and enforce laws of the land, and it is unclear how Ellison, who has himself called for violent riots composed of Islamists and ANTIFA to “stop Trump,” is in any way whatsoever qualified to be Minnesota’s attorney general.  The man does not have a license to practice law in Minnesota or any other state in the USA!  Does this make him qualified to become attorney general?  Apparently he thinks it does.

Since announcing his candidacy, Ellison, who claims to be an anti-discrimination advocate has not been transparent about his own support of individuals who spew hatred, bigotry, and anti-Semitism. Ellison, who claims to fight for the most vulnerable, is close friends with Louis Farrakhan, the leader of the Nation of Islam and proponent of anti-Jewish conspiracies.

In 2013, Farrakhan attended a dinner with Iranian President Hassan Rouhani in New York City to discuss the Iran deal. According to Iran’s Rouhani, Israel is “illegitimate” and doesn’t have a right to exist. Also in attendance at the dinner was Farrakhan, who along with Rouhani, has spewed hatred against Jewish people. Farrakhan himself once declared that “Hitler was a very great man”, and he has been labeled as the “leading anti-Semite in America” by the Anti Defamation League (ADL) beating notorious white supremacist David Duke to the title.

Not only did Ellison dine with Farrakhan, but he also posed for several pictures with the renowned anti-Semite, who he claimed he has no personal association with. Upon further investigation, it is evident that Ellison does in fact have a personal connection and fond admiration for Farrakhan. In 1995 while he was a law student at the University of Minnesota, Ellison helped organize buses from the Twin Cities for Farrakhan’s “Million Man March”.

With regards to his ties to other anti-Jewish and radical Islamic individuals who use their platforms to spew anti-American hatred, Ellison is also close friends with Palestinian activist Linda Sarsour. One month before Linda Sarsour called for Jihad (Islamic terrorism) to be carried out against President Trump, Ellison tweeted, “Silencing Linda Sarsour is wrong”. However, he was completely silent on the issue of whether or not it was wrong for Sarsour to call for Islamic terror to be carried out in the United States in an effort to defeat President Trump in June of 2017.

Along with being a six-term lawmaker who represents Minnesota’s 5th District, Ellison is the first Muslim to ever be elected to the U.S. Congress, and has served as the Deputy Chair of the Democratic National Committee since 2017. When he was sworn into office, Ellison refused to be sworn in with a Bible, and instead demanded that a Quran be used as a way to emphasize “religious tolerance”.


[From an article by Laura Loomer, writing for BigLeaguePolitics.com]




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Researchers continue to uncover amazing facts about the Bible, leaving all the doubters dumbfounded

The New Testament as we have it was originally written in Greek.

The first printed Greek New Testament coming off a printing press happened in the year 1516, which means that for 1,500 years, the text that John and other biblical authors wrote was passed down by handwritten copies. It was copied by hand and passed on and on and on. That’s significant.

When the New Testament was printed in 1516, it simply turned the world upside down. And I should just pause here and say if you want to read one of the best biographies that I’ve ever read, read David Daniell’s biography of William Tyndale to learn about that era and the heroism, and sacrifice, and reformation that this printing took so that anybody could read it — not just a few monks tucked away making faithful copies, but anybody who took the time could have it in their hands. It simply turned the world upside down in 1516 and beyond.

But for 1,500 years, it came down to us in handwritten form. We do not have the original manuscript of any of the New Testament books; that is, the very piece of parchment or paper that John or Paul or Matthew or Mark or Luke wrote on. We don’t have that piece of paper. Everything we have is copies, and the question is: Did they get it right? Were they faithful with it? And frankly, I think it’s probably just as well that we don’t have those originals because we’d make idols out of them and charge money probably for people to come worship at the shrine of the original manuscript of the apostle Paul. So the books of the New Testament are all preserved by these faithful, hardworking scribes and copyists for all those centuries.

Let me describe those manuscripts to you and give you some amazing facts. There are four ways that those manuscripts appear. One is a group called uncials, which are capital letters in the Greek. These are very old manuscripts. The next group is minuscules, and they’re little Greek letters. So some were written in all caps and some were written in little letters, and then there’s a group called papyri. These are the oldest fragments, written on papyrus, which was a plant common along the Nile in Egypt. The other group is lectionaries, which are collections of text used in public worship, not in the order they were written necessarily, but it lays out what you read on a particular Sunday.

Now, here’s what’s simply amazing: The abundance of those manuscripts in those four different forms is so startling compared to the oldest manuscripts of any other writing coming from the first century. It’s simply breathtaking. Caesar’s Gallic Wars was written about 50 BC. It has ten surviving manuscripts in the language in which it was written, and all of them date from AD 900 and after. Livy’s History of Rome has twenty surviving manuscripts, which are all late. Two manuscripts survive of Tacitus’s Histories and Annals, written about AD 100. There are only two manuscripts and they’re all from the AD ninth and eleventh century. Eight manuscripts exist for Thucydides’s history, which was written around 400 BC.

So, typically when you’re a historian working with manuscripts that come from the period that we’re talking about — the very early first century or so — you have up to twenty manuscripts to work with, and they’re all from the ninth and tenth century, not earlier. And virtually all those historians working in universities around the world are confident they’re interpreting Caesar, Thucydides, and Tacitus.

Compare the numbers of the manuscripts that we have of the New Testament. And these numbers all come from the main think tank called the Institute for New Testament Textual Research in Münster, Germany, who have the data all collated. These manuscripts exist in libraries around the world, but of course they’ve been digitized now. And the numbers of these are plain for everybody to see. There are 322 of the uncial texts, there are 2,907 miniscule texts, there are 2,445 lectionary portions, and there are 127 papyri, adding up to about 5,801 manuscripts or fragments. They’re not all complete New Testaments, but they are either whole or fragments of the New Testament. So these handwritten copies of the New Testament are in existence today and now are visible to the scholars who want to work with them to try to discern what the original words were that the biblical authors wrote.

Now, as you can imagine, the copying of those texts produced variations for all kinds of human reasons. So the multiplicity of the numbers of manuscripts increases the problem of variations, and also increases the powers of control by which we can assess which are the most original. The more you have, the more you can test which were the original ones. If we only had two manuscripts of the Gospel of John and one of them included the story about the woman caught in adultery, and one of them omitted it, and they’re both old, what would we do? It would be very difficult to decide.

That’s not the situation with any text in the Bible. The variations are many, but we have hundreds of texts. So we can say, “Here it is in these, but here — the number of these texts, the antiquity of these texts, the geographical distribution of these texts — it makes it crystal clear: that’s the original right there.” The number of manuscripts, while creating more variations, also creates the very control that scholars are able to use in order to decide which is original.

Here’s the way F.F. Bruce from a generation ago put it. He wrote this in 1943:

If the great number of manuscripts increases the number of scribal errors, it increases proportionately the means of correcting such errors, so that the margin of doubt left in the process of recovering the exact original wording is . . . in truth remarkably small. (The New Testament Documents, 19)

What’s most significant for the reliability and the authority of the New Testament is that the variations that remain, that we still wonder about, do not affect any biblical doctrine. Here’s the way Bruce puts it: “The variant readings about which any doubt remains among textual critics of the New Testament affects no material question of historic fact or of Christian faith and practice” (The New Testament Documents, 20).

Now, nothing in the last seventy years or so since he wrote that has changed, in my judgment, except the fact that some very popular teachers, especially Bart Erhman, have become renowned for calling the New Testament into question precisely on the basis of textual criticism issues.

On the other hand, Paul Wegner, writing in 2006, reaffirms Bruce’s judgment: “It is important to keep in perspective the fact that only a very small part of the text is in question… Of these, most variants make little difference to the meaning of any passage.” And then he closes his book with this quote from Fredric Kenyon: “It is reassuring at the end to find that the general result of all these discoveries and all this study is to strengthen the proof of the authenticity of the Scriptures, and our conviction that we have in our hands, in substantial integrity, the veritable word of God” (A Student’s Guide to Textual Criticism of the Bible, 301).

I agree with Don Carson and the others that the story of the woman caught in adultery was not in the Gospel of John when he wrote it. When I say that, I don’t at all mean for you to respond, “Oh, everything then is up for grabs,” or “How can I count on any text?”

On the contrary, you and I should be very thankful that in God’s sovereign providence over the centuries, these thousands and thousands of manuscripts are so abundant today — that in the science of textual criticism, as they are compared one with the other, there is a high degree of certainty that we have the original wording. And where there isn’t a degree of certainty, it affects no doctrine of the Christian faith.


[From an article written by John Piper and published by THE WESTERN JOURNAL]

(John Piper (@JohnPiper) is founder and teacher of desiringGod.org and chancellor of Bethlehem College and Seminary. For 33 years, he served as pastor of Bethlehem Baptist Church in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He is author of more than 50 books, including Desiring God: Meditations of a Christian Hedonist, and most recently Expository Exultation: Christian Preaching as WorshipA version of this article previously appeared on the Desiring God website under the headline, “Isn’t the Bible Full of Errors?”)




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Democrats furious with Obama over his self-serving mid-term endorsements

On Aug. 1, Obama offered up a list of 81 Democratic candidates he’s sup-  Mr. Zerobama
porting in races across the country in November.

Those who received Obama’s support include gubernatorial candidates Gavin Newsom of California, Stacey Abrams of Georgia and Richard Cordray of Ohio; U.S. House hopefuls Susan Wild of Pennsylvania and Sean Casten of Illinois; and Nevada Senate candidate Jacky Rosen.

“I’m confident that, together, they’ll strengthen this country we love by restoring opportunity that’s broadly shared, repairing our alliances and standing in the world, and upholding our fundamental commitment to justice, fairness, responsibility, and the rule of law,” Obama said in a statement, according to USA Today.

“But first, they need our votes — and I’m eager to make the case for why these Democratic candidates deserve our votes this fall,” he said.

Many Democrats, however, are irate about the timing and the size of his endorsement list.

They say it “came too late in the midterm season and failed to put Obama’s stamp on Democratic primaries,” The Hill reported Friday.

The report said those upset with him include party strategists as well as former Obama aides and fundraisers.

“I think a lot of us have wondered why he didn’t feel the need to get involved earlier,” The Hill quoted one former senior Obama administration official as saying.  “There are a lot of folks who could have used his help much earlier. And there are a lot of people who think he should put a stamp on the party.”


NORM ‘n’ AL Note:  Obama has already “put his stamp on the party.”  That is exactly the problem Democrats now face, apparently without realizing the scope of that problem.


The report said a top Obama fundraiser blamed him for the fact that some of his former aides — including congressional candidates Ed Meier in Texas, Alison Kiehl Friedman in Virginia and Sam Jammal in California — lost their primary races.

“His endorsement during the primary would have changed the outcome of a number of races,” the fundraiser said. “Obama was playing it safe and doing what was best for him, not for them and not for the country.

The Hill quoted a Democratic strategist as saying Obama’s decision to sit on the sidelines has hurt the party.

“I was on a call this morning where it was coming up a lot,” the strategist said. “I think a lot of people saw it as lazy and a little too methodical and not well thought-out. There are ramifications for this and I hope we don’t suffer the consequences. We can’t just go red to blue. We need to make states blue for the long term.

“Now’s not the time to sit out and be too cute by half. Where’s the audacity of hope?”


[From an article by Todd Windsor, writing for WESTERN JOURNAL]


NORM ‘n’ AL Note:  The “audacity of hope” for most people these days seems to be that they are fervently hoping Obama will go away and stay silent.  Being continually and openly lied to by the Commander in Chief was an experience most people are not eager to repeat…and quite anxious to forget. Most people are very grateful to now have a president who wants to live up to that title rather than to repeatedly tell Americans why he disdains the title and the office. Mr. Trump is doing exactly what he told Americans he would do if they elected him. He is living up to and keeping his promises…something his predecessor showed us he had no intention of doing, ever. Unfortunately for the predecessor, that makes Obama’s time in office look all the more poor and shabby and a failure by comparison.  If Obama were as smart as he thinks he is, he might have thought of that before he decided to become such a miserable failure as president.  Democrats are now calling him lazy and self-serving.  Not much of a legacy, is it, Mr. O?




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The first fake-media-induced mental illness

Fake mainstream news sources have actually succeeded in broadcasting so much unbridled fear into the United States that weak-kneed left-leaning Americans are coming down with a mental illness that goes by two different names: Trump Anxiety Disorder and Trump Derangement Syndrome.

The symptoms of these conditions include a delusional belief that it’s the end of the world, a disorientation that’s beyond the liberal norm, an unhealthy obsession with following every liberal news channel’s apocalypse of the day, a deep sense of anxiety and dread, and being prone to unhinged hissy-fits if anyone dares to besmirch the sterling reputation of either Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama.

While “Trump Anxiety Disorder” (a term originally coined by psychologist Jennifer Panning) and Trump Derangement Syndrome are real, they have been deceivingly misnamed.  These mental illnesses have absolutely nothing to do with our 45th president and everything to do with our partisan media, who are ruthlessly and unethically trying to take down our duly elected commander in chief.

President Trump’s many achievements in the White House are actually serving to elevate the spirits of many Americans who are responsibly receiving their news from reliable sources.  Last quarter’s 4.1% growth rate, Latino and black unemployment at record lows, greater security at our nation’s border, and Trump’s historic meetings with Russian president Vladimir Putin and North Korean president Kim Jong-un are all reasons for joy and celebration.  These accomplishments are just a few of the reasons why President Trump’s approval ratings continue to climb.

Trump Anxiety Disorder and Trump Derangement Syndrome should immediately have their names changed to Fake News Anxiety Disorder and Fake News Derangement Syndrome.

Never before in the history of the United States have the vast majority of news outlets marched together in lockstep in an apparent effort to gaslight the American populace into believing false narratives about both their country and their duly elected president.

Relentless Ad Hominem Attacks

Ever since Donald Trump declared his candidacy for the presidency on June 16, 2015, we have been inundated with assertions that Donald Trump is a racist, sexist homophobe who is unfit for elected office.  All of those accusations have repeatedly been proven to be unfounded.

What kind of a racist would entrust and appoint Dr. Benjamin Carson, Sr. as the United States secretary of housing and urban development?  What type of a sexist would ever have made Kellyanne Conway his campaign adviser and then later made her a counselor to the president?  And no homophobe would ever have stood in front of the Republican National Convention as Donald Trump did during his acceptance speech and say, “As your president, I will do everything in my power to protect our LGBTQ citizens from the violence and oppression of a hateful foreign ideology.”

Threats of Nuclear Annihilation

Do you remember being told that President Trump was risking nuclear war with North Korea for simply tweeting about “Little Rocket Man”?  President Trump later met with President Kim Jong-un on June 12, 2018.  The negotiations resulted in the signing of a joint statement where the two leaders agreed on working together to establish peaceful relations between the two countries and also for the Korean Peninsula.  President Trump also negotiated the release of the remains of fifty-five United States troops who whose lives were taken during the Korean War.

Illegal Alien Children Separated from Parents and Human-Traffickers

While the vast majority of the media didn’t mind at all when illegal alien children were being separated from their parents and human-traffickers during the Obama administration, it sent the leftist talking heads into a frenzy to see the Trump administration do the exact same thing for the protection of the children.

Time Magazine even had the audacity to copy and paste on its cover a photo of a crying two-year-old girl from Honduras standing next to President Trump with the caption “Welcome to America.”  The photo gave Time the notoriety it desired and also stigmatized our president and our country in a most unfair manner.

Just remember that whenever you see the immigration and ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) protesters out carrying signs saying, “No borders, no nation, no deportation,” we do have a president in the Oval Office doing everything possible to keep those children as safe as possible – no matter what country they came from.

Turning the Clock Back on Women’s Rights

The hysterical caterwauling over President Trump’s nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the United States Supreme Court is only going to get shriller the closer we come to his confirmation hearings.  Sadly for everyone suffering from Fake Media Derangement Syndrome, the media are getting a loathsome assist from their Democratic political allies, who are helping to bring the pain to those they purport to care for.

House minority leader Nancy Pelosi said in a statement, “The President’s selection is a clear and disrespectful assault on the fundamental rights of women and on the quality, affordable health care of the American people[.]”

Failed 2016 Democratic presidential nominee Hilary Clinton said while speaking to the American Federation of Teachers, “You know, I used to worry that they wanted to turn the clock back to the 1950s, now I worry they want to turn it back to the 1850s” – implying that Trump’s nomination would take us all the way back to not just back-alley abortions, but the days of slavery.

Both the Democrats and the fake media are doing everything they possibly can do to manufacture unfathomable anxiety in their voting base to get them out to the polls for the November midterms.  They aren’t even the slightest bit concerned that their fear-mongering is resulting in what is now being called Trump Anxiety Disorder and Trump Derangement Syndrome, because they truly don’t care about you.  They care about only themselves.


NORM ‘n’ AL Note:  The state of things in this bitterly and irrationally divided country has gotten to the point that even if Donald Trump should somehow take a bullet for a Democrat, he would be vilified in the media for doing it wrong, or picking the wrong Democrat to save.


[From an article by Jeffery Ford, written for AMERICAN THINKER]




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The secret of Donald Trump’s success? Patriotism.

Our patriotic president...The driving force behind Trump’s winning for America is his powerful patriotism.  Patriotism is a virtue that our politicians talk about a lot, in utterly empty ways.  Many Democrats think it is a vice.  The left wing of the Democratic Party mistakes it for white nationalism.

Trump lives American patriotism.  It is the reason he ran for president and the reason he won.  He knows we are a great country.

Trump recognizes and is comfortable with power – his personal power and America’s power.  He does not think power is toxic.  He thinks American and presidential power is wonderful and meant to be used for our common national good.

Our president loves to build.  He used to build big apartment and hotel towers with his name on them.  Now he is building up America, because he loves America.  President Trump’s patriotism has these two equal parts: a strong economy and a strong military.  His eye is always on the prize of jobs and security.

Patriotism overflows in his speech on achieving a quarter of 4.1% growth for the economy and the return of fallen heroes’ remains from North Korea.

In everything we do, in every action we take, we are fighting for loyal, hardworking, patriotic citizens of our blessed nation.  We’re making our country great again.  We’re respected again all over the world.  Our military will soon be stronger than it’s ever been, by far.

Unlike his political rivals, President Trump wants to use our full power.  We do not need to be intimidated by anybody – not China, not the E.U., not Russia, not Iran, not terrorists.  We are the powerhouse.  Trump seeks to create win-win situations, but he will not compromise on American interests.  If someone is going to lose, it is going to be the other side, not the USA.

Trump the builder likes to do things.  He likes responsibility.  He likes seeing concrete outcomes.  He knows that America can do things.  We are so rich and so powerful as a country that we can do everything we need to do to promote American security and prosperity.  Using American power for these ends is nothing to be ashamed of.  It is his job.

We can call North Korea’s bluff.  We can bomb ISIS out of Syria.  We can force the E.U. to cave on putting high tariffs on American goods.  We can say no to China stealing our innovations, our products, and our jobs.

President Donald Trump

We don’t need to fear anybody or anything.  We’re the big guys.

We can move the embassy to Jerusalem.  You don’t avoid doing the right thing because of threats from pipsqueak terrorists like the Palestinians.

How refreshing and heartening this is to his voters.  Trump has applied the power of his pugilistic personality to work for us, for the welfare of individual Americans and for our wellbeing as a nation.  He sincerely has compassion and caring for ordinary people.

We see it in how he fights for better treatment for our men and women in uniform – military, police, firefighters, border patrol.  As a patriot, he respects, even reveres, the individuals who dedicate, and sometimes sacrifice their lives, to keep us safe.

We see it in how he fights for jobs for workers, white, black and brown, men and women.  Patriotism is love of country and loyalty to our fellow citizens.  A steelworker, returned to work under President Trump’s flourishing economy, teared up as he told a reporter “it’s just nice to know that we’ve got someone fighting for us.”

We are so sick of most Republican politicians, who seem to care about only their personal wealth and power.  They are not dependent on their voters, and they care only about their donors and relationships with other D.C. power-brokers, and the lobbyists who will hire them after they retire.  They like power – their personal power, power to flout the desires of their voters.

We are even sicker of Democrats’ anti-patriotism.  Obama’s core belief was the moral necessity to atone for American power.  President Obama and his enthusiastic progressive followers wanted us to be a less powerful country.   Obama wanted us to have a smaller economy – 2% growth was an acceptable normal to him.  Democrats actively wish to destroy our coal and fracking industry and jack up energy prices, which shrinks the whole economy.  They want more people dependent on welfare, not working (because when people are dependent on government handouts, they usually vote for the people who gave them the handouts).

Obama’s international policies were aimed at less power for America.  He appallingly invited Russia into the Middle East, something American presidents had successfully blocked since Eisenhower.  Obama withdrew from our alliances with Eastern Europe, the Saudis, Israel, and Egypt while building up our enemy, Iran.  He redefined our refugee policy to include every potential victim of domestic violence or crime, throwing our borders open to all the poor people of the world.  He actively worked to weaken our military and starve our forces of the men and materiel they need to protect us.

Another constructive part of President Trump’s patriotism is never recognized and lauded as he deserves.  As the president said, “When you open your heart to patriotism, there is no room for prejudice.”  He includes the whole country in his love of country – white, black, brown, rich, poor, male, female, city, country.  He has a heart for the desires of Americans in every demographic category, who want “great schools for their children, safe neighborhoods for their families, and good jobs for themselves.”  Focusing on these human goals brings us together.

President Trump has earned boasting rights on delivering for all Americans.

We are in the midst of the longest positive job-growth streak in history.  New unemployment claims have recently achieved their lowest level in almost half a century.  The African American unemployment rate has achieved the lowest level in recorded history.  African American employment is the best it’s ever been in the history of our country.  The Hispanic unemployment rate has reached the lowest level, likewise, in history.  Likewise the Asian unemployment rate has recently reached the lowest level in history.  Women’s unemployment rate recently reached its lowest level in 65 years.  And soon that will be in history.  Give it another two or three weeks.

He wants us all to be winners.  He wants to win for all of us.  And he is.

In a speech to veterans on his first Fourth of July as president, our commander in chief began with a servant’s heart.  He got the V.A. reform that has eluded Washington for 40 years – the ability to fire do-nothing, incompetent bureaucrats so service to veterans could be improved.   “Now you can say, ‘You’re fired.’  I can promise you, we will always take care of our great veterans.”

After that, he talked about his vision of patriotism.  He could have been talking about himself.

Thank you.  I love you, too.  You have shared your blood, you’ve poured your love, and you’ve bared your soul in defense of our country, our people, and our great American flag.  Your loyalty to our American nation is measured not in words but deeds … you’ve run past the gates of hell to fight and to win for America[.] … The story of America’s men and women in uniform is the story of freedom overcoming oppression, the strong protecting the weak and good defeating evil.

Trump’s last words to the vets: “I want you all, and all our wounded warriors to know, you have an entire nation of more than 300 million people behind you.  And our nation is getting strong again.  Have you noticed?”

Yes, Mr. President.  We have noticed.


[From an article by Karin McQuillan, written for AMERICAN THINKER]




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“US housing market could be headed for its worst slowdown in years,” say the experts

US housing trends...

Is the United States heading for another absolutely devastating housing crash?

It has been 10 years since the last one, and many of the same signs that immediately preceded the last one are starting to appear once again.

Back in 2007 home prices were absolutely soaring, and it seemed like the party would never end.  But interest rates went up, home sales slowed down substantially, and eventually prices began to crash.  Millions upon millions of Americans were suddenly “underwater” in their homes just as a crippling recession hit the economy, and we plunged into a foreclosure crisis unlike anything that we had ever seen before.

Well, now the cycle is happening again.  Home prices surged to unprecedented heights in 2017, and this was especially true in the hottest markets on the east and west coasts.  Now interest rates are going up and home sales are starting to slow down substantially.  We appear to be closing in on the next crash and another horrible foreclosure crisis, and many experts are beginning to sound the alarm.

For example, the following very alarming numbers come from a recent Bloomberg article entitled “The U.S. Housing Market Looks Headed for Its Worst Slowdown in Years”

Existing-home sales dropped in June for a third straight month. Purchases of new homes are at their slowest pace in eight months. Inventory, which plunged for years, has begun to grow again as buyers move to the sidelines, sapping the fuel for surging home values. Prices for existing homes climbed 6.4 percent in May, the smallest year-over-year gain since early 2017, and have gained the least over three months since 2012, according to the Federal Housing Finance Agency.

Those are definitely troubling figures, but perhaps even more disturbing is the fact that mortgage applications are way down right now

Mortgage applications to purchase both new and existing homes have been falling steadily, and mortgage rates are rising again. Single-family home construction also fell and was lower than June 2017.

Of course economic numbers always go up and down, and just because we have had a few bad months does not necessarily mean that disaster is looming.  But when you step back to see the “big picture” in the housing market, it really does start to feel like early 2008 all over again.

In fact, Nobel Prize-winning author Robert Shiller says in a recent interview, “This could be the very beginning of a turning point.”  Shiller, a Nobel Prize-winning economist, is famed for warning of the dot-com and housing bubbles.

Just like last time, the slowdown is being felt the most in the markets that were once the hottest.  In southern California, home sales just fell to the lowest level in four years

Southern California home sales hit the brakes in June, falling to the lowest reading for the month in four years. Sales of both new and existing houses and condominiums dropped 11.8 percent year over year, as prices shot up to a record high, according to CoreLogic. The report covers Los Angeles, Riverside, San Diego, Ventura, San Bernardino and Orange counties.

Meanwhile, red flags are popping up on the east coast as well.  New York foreclosure actions have skyrocketed to an 11 year high, and many analysts expect them to go much higher.  As the Federal Reserve has raised interest rates, it was only a matter of time before the housing market really cooled off.  And if the Federal Reserve keeps raising rates, we are going to see home prices collapse, another massive foreclosure crisis, and enormous stress on our largest financial institutions.

This is one of the reasons why we must abolish the Federal Reserve.  By allowing a panel of central planners to determine our interest rates, it is inevitable that artificial “booms” and “busts” are created.  There are always “booms” and “busts” in a free market economy as well, but they are not as severe.

In recent months, central banks all over the world have been tightening, and other global real estate markets are really starting to feel the pain.  For example, home prices are really cooling off in Canada, and it appears that they are on the precipice of a full-blown market crash.

When a new recession didn’t hit in 2015 or 2016, a lot of Americans assumed that the threat had passed.  But just because a threat is delayed does not mean it has been diminished.  In fact, the coming recession is probably going to be substantially worse than it would have been in 2015 or 2016 because of the central bank manipulation that delayed it until now.

The signs are all around us.  An indicator that tracks the vehicle buying plans of Americans just plunged to the lowest level in five years, and even USA Today is running articles with titles such as “Are you ready for the next recession? How to prepare now for a potential downturn”.

Yes, we just got good GDP data for the second quarter, but virtually everyone agrees that the number for the third quarter will be significantly lower.  And it would be foolish to ignore all of the harbingers that are emerging on an almost daily basis now.  Just recently, I explained that the U.S. economy has fallen into recession every single time that the yield curve has inverted since World War II, and now it is about to happen again.  We live at a time when there is great turmoil at home and abroad, and the elements for a “perfect storm” are definitely coming together.


From an article written for The Economic Collapse Blog by Michael Snyder




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