Donald Trump and the art of political warfare

Over the past three decades far too many Republicans and establishment conservatives have acquiesced to the conventional wisdom that the American Left (i.e. the Democrat Party), are superior tacticians in the arena of political warfare.  This hypothesis took hold as spineless Republicans and the Washington-based conservative intelligentsia were willingly intimidated by the Left and their allies in the mainstream media.  But is this cabal really nonpareil political tacticians or just the overconfident beneficiary of decades of feckless and near non-existent opposition?

The election of Donald Trump in 2016, the subsequent reaction and the repeated failed attempts to intimidate, remove or effectively castrate him by the Democrats and the mainstream media graphically illustrates that this leftist crew may well be the Keystone Kops of political warfare.

2,500 years ago, a Chinese philosopher, general and military strategist, Sun Tzu, wrote The Art of War, the most influential work of military strategy and philosophy ever.  Throughout the centuries this treatise not only influenced military thinking but culture, politics and sports.  Two of his most notable admonitions for defeating one’s enemy are:

If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles.  If know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat.  If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in battle every time.

It is the unemotional, reserved, calm warrior who wins, not the hothead seeking vengeance and not the ambitious seeker of fortune.

The past three years of fabricated Russia accusations as well as almost daily contrived and fake news allegations culminating in a farce of an impeachment proceeding have revealed that not only does the Left and the media not know their declared enemy, but they do not know who they are or what they truly stand for.  At its core their motivation is centered solely upon vengeance.

The American Left has openly declared Trump the enemy and by extension those who voted for him or support his policies.  But they have no clue as to who he is and why he appeals to such a vast cross section of the American populace.

Despite his seemingly elite upbringing and inheritance of a fortune and the sheer determination and hard work by which he transformed himself into an iconic international brand, he remains the “everyman billionaire.”   Donald Trump uniquely can relate to and communicate with those in flyover country regardless of race or ethnicity.  He is able to do this because he is incapable of being anyone other than himself, and he cannot hide his affection for this nation and its people.  A majority of Americans who recognize that they have been forsaken by the self-absorbed Ruling Class see in Donald Trump someone who genuinely cares and will without hesitation take up the cudgel and wade into the fray on their behalf.

On the other hand, the cabal that is the American Left, the Democratic Party, and the mainstream media are a hodge-podge of dedicated Marxists, bureaucrats, academics, pundits, politicians and elite wannabes who have but one thing in common: a crippling and overweening self-absorption.  The majority do not favor outright Socialism or radical environmentalism but cynically ally with those that do as a means to an end: their permanent control and individual involvement in operating levers of ever-expanding governmental power.

Thus, there is no coherent and consistent philosophy or guiding political principle undergirding this army of egotists.  They do not now nor have they ever known who they are.  Thus, if they ever succeeded in achieving their goal of permanent control of the levers of power, this nation would descend into unbridled and violent chaos.

Over the past 30 years the Left and the Democratic Party have utilized a dog-eared playbook whose only strategy encompasses the personal destruction of any opponent by any means possible.  Just the threat of or the opening salvo of this tactic has been successful as innumerable Republican and conservative leaders surrendered virtually without a fight.  The Left knew its enemy but its enemy did not know the Left.  Accordingly, the Left calmly and unemotionally went about forcing Republicans out of office or dramatically changing their positions on an issue.

That is until Donald Trump burst upon the scene and vengeance for being Donald Trump and defeating the crown princess, Hillary Clinton, became the overriding emotion of the anti-Trump crew.  However, they still relied on the same 30-year old dog-eared playbook as they stumbled and fumbled amid the pratfalls of “getting” Trump.

No easily disproven lie about Trump, his family or his supporters was too outrageous to splash across the front pages of the New York Times or the Washington Post.  The preposterous and fanciful accusation that Trump was a traitor colluding with Russia became the drumbeat of 24-hour television news coverage for over two years.  Every salacious rumor or innuendo regarding Trump’s personal life became fodder for hours of cable news coverage.  The comedic and daily threat to initiate the impeachment process over any accusation promoted by the liberal Left since the day after the election in 2016 was reminiscent of a screenplay for a slapstick comedy. And now the nation is being held captive in the kabuki theater that is impeachment staged on Capitol Hill by the Three Stooges: Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff and Jerry Nadler.

Succumbing to vengeance and not knowing who they were dealing with is evolving into a disaster for the Left, the Democratic Party and the mainstream media, as Donald Trump, per Sun Tzu, knew who his enemies were and calmly and unemotionally chose to stand his ground and to aggressively confront all accusations and those promoting them.  Meanwhile the reporting and investigations undertaken by the alternative media exposed the myriad of falsehoods and set-ups.

Donald Trump has been vindicated in the Russia matter, the vast litany of lies and fake news has been dispatched and shown to be false and the partisan impeachment process will only destroy the candidacy of Joe Biden.  After three years of this reckless and baseless inquisition, many Americans grasp that this rotting corpse of vengeance reeks of frame-ups and mendacity.  Having gone through and survived the gauntlet foolishly planted by the Left, Donald Trump is now a more popular and stronger candidate for re-election.

The time has come to stop attributing invincibility to the Left and the Democrats.  The rest of the Republican Party and conservative movers and shakers need to recognize that their adversary has but one tactic, and Donald Trump and his army of supporters have exposed their opponent’s vulnerable underbelly along with how to soundly defeat them on the political warfare battleground.


[From an article by Steve McCann, published by AMERICAN THINKER]




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(1) Impeaching President Trump will allow the destruction of America. (2) Democrat party should be declared a criminal organization.

Events are rushing ahead at an ever-quickening pace, and it is becoming increasingly obvious that this cannot go on much longer. The US national debt now exceeds $22.03 trillion dollars. A trillion is a thousand times a billion, which is a thousand times a million, which is a thousand times a thousand. America’s unfunded liabilities (projected future costs of, mostly, Medicare and Social Security which we cannot pay for) total about $45.8 trillion dollars. Add to that the debts of many state and local governments, the huge student loan debt, and private debt, and it is clear that we are headed for an inevitable economic decline or even collapse in the near future. As of 2016 the yearly interest on the national debt was a mind boggling $240 billion, almost all of it going to powerful banks, often foreign banks. We continue to add to the debt by spending more than we take in; as of 2018 the federal government spent $4.1 trillion and took in only$3.3 trillion. This alone guarantees the final destruction of our former Republic.

Not satisfied with this, our glorious leaders import hordes of illegal aliens, many of them unable to speak English and illiterate in their own languages. They receive free goodies on our shrinking dime, take jobs from Americans, and commit crimes. Many are Muslims who hate America, hate Christians, hate Jews, and want Sharia law. But if granted citizenship they are reliable Demoncrat voters, or, given the level of vote fraud, even if they are not citizens. Even leftist Wikipedia admits that as of 2015 there were 47 million immigrants in the US and that in 2016 there were some 10.7 million illegals.

Over one million aliens are allowed in legally every year. The real number of aliens is certainly much higher; illegals now infesting what is left of America probably total over 20 million, and perhaps much higher. Their net cost to our economy is at least $135 billion each year. Trump supporters claim that the President has reduced the influx, but reports from the border show them still pouring in, and, so far, still being released by the Border Patrol.  All by itself, at present levels, immigration could finish the destruction of America, turning our once beautiful country into a teeming, Balkanized, Third World Hell.

Meanwhile, a thermonuclear war is still possible, as the neocons, mighty warriors that they are, continue to portray Putin as a latter day Hitler and clamor for ever more foreign wars. Our leaders have yet to harden our electric grid against natural or manmade EMP. Leftist governors and mayors, the same ones who have declared the lands they rule to be “sanctuary” cities and states (there is no sanctuary for our own citizens), have, via welfare goodies, attracted the “homeless,” meaning criminals and drug addicted vagrants, turning once beautiful cities into literal hellholes, with vagrants camping on the sidewalks, blocking the traffic, and covering the pavement with feces and garbage.

In the People’s Republic of Portland, a leftist official recently decreed that even using firehoses to wash away the feces is “racist.” But to leftists, everything is “racist”; this is their designated conversation stopper. There is no limit to their madness. Now, diseases (many brought in by illegal aliens) are spreading, with STDs, drug-resistant TB, and typhus becoming common. Cholera and Bubonic Plague wait just offstage.

And the environazis are not in the least concerned that the garbage and feces wash into streams and into the ocean, but then these are the same eco-freaks who take private jets to conferences to talk about imaginary global warming.

Yet even this level of sheer madness is not enough to satisfy the communists (which really means fascist) Demoncrats. Led by the “squad” of four…the bug-eyed girl AOC, the two America-hating Muslims Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar, and the mindless Black racist Ayanna Pressley, the Demoncrats want to force Americans to accept a mandatory federal health insurance program that would be unaffordable. But even this is not enough for these four witch-twits; they want to give aliens, including illegals, full coverage at our expense (and allow them to vote legally in our elections), and to eliminate ICE and completely open our borders. We can’t even pay for our current Medicare system, and they want it expanded for the benefit of literally hundreds of millions of America-hating Third World Blacks, Latinos, and Muslims.

And then there is their “green new deal,” an econazi’s dream. They want to ban fracking (which has been supplying much of our oil and gas), ban coal, ban nuclear (despite the existence of inherently safe nuclear reactor designs which produce none of the dreaded plant food, CO2), ban cars (for us serfs, but not for the elites), and ban airline travel (they will still have their private jets). We have long since crossed the line into literally certifiable mental illness. But wait; there’s more.

They want to retrofit every building in America at the taxpayer’s expense, to conserve energy and save Earth from the imaginary peril of “climate change.” We can’t even afford to repair much of our existing infrastructure, and the Demoncrats essentially want to level everything and start over. They want to ban beef (for us, but not for them) because, you know, cow flatulence causes global warming.

And they continue to promote the evil Glibett (GLBT, etc.) agenda, brainwashing young children to be promiscuous, to become homosexuals and lesbians, and to be drugged and sexually mutilated (even if it is against the will of their parents) in vain attempts to turn boys into girls and girls into boys. What really happens is that they become unable to reproduce, and their health is wrecked and their lives shortened (even if they don’t commit suicide, which many do). The fascists’ madness is so deep that many rank and file leftists literally believe that men can menstruate and become pregnant and women can become football linepersons. Hitler, Stalin, and Mao never forced this on the children under their control, but our leftists make those tyrants appear almost benign by comparison.

We would like to believe that the American people are not so utterly depraved and irrational as to fall for this lunacy, and that the Demoncrats will simply lose most elections, including the Presidency, and lose control of the House. But the Demoncrats are masters of vote fraud and the cowardly RINOs always let them get away with it, and it is not clear that Trump and many other Republicans really offer an alternative. And the indoctrination centers (formerly known as “schools”) have done their job, and many Americans are hopelessly dumbed down, morally degraded, and brainwashed. People dumb enough to believe in manmade climate change will fall for anything. So we now face the near certainty of fascist tyranny (which we must resist) and/or economic collapse and deadly epidemics. But there is a ray of hope…sort of.

Thanks to the alternative media, and a few good people on Fox, especially Tucker Carlson, Jeanine Pirro, and Laura Ingraham and some of their guests, an ever-larger minority of Americans are aware that we are ruled over by a corrupt and murderous oligarchy, a self-appointed elite of sociopaths.

Many Americans know about the Deep State and the NWO elites who control it, and are aware of the total corruption of the federal police and intelligence agencies, and we have nothing but utter contempt for most of the slimestream media. We are desperate, even fighting mad, and our patience is wearing thin. We understand that between us and the rank and file Demoncrats who continue to guzzle the Kool-Aid there is a chasm that can never be bridged. There can be no reconciliation, no compromise, no peaceful coexistence.

No matter what happens, a great many Americans are likely to die in the next few years. And the leftist followers of the elites are concentrated in the disease and crime-ridden cities, where the casualties will be the highest. Patriots are more prone to live in suburbs, small towns, and rural areas, where the death toll will be much lower, and are more likely to own firearms for self-defense, and more likely to be preppers. When the dust settles, more of us will still be standing.

Perhaps these patriot survivors will be able to preserve much of the culture of Western Civilization and rebuild.  Let us not give up hope…and let us never surrender.


[From an article by Mike Adams and published by]




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Little-noticed impeachment facts

  1.   The Democrat impeachment inquiry is officially the first presidential impeachment action in history authorized by members of only one party.

2.   The fact that not even one Republican in the House decided to vote with the Dems for the inquiry is a solid victory for President Trump.  Two Democrats had moral conviction enough to vote against it, and there should have been more.

3.   Pushing their unfounded impeachment inquiry makes Democrats extremely vulnerable in moderate swing states — the states they cannot afford to lose in next year’s election.

4.   The impeachment inquiry is not an inquiry at all.  It is a search for a possible way to justify the fact that Democrats stated immediately after the 2016 election they planned to pursue impeachment.  Americans hate a sore loser as much as any country on the planet — but they continue to pursue their unfair “inquiry” behind closed doors and with repeated statements that they are not following any preconceived agenda, which is patently ridiculous in light of what they are doing.

5.   A very large percentage of the population considers what the Democrats are doing to be completely illegitimate.  These people are completely correct in their assessment of the situation.


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Economic optimists finding it quite difficult to support their view

Which view do YOU see?

Many people in the US still insist we will be more powerful and more respected than ever before, and that we will see unprecedented prosperity in this nation. But despite extremely wild spending by the U.S. government and exceedingly irresponsible intervention by the Federal Reserve, the U.S. economy has not had a “good” year in ages. We have not had a year when U.S. GDP grew by at least 3 percent since the middle of the Bush administration, and that makes this the longest stretch of low growth in all of U.S. history by a very wide margin. Many believe that brighter days may still be ahead, but all of the economic numbers we have been getting in recent months make it abundantly clear that a new economic slowdown has begun.

Let’s start by taking a look at how U.S. consumers are faring. U.S. consumer confidence has now fallen for 3 months in a row, and this week we learned that the Bloomberg Consumer Comfort Index has just fallen at the fastest pace in more than 8 years

U.S. consumer comfort suffered its biggest weekly decline in more than eight years on a pullback in Americans’ assessments of the economy, personal finances and the buying climate, possibly signaling more moderate household spending approaching the holiday-shopping season.

The Bloomberg Consumer Comfort Index fell 2.4 points, the most since March 2011, to 61 in the week ended Oct. 27.

How in the world can anyone possibly claim that we have a “booming economy” after reading that?

We also just got another depressingly bad manufacturing number. Experts were expecting a reading of 48.3 for the Chicago Purchasing Management Index, but instead it came in at just 43.2

The Chicago Purchasing Management Index sank to 43.2 in October from 47.1 in the prior month. This is the lowest level since December 2015. Economists has expected a reading of 48.3, according to Econoday.

Any reading below 50 indicates deteriorating conditions.

We were promised a “manufacturing renaissance,” but instead manufacturing is now the smallest share of the U.S. economy in 72 years.  Manufacturing traditionally provides good paying jobs, but U.S. business hiring has now declined to the lowest level in 7 years.

In the private sector, things are getting really tough, and we are starting to see lots of big companies lay off workers.

For example, Molson Coors just announced that they will be laying off up to 500 workers as they desperately search for a way to survive in this difficult economic environment…

To further drive efficiency and enable growth, Molson Coors is consolidating and reorganizing office locations. The Denver office will be closed and Chicago will be designated as the North American operational headquarters. Functional support roles currently housed in several offices around the country will now be based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

As a result, we expect to reduce employment levels by approximately 400 to 500 employees as part of this restructuring, primarily in our existing United States, Canada and International reporting segments, as well as Corporate.

You know that things are getting tough when even beer companies start laying people off.

Of course the “retail apocalypse” continues to escalate, and we just learned that Forever 21 will be closing most of their stores and laying off most of their employees

More than 100 Forever 21 stores are slated to close as part of the fashion retailer’s Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection case, according to court documents filed this week.

The family-owned company, which has about 32,800 employees, said it would close “most” of its stores in Asia and Europe and up to 178 stores in the U.S. when it filed for protection Sept. 29.

A similar scenario is playing out for Dressbarn. According to USA Today, all of their 544 stores “will close no later than Dec. 26″…

Liquidation sales at the remaining Dressbarn stores will start Friday, the struggling retailer announced Wednesday.

While the 544 stores will close no later than Dec. 26, the women’s clothing website is expected to relaunch in 2020 with a new owner, the company said in a news release.

It has been hoped that a limited trade agreement with China might bolster the economy at least temporarily, but now we are learning that Chinese officials expect “phase one” of the deal to “soon fall apart”.  According to CNN, the Chinese are pessimistic that our two countries will ever be able to “reach a full trade deal”…

Chinese officials have expressed doubts about whether the world’s two largest economies can reach a full trade deal, Bloomberg reported. That is casting a long shadow over the “phase one” agreement that the countries reached earlier in October.

The Chinese wanted the Trump administration to stop the implementation of any more tariffs, and they were able to achieve that with “phase one”.  But in order to move forward with “phase two”, the Chinese are going to insist on the removal of all tariffs

According to BBG’s sources, this is the bare minimum that Beijing would accept to move ahead with Phase 1: a commitment from the Americans to removing tariffs in Phase 2, and agreeing to cancel the next round of tariffs, set to take effect in December.

This is something that the Trump administration will never agree to,  and the Chinese will continue to “negotiate”, but only for stalling purposes.

There is only about a year left until the 2020 elections, and the Chinese are hoping to run out the clock on the Trump administration with as little disruption to their own economy as possible.

Unfortunately for the Chinese, Trump could win another term, and if a Democrat wins, things could possibly be even tougher on trade with China. Not likely, but still possible.

Not having a comprehensive trade deal with China in the near future is really bad news for the economic optimists.


[From an article published by]




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Democrats being called “embarrassingly dishonest.” Seems like that’s being a little too polite.

When it comes to the “impeachment inquiry” threatening President Donald Trump, not many Americans have the perspective of Newt Gingrich.

The former House speaker who oversaw the impeachment of then-President Bill Clinton in 1998 knows what lawmakers have done before in taking on the White House from Capitol Hill.

And the current farce led by the ferociously partisan House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her lieutenant, Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff, isn’t even close.

“What they’re doing right now is a fundamental violation of American law,” Gingrich told Fox News’ “Fox & Friends” on Monday.

“Schiff is an embarrassingly dishonest person,” the former GOP congressman from Georgia said. “Pelosi has become an embarrassingly dishonest person.”

As Americans who remember the Clinton years will recall, the contrast between what happened on Capitol Hill then versus what Democrats are doing now could not be starker.

As Gingrich pointed out, Republicans organizing the Clinton impeachment were working with the report compiled by independent counsel Kenneth Starr, who found 11 counts of lying, obstruction and other crimes that could merit impeachment.

Today’s Democrats had their own special counsel investigation blow up in their faces, with a report that established no crimes by the president at all. It got even more embarrassing when special counsel Robert Mueller showed up for congressional hearings clearly out of his element.

Instead of a vetted document compiled by experienced prosecutors, today’s Democrats are going off the shaky report of an even shakier “whistleblower” with reported ties to Democratic presidential candidate and former Vice President Joe Biden.

During the Clinton impeachment, Gingrich said, Republicans relied heavily on precedents established during the impeachment of President Richard Nixon by N.J. Rep. Peter Rodino, the Democrat who chaired the House Judiciary Committee in 1974.

Today’s Democrats are relying on nothing other than their political power to control the operations of the House.

Schiff and the Intelligence Committee take testimony behind closed doors, then let convenient parts leak to friendly, anti-Trump reporters, Gingrich said.

“The fact is, the Democrats in the House are desperately trying to manufacture something,” he said.  “They wake up every morning saying, ‘I know Trump did something terrible. I wonder what it was.’

“And they have set up a rigged game that violates every core principle in American justice, violates the Constitution’s guarantee of due process.  “And I think the American people ultimately are going to get very sick of this.”

Considering that Clinton rose in the polls immediately after the House voted to impeach him back in 1998, it’s pretty clear that the idea of removing a president from office isn’t necessarily a big winner with the American people.

The difference, of course, is that Clinton was nearing the end of his second term in office in 1998.

What Democrats are doing now is a transparent attempt to smear Trump in advance of the 2020 election, using impeachment — a process established by the Founding Fathers to deal with “high crimes and misdemeanors” — as just another tawdry trick in their tawdry political toolbox.

And Gingrich is describing Pelosi and Schiff as “embarrassingly dishonest”?  He’s being kinder than they deserve.


[From an article by Joe Saunders, written for THE WESTERN JOURNAL]




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Why are we still trying to trade with a “partner” (China) that lies, cheats, and steals?

China not an honorable trading partner

  • [I]t is especially difficult to trade with a thief, especially when the thief views commercial contact as an opportunity to steal more…. This crime is essential to the achievement of the extraordinarily ambitious Made in China 2025 initiative [to dominate 11 crucial technology sectors].
  • By his silence, Liu allowed Trump to think he had a deal when, in reality, he did not. So Trump made a real concession — the tariff deferral — for a promise that was not a promise.
  • [T]he “engagement” of China is Washington’s “greatest foreign policy failure.” – Arthur Waldron, University of Pennsylvania.
  • If all this were not bad enough, Xi’s future plans are especially pernicious… Americans are going to have to make a choice: take Chinese money or maintain a free marketplace of ideas. The disengagement of the two economies is, of course, unfortunate, but it is necessary as China presses Americans and leaves them no choice if they are to defend freedoms and sovereignty.
  • On October 11th, Beijing harvested another big benefit. Trump agreed to defer a tariff increase scheduled for the following Tuesday. Having gotten what it wanted, China then began to play hardball. On October 17, Beijing denied it had made a commitment to buy $40 billion to $50 billion of American farm products.
  • Judging from Beijing’s breaking one more trade arrangement in recent days, it is evident the communist regime in China is not able to work with the United States — or any other country for that matter. So let’s not trade with a China that lies, cheats, and steals.


“This won’t revolutionize the U.S.-China relationship or the terms of trade between us, but it shows that the two countries can work together on an important issue,” said Clete Willems of Akin Gump to Bloomberg, referring to President Trump’s “phase one deal” announced October 11. “Learning to do so is critical to avoid a broad deterioration of all aspects of our relationship, which is not in anyone’s long-term interest.”

Despite what Willems said, it now is in the long-term interest of the United States to walk away from trade deals with the People’s Republic of China.

Why? Four reasons: First, communist China has never accepted the notion of comparative advantage, which underpins the global trading system. Yes, the mercantilist Chinese believe we should buy their products, but they, the masters of non-tariff barriers and other forms of predation, have worked hard to keep foreign goods out of their market. How can America trade with a state that does not believe in the benefits of trade?

Second, Communist China has in fact never honored a trade deal with the US. Beijing, over the course of decades, has systemically violated both its World Trade Organization obligations and its obligations to America in various bilateral agreements.

Third, China’s economic system is incompatible with America’s. Xi Jinping, the Chinese ruler, has in recent years been forcibly marching the country backwards, the “great regression” as it is now called.

He has, with ruthless determination, been closing off the Chinese market to foreigners with, among other things, highly discriminatory rule enforcement and the enactment of prejudicial laws and regulations. He has at the same time been recombining already large state enterprises back into formal monopolies, reversing the partial privatization of earlier years by increasing state ownership of state enterprises, having the state take control of private companies, shoveling more state subsidies to favored state market participants, and pursuing development through dubious industrial policies such as his infamous Made in China 2025 initiative to dominate 11 crucial technology sectors.

As they now say in China, the state sector is rapidly “advancing” and both the private and foreign sectors are “retreating.” That is because Xi is seeking to return China to a modern form of Maoism.

Fourth, it is especially difficult to trade with a thief, especially when the thief views commercial contact as an opportunity to steal more. Xi’s China has continued to criminally take U.S. intellectual property to the tune of hundreds of billions of dollars a year. This crime is essential to the achievement of the extraordinarily ambitious Made in China 2025 initiative.

If all this were not bad enough, Xi’s future plans are especially pernicious. He is, for instance, now about to apply the 2016 Cybersecurity Law to outlaw the use of virtual private networks and encryption so that he can take all the data and communications of foreign companies operating in China. Chinese officials will surely hand over information they seize to China’s own enterprises so that they will then know everything about foreign competitors. China has already used stolen data and technology to cripple foreign companies and drive some, like Nortel Networks, out of business.

Moreover, Xi Jinping looks as if he will be even more bold in requiring U.S. companies operating in China to swear obedience to Beijing, to advance Communist Party positions, and to implement its policies wherever they operate. That, after all, is apparent from the reprehensible behavior of the National Basketball Association, Apple, and ESPN, which all acceded to Chinese bullying this month.

Yet as bad as these American businesses appeared—none of them stood firm in defending American values—they could not be expected to resist an onslaught from a mighty communist state. Therefore, Americans are going to have to make a choice: take Chinese money or maintain a free marketplace of ideas.

The disengagement of the two economies is, of course, unfortunate, but it is necessary as China presses Americans and leaves them no choice if they are to defend freedoms and sovereignty.

All this brings us back to ongoing trade discussions. When it became clear there would be a trade deal of some sort, big-box retailers began to place large orders for the coming season with Chinese manufacturers. If it had appeared there would be no deal, many of the orders would have gone to factories elsewhere.

On October 11th, Beijing harvested another big benefit. Trump agreed to defer a tariff increase scheduled for the following Tuesday.

Having gotten what it wanted, China then began to play hardball. On October 17, Beijing denied it had made a commitment to buy $40 billion to $50 billion of American farm products. President Trump, in his Oval Office meeting with Liu He, China’s chief trade negotiator, said Beijing had made such a promise as a part of the trade deal with the U.S.

If Beijing did not agree to the additional purchases, the time to say so would have been when Liu was next to Trump while he talked about the agricultural purchase. By his silence, Liu allowed Trump to think he had a deal when, in reality, he did not. So Trump made a real concession—the tariff deferral—for a promise that was not a promise.

Another broken trade promise is another reason for Americans to agree with the University of Pennsylvania’s Arthur Waldron, who argues that the “engagement” of China is Washington’s “greatest foreign policy failure.” America’s China policymakers predicted Beijing’s trade—and other—behavior would improve over time, but the opposite has occurred.

Engagement, by failing to impose costs for Beijing’s predatory moves and for other reasons, has contributed to the evident deterioration of Chinese behavior. Trump has begun to break with that failed approach, which has dominated American policy ever since Nixon went to the Chinese capital in 1972 to meet Mao.

In retrospect, going to Beijing was the wrong move. Also wrong is Clete Willems. Judging from Beijing’s breaking one more trade arrangement in recent days, it is evident the communist regime in China is not willing to work with the United States.


[From an article published by GATESTONE INSTITUTE]




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Mike Rowe on the Democrats: “Millionaires arguing with millionaires over who hates millionaires the most”

Mike Rowe sums up for Democrats


Mike Rowe, America’s favorite champion of the blue collar worker, is on a promotional tour for his new book, “The Way I Heard It,” and stopped by “Fox & Friends,” where he gave a summary of the economic agenda currently being pushed by the Democratic candidates running for president.

Here’s what he had to say, via The Daily Wire:

“When you have a half a million Americans sleeping out on the street today…and then you also have three people owning more wealth than the bottom half of American society, that is a moral and economic outrage,” said Sanders. “So if you are asking me, do I think we should demand that the wealthy start paying — the wealthiest top one-tenth of one percent — start paying their fair share of taxes…Yes, that’s exactly what I believe.”

The hosts then played a clip of front-runner Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), who is also running on an aggressive tax-the-rich plan. “Taxing income is not going to get you where you want to be the way taxing wealth does,” she said. “We need a wealth tax in order to make investments in the next generation.”

Asked about his response to the Democrats’ various economic plans, particularly Sanders’ 97.5% tax on the 400 wealthiest Americans, Rowe said, “Yeah, okay. It’s a free country. Float ‘em. Fly ‘em. Run ‘em up the old flagpole — see who salutes.”

He then offered a memorable summary of his takeaway from Tuesday’s debate. “Look, in the end you’ve got millionaires arguing with millionaires over who hates the millionaires the most,” said Rowe.

Rowe went on to say, “And I guess it’s a conversation we’ll have, but I remember a couple of years ago, I took my meager staff over to the Reagan Ranch.  One of the stories they tell is the time when Ronald Reagan just finally decided he was done doing movies. He was just done because he was paying 92% of every dollar he made on films. And it was just math. He wasn’t done acting, he just looked at it and did some basic calculus and said, ‘Not for me anymore. It makes no sense to do this.’”


“I live in California. I just read a report that said the exodus this year as a result of a 13.5% state tax and some other tweaks to the system is unlike anything they’ve ever seen before,” Rowe said. “So I know it’s convenient. It’s fun to kind of hate the rich and all, but in the end they’re just people and they’re going to do the math and they’re going to go where the math is better.

Rowe delivered a brilliant response when asked about the plan to give Americans $1000 a month as a means of accounting for lost jobs due to the increase of automation.

“Why not two thousand? Why not three?”

“You can’t ignore the human condition. We’re fundamentally lazy people. We have to be taught, I think, to not be lazy… If you give me a choice — and I don’t see myself as lazy — but if you give me a choice of the easy way or the hard way, I can’t help it, I’m going to default to the easy way.”

“Once you say, okay, free money, the next question has to be: Why not more?” said the former “Dirty Jobs” host.

To see the Mike Rowe video clip in its entirety (7 min.), CLICK HERE.


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