Which of us are crazy?

Small businesses are being looted. Cars are burning in the streets. ANTIFA rioters are destroying cities across America.

In St. Paul, Minnesota (the capital of the state, and the other half of the Twin Cities), when all the recent protesting quickly turned into rioting next door in Minneapolis, there were 86 fires set in St. Paul by the looting, rioting mob. Is the fire department where you live set up to fight that many fires over a period of two or three days? No? Well, St. Paul was not equipped for that, either. And there were lots more fires over in Minneapolis.

That is eighty-six buildings in St. Paul which were either badly damaged or completely destroyed. Buildings which used to contain businesses that hard-working people counted on to generate an income. Not to mention other buildings which were looted to the point that the businesses could no longer function.

Multiple (as in very many) millions of dollars in damage repairs and/or rebuilding costs.
And the Democrats’ solution to all this? DEFUND / UNFUND THE POLICE DEPARTMENT.

Why don’t we just unfund the entire justice and court system while we’re at it? That way we can all go looting and rioting next time without having to worry about ANY possible consequences.

Remember Mark Twain, one of our great American writers? Many years ago he commented on the American scene this way: “Suppose I were a member of Congress. And suppose I were an idiot. Sorry…I’m repeating myself.”

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NORM ‘n’ AL, Minneapolis

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WHO (World Health Org) now declares asymptomatic carriers don’t spread COVID-19 (so masks and mandatory vaccines not necessary)

The WHO has now declared that COVID-19 almost never spreads through asymptomatic carriers, all at once wiping out the entire justification for mandatory vaccines and contact tracing. As CNBC.com reported:

“From the data we have, it still seems to be rare that an asymptomatic person actually transmits onward to a secondary individual,” Dr. Maria Van Kerkhove, head of WHO’s emerging diseases and zoonosis unit, said at a news briefing from the United Nations agency’s Geneva headquarters. “It’s very rare.”

Asymptomatic spread was the entire reason why world authorities demanded lockdowns, social distancing and masks, too. It was also the underlying justification for demanding mandatory vaccinations and contact tracing. After all, if the spread of coronavirus were limited to only those who obviously showed symptoms — and could therefore be easily identified and avoided — there would be no logical need for lockdowns, social distancing, masks, contact tracing or mandatory vaccines, since spreaders of the pandemic could be easily identified and avoided (or isolated with selective stay-at-home orders only for the symptomatic).

All at once, the WHO has just exploded all these narratives that were so aggressively pushed by the CDC, Democrat governors, Dr. Fauci at the White House and even the WHO itself. Now, based on the WHO’s new admission, not only should every lockdown be immediately ended; any government effort to initiate new lockdowns should be vehemently rejected as being utterly groundless and anti-science.

Mandatory vaccines are no longer needed when asymptomatic carriers present near-zero risk

Now that the WHO is claiming there’s virtually no risk of catching the coronavirus from someone who isn’t showing any symptoms, mandatory vaccines are impossible to medically justify since symptomatic carriers can be easily identified and isolated from others.

Simultaneously, the argument that the lockdowns need to continue “until there’s a vaccine” have just been decimated, too. In reality, the WHO just admitted that lockdowns aren’t necessary at all, except among those who are actively showing symptoms (which is a very tiny percentage of the population, probably far less than 1% on any given day).

It also means that everybody can safely go back to work with nothing more than a low-cost handheld thermometer checking temperatures of workers as they enter the workplace. No symptoms means no risk of spread, according to the WHO, so checking for symptoms is now synonymous with achieving a safe workplace for all.

It also means the occupancy limits at workplaces should be immediately lifted, allowing all gyms, bars, restaurants and movie theaters to operate at full capacity. The only required rule is that people who sneeze or show fevers must be asked to leave, and that’s it.

No more justification for contact tracing either

This WHO declaration also obliterates any argument for so-called “contact tracing.” If there’s no such thing as an asymptomatic carrier, why would we need contact tracing at all?

The whole point of contact tracing is to find people who don’t know they have the infection because they were supposedly infected by an asymptomatic carrier. But if the only people who spread the virus are those who show obvious symptoms, then everybody already knows to steer clear of that individual, and contact tracing becomes moot.

Thus, the WHO has just obliterated any argument for contact tracing, too. Will Apple and Google now remove their contact tracing apps from their mobile devices? Of course not. Those apps were never really about contact tracing in the first place… the entire sham was always a pretext for total surveillance and spying on users.

Plus, the CDC says the virus can’t be spread on surfaces

All this is on top of the CDC recently announcing that the coronavirus can’t be spread via surfaces, either. So there’s no more justification for people wearing gloves or sanitizing packages or grocery bags. In fact, according to the CDC’s newest admissions, there’s no more reason to avoid shaking hands, either.

So if the coronavirus only spreads through people who are actively showing symptoms, then the entire argument behind everybody wearing masks — which was that we all needed to wear them because none of us knew whether we, ourselves, were spreading the virus — instantly collapses. The WHO just made mask mandates a complete joke, which makes us wonder why the government continues to hoard them, of course.

In fact, unless the WHO is lying to us now, the entirety of every single argument for lockdowns, masks, social distancing and all the rest has just been blasted to smithereens. And if the WHO is lying to us now, then what’s to say they haven’t been lying all along on other issues?

Like many Americans, I deliberately worked to protect the elderly and the vulnerable out of an abundant sense of caution and public duty. I wore a mask in public places, and I practiced social distancing, too. I stayed home for well over a month and did my part to reduce any chance, however low, that I might become an asymptomatic carrier who might inadvertently spread the pandemic to other people who were medically vulnerable.

Now, it turns out none of that was necessary. This entire pandemic appears to be conquerable with nothing more than vitamin C, vitamin D and zinc. Not even hand washing is necessary, according to the new CDC results, and the very idea of waiting around under house arrest for a new experimental vaccine to be produced now seems insanely stupid.

Is the WHO running a whole new psyop to explode a second wave of infections?

The other possibility with all this is that the WHO is now running a new psycho-op to try to convince people that the coronavirus is no longer any risk, hoping that people will drop their guard and unleash a second wave of infections in the Fall, thereby damaging the Trump administration and immediately thrusting the WHO right back into the position of issuing demands to the world regarding a new wave of infections.

After all, when there’s no pandemic running loose, who listens to the WHO anyway?

But if the WHO has the kind of malicious ethics that would allow it to deliberately lie to the world in order to spread a second wave of infections, wouldn’t we all be fools to listen to that organization in the first place? Shouldn’t we actually demand their arrest and prosecution for crimes against humanity if they were deliberately trying to spread a global pandemic just to remain relevant?

So there are really just two possibilities in all this:

#1) The WHO has been lying to us all along, and the real risk of coronavirus spread is practically zero.

Or #2) The WHO is lying to us now, trying to make sure we all get infected so that a second wave explodes across the globe.

Either way, it looks like the WHO can’t be trusted at all, which makes their recent announcement highly questionable. If the coronavirus can’t be spread by asymptomatic carriers, how did it explode across the Diamond Princess? How did it sneak into the USA and other countries, even as symptom checkers manned the airport arrival terminals? How did the coronavirus explode across nursing homes in New York and other areas, killing a shockingly high number of residents there? (Or, alternatively, perhaps they all really died from death-by-ventilator episodes…)

We can’t really know what to believe from the authorities anymore — not the WHO, the CDC, the FDA or of course the lying lamestream media. So the only thing we can really count on is our own immune systems, and those can be readily enhanced with simple nutritional supplements, along with healthy lifestyle choices such as avoiding inflammatory junk foods and getting plenty of sleep each night.

For the WHO, that disgusting organization is a discredited junk science gaggle of incompetent communists pretending to be epidemiologists. Their horribly dishonest, inaccurate and often deliberately misleading information has brought incalculable suffering and death to our world, which is why their new name should be the World HELL Organization.

That’s what they delivered to us all: HELL on Earth. All by design. And now, after months of global economic devastation and mass death, they tell you there was nothing to worry about all along… probably just to mess with your head while they work with China to release a second bioweapon, see?

For my part, I’m going to keep taking high-quality nutritional supplements and consider that sufficient for doing my part. Staying healthy, after all, is the most responsible thing you can do in a pandemic, whether it’s real or fake.

[From an article by Mike Adams, written for NATURALNEWS.COM]


As always, posted for your edification and enlightenment by

NORM ‘n’ AL, Minneapolis

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Preparing ourselves for the end…

I walked into my mother’s softly lighted room at the facility where she was an Alzheimer’s patient. Her bed was surrounded by people whom I took to be strangers. The night before, my sister had called me with the message, “you’d better come,” and I didn’t have to ask why.

I got on a flight from New York the next morning, feeling guilty as always for living so far away.

My mother looked unbelievably frail and parched. A woman with blond hair held Mom’s hand in both of hers while an aide dribbled sugar water from a dropper onto Mom’s lips. Little rivulets of the liquid ran down the wrinkles of her chin.

I noticed Mom’s friend and fellow resident , Pat, standing vigil at the foot of the bed. Then I fully recognized the blond woman, Colleen, whom I had met previously after she had taken charge of the unit. “Well, look who’s here,” Colleen said to my mother. Mom turned her head weakly and gave me that goofy Alzheimer’s grin that I had found so hard to get used to. Her movement caused more sugar water to run down her chin as she made a sound that could have been a “Hi.”

A hospice nurse and a social worker slipped into the room. Mom’s eyes brightened. “Hi, Estelle,” said the nurse softly.

I suddenly felt almost like an intruder. My mom had always been so deeply devoted to her family, yet here she was surrounded by young strangers who had come to help her through the process of dying.

I made myself go forward to the side of the bed. Colleen transferred my mother’s hand into mine. Her grip was surprisingly strong, and she was pulling me closer at the same time as she closed her eyes.

I knew instantly that I was at the right place at that moment in time. I was surrounded by my mother’s new family of caretakers, people whom I discovered I needed at that moment just as much as she did. They were not strangers at all, but helper angels, sent to carefully carry Mom home.

[Adapted from an article by Edward Grinnan in GUIDEPOSTS magazine]


As always, posted for your edification and enlightenment by

NORM ‘n’ AL, Minneapolis

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“Mass race riots across America prove the COVID-19 lockdown was a total scam”

From the middle of March until just about 9 days ago, there was one persistent and consistent message drilled into our heads around the clock: It’s not safe to go outside.  COVID-19 was spreading faster than it could be contained, they said, and the only remedy was a total lockdown of the economy, and of the people.  Breathless news updates from Bill Gates, CNN, the CDC, WHO, Fauci and Birx made us believe that it would be tantamount to murder for us to gather in groups.  Unless, of course, you wanted to take part in race riots.

First it was voluntary, then it was mandatory.  Then came the George Soros race riots and just like that, the COVID-19 lockdown was over.  It’s a Christmas miracle!  ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter have cured the coronavirus!

Far from being a miracle, the New World Order elites simply transitioned from oppressing us by locking us down to oppressing us by allowing race riots to consume over 200 American cities and towns.  They told us churches had to close because a roomful of 100 people could spread coronavirus to tens of thousands.  So funny, when the race riots started, they gathered in packs of untold thousands, and no one said a word about coronavirus.  They arrested shop owners one day for daring to reopen their businesses, and the next day they allowed ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter terrorists to burn those same businesses to the ground.


Bill Gates went silent, Anthony Fauci disappeared, Dr. Birx went AWOL…but don’t worry, they’ll be back before you know it.  But they have to stay silent now to allow the race riots to terrorize the people, and to make us afraid, so that when the second lockdown comes we will continue to obey them.  This is the game, this is the plan.  If you’re not sick, everytime you put your mask on, the same masks worn by ANTIFA terrorists, you are allowing them to control you.  Gates, Fauci and Birx are the ones who demanded the economy be shut down, demanded that Americans be locked down, and now have stayed silent as the rioters rape, loot and pillage.

Tell me, have you seen one CDC or WHO model predicting doom and gloom from the tens of thousands of rioters all meeting in one place?  No, you haven’t.  Did COVID-19 suddenly go away?   Sure seems like it.  Welcome to the great reset.

This is not going to stop, it’s not even going to slow down.  The global elites behind this coup have one thing after another all lined up and just waiting to be released.  The election in November?  Already done, your vote is not necessary to the process.

Take your masks off, people, release yourselves from the chains we’ve allowed them to place on us.  See the New World Order elites for the pathetic, obvious liars that they are.  Hey, Bill Gates, you reading this?  Come at me with your poison-filled vaccine and implantable digital ID, I’m ready for you.  So very ready.


[From an article by Geoffrey Grider,  published by NowTheEndBegins.com]




As always, posted for your edification and enlightenment by

NORM ‘n’ AL, Minneapolis


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We’re fiddling while America burns…

Thus far, 2020 has been a sci-fi dystopian nightmare. Six months ago, how many people would have believed the images of human beings wearing masks everywhere, while carefully keeping six feet apart from each other? Who could have imagined something like “social distancing?”

But within the last week, the COVID-19 production has been replaced by nationwide riots, ignited by white Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin grinding his knee into the neck of an alleged forger, George Floyd, long enough to kill him. Floyd was Black, so the state-controlled media jumped on the story like a rabid animal.

The media and sycophantic politicians were quick to drum home the point that “institutional racism” was at fault. In conjunction with Donald Trump, of course, who does nothing much more than Tweet continuously, but is blamed for everything by these Social Justice Warriors. While videos have shown a fairly diverse group of protesters, Blacks are clearly the predominant group, and the prolific graffiti desecrating the likes of the Lincoln Memorial all share the “Black Lives Matter” and/or “Evil White Racists” theme.

Lost in the furor was the fact that the Floyd death was not even that egregious, when compared to the countless unnecessary deaths of unarmed civilians at the hands of police officers. Since 2017, 2,855 civilians in this country have been killed by cops; 1268 were White, 571 were “unknown” or “other,” 518 were Black, and 498 were Hispanic. Somehow, from those official numbers; the press, our laughable politicians, and our deluded celebrities have concluded that “cops are killing Black men.”

They are killing Black men, but more accurately, they’re killing even more non-Blacks. And the important point should be that these “public servants” have killed nearly 3,000 Americans in less than three years. By contrast, police in Norway haven’t killed a single person in over a decade.

Most Americans don’t realize that the Supreme Court ruled in 1981 that police are not there to protect  us. So, the old “protect and serve” thing hasn’t applied since then. Once widespread looting and destruction of property began in cities all over the nation this week, police simply let it happen. For days, they didn’t even attempt to stop the vandalism and theft. Firefighters were just as useless, as their superiors claimed it was “unsafe” for them to put out the many fires set by rioters.

So, if we can’t depend on police to stop mass looting and destruction, exactly what are we paying them for? The Supreme Court has already ruled that they aren’t there to protect us. So what are they there for? Why are we giving these often psychopathic bullies guns and unlimited authority? Under the policing for profit system, their primary purpose is to issue as many traffic citations as possible. Most of them seldom encounter a truly threatening situation. So it’s no wonder they don’t know how to quell disturbances involving thousands of angry, potentially violent people.

The riots have managed to push the world’s most dangerous virus into the background. And all those virtue signalers who lashed out at the anti-lockdown protests for their alleged “racism,” and failure to “social distance,” have been as quiet as church mice over these much larger crowds, which are jammed together in pre- COVID fashion. Now, it’s not “irresponsible,” or endangering anyone’s safety, to protest. Now, it’s a precious right. The only difference is what’s being protested, and who’s doing the protesting.

While we were all distracted with nonstop coverage of the riots, the World Health Organization issued a statement saying that only those with COVID symptoms, or who had been around those with the virus, should be wearing masks. No healthy people should. So why is everyone still wearing a mask? Why are states like mine, Virginia, requiring anyone entering an establishment to wear one? Does this make any sense? Why should any of us trust those making such stupid decisions?

If the COVID Plandemic can serve any purpose, it’s to pull the mask off of our largely anonymous leaders at the state and local levels. Americans can see clearly just how incompetent and corrupt those who rule our lives with their laws, mandates, and restrictions, actually are. We are responsible for their salaries, much as we are paying police and firefighters. Most of them are making a lot more than the taxpayers who pay them. And virtually all have much better benefits and more lucrative pensions.

The old expression “you get what you pay for” doesn’t seem to apply to public servants in America. On the contrary, we pay pretty well, but get virtually nothing in return. Except for possibly being harassed by a cop, anxious to meet his monthly quota, over an illegal u-turn or failing to come to a complete stop at an empty intersection. Politically, we have had “taxation without representation” for a very long time. Ironic that this was on of the primary reasons why the Founders fought for independence. You’re lucky to be able to get a phone call through to one of our pointless bureaucratic government agencies. Doesn’t quite seem worth it.

It should bring us to tears, or laughter, depending upon one’s perspective, to watch rioters stealing and throwing things with impunity, while dutifully wearing their masks of submission. The fact that so many more Americans are willing to hit the streets over “racism,” including many Whites, than they were to protest an unwarranted, unconstitutional closure of businesses and implementation of draconian “social distancing” rules tells us all we need to know.

To those of us who think we’re “awake,” the fact that we’re vastly outnumbered by our slumbering, “socially conscious” peers is a sobering thought. Why continue to try to wake them up? They not only don’t notice the tyranny, they are willing to fight for it. They parrot meaningless, wildly inaccurate slogans like “white privilege” because they obviously are persuaded by the ludicrous propaganda of Don Lemon, Chris Cuomo, and all the other professional “journalists.” They aren’t persuaded by any evidence we provide, and instead dismiss us as “conspiracy theorists” or “wackos,” just like the professional “journalists.”

We have no one to fight for us. Those still clinging to QAnon fantasies, and imagining a group of powerful “white hats” riding in to save the day, are in denial of a harsh reality. That reality is that our rigged electoral process doesn’t give any of us a voice. All winning candidates are a part of the problem, or they wouldn’t have won.

If there were any “white hats” in positions of prominence, they would have exposed the COVID fraud a long time ago. Instead, both “liberals” and “conservatives” abide by ridiculous rules that are unenforceable, because they were never passed as any law. By this standard, a governor or a mayor could simply decree that all persons appearing in pubic henceforth must wear a giant pointed hat. That would make just as much sense, and have as much legal authority.

As Barney Fife once said, “the first rule is: obey all rules.” That kind of satirical authoritarianism used to be incredibly funny. It isn’t funny when it happens in real life. Barney used to make a big deal over jaywalking. The writers on The Andy Griffith Show used that particular crime because it was so trivial. In recent years, the same kind of out of control cops who killed George Floyd have done things like shoot a deaf jaywalker in the back, because he didn’t turn around when they shouted at him. And the brave officer who killed him called for “backup,” as they invariably do when abusing helpless elderly people, those in wheelchairs, or homeless drunks.

An honest “dialogue” about police would note that virtually all police departments have been guilty of excusing the most reprehensible conduct of their officers, including murder, by defending them as acting “appropriately.” Our police forces desperately need strong civilian oversight, and new management across the board. Policing for profit needs to be abolished. They need to be converted back into the “peace officers” they once were. We don’t need “law enforcement,” when the only laws being enforced are harmless traffic violations or victimless drug offenses.

An honest “dialogue” about race would urge that our legal system establish consistent sentences for every offense for everyone. No exceptions for race or wealth, both of which corrupt our injustice system. The disparity in sentencing, the arrogant and political bias of judges, and the shocking regularity with which jurors find defendants guilty on the most dubious evidence imaginable, should frighten anyone unfortunate enough to find themselves sitting in one of our courts.

Considering how putrid all the institutions in America currently are, we should welcome a cleansing, a hard reboot. The problem is, the ones who are seemingly bringing the system down on purpose will be running what replaces it. And the prospect of contact tracers and mandatory vaccinations are the antithesis of the massive reforms that are needed.

It isn’t just Donald Trump emulating Nero with a fiddle. The entire political and business world is joining him. So are the media and clueless celebrities. They say the band kept playing as the Titanic sank. America is sinking, while the entire country whistles and sings.


[From an article by Donald Jeffries which was published by LewRockwell.com]




As always, posted for your edification and enlightenment by

NORM ‘n’ AL, Minneapolis



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Verified evidence proves the organized and violent rioting (“protests”) was planned in advance

Did anyone really think a police incident — which of itself was a stupid and brutal act of police over-reaction — could suddenly and spontaneously create rioting all over the country?  The evidence proves it was NOT spontaneous, but well-planned and organized by ………… ?…………


When the police in our cities discover a large stash of rocks, stones, bricks, and bottles all piled up and strategically located for the rioters to use when the “protest” reaches them, what do those police think?  They don’t  have to think.  They KNOW that the stash is for use AGAINST THEM when the rioters are ready to act.

There should be little doubt in the minds of law-abiding Americans that the violent George Floyd “protests” were planned. No question about it.

Even some liberal politicians are seeing the light, at least on this issue.

At least one big-city mayor has called on the federal government to investigate what appears to be an “organized” effort to foment unrest and engage in rioting, as security experts in other cities discover evidence that many of the weekend’s violent incidents have been preplanned and coordinated.

Chicago’s mayor told media Sunday that she believes there is “strong evidence” of an organized effort to use the weekend’s anti-police brutality protests as a cover for violence, Crain’s Chicago Business reports, and said city personnel are speaking with at least three Federal agencies about a possible joint investigation.  She said “There is no doubt. This was an organized effort last night. There were clearly efforts to subvert the peaceful process and make it into something violent.


Press briefing in Richmond, VA

In Richmond, Virginia, rioters intentionally set a multifamily building on fire, along with other buildings.  Then they intentionally blocked the city’s fire equipment from reaching the scene of the fire.  Fire crews, when they finally reached the scene, were horrified to discover a child inside that burning home.

Richmond Police Chief William Smith described this as a particularly disturbing event.

Smith said, “One incident that is particularly poignant, that truly illustrates the seriousness of the issues we’re facing. Last night protesters intentionally set fire to an occupied building on Broad Street. This is not the only occupied building that has been set on fire in the last two days. But they prohibited us from getting on the scene. We had to force our way to make a clear path for the fire department. The protesters intercepted the fire equipment several blocks away with vehicles and blocked that fire department’s access to the structure fire. Inside that home was a child.

[NORM ‘n’ AL Note:  You can see in the photo above that Chief Smith is not immune to the emotion generated by this totally uncalled-for action on the part of rioters.]


CNN’s Don Lemon is easily one of the most irresponsible liars on TV.  On Monday, Lemon claimed President Trump was “declaring war on Americans.”  According to Lemon, America is “teetering on a dictatorship” and “declaring war on Americans.” As if to signal that he’s set on more violence, Lemon warned that Trump is  “playing a very, very dangerous game” as Americans “feel like they are occupied in their own communities by police departments.”  Lemon continued to pile on by complaining that the speech he’d spent days demanding Trump give, was no more than “a made for television moment.”

After mocking Mr. Trump’s phone call with governors earlier in the day, Lemon let loose by demanding the country must “open your eyes” because “we are teetering on a dictatorship” and “chaos.”

[NORM ‘n’ AL Note:  So far, the chaos has been created solely by people like Don Lemon who will go to any length to discredit and attack the president.]


Here’s what one new source has now released: The riots raging across the US today are no different than every riot and civil unrest incident that has taken place since the Ferguson riots with respect to the fact that all of them are organized and planned. Since 2014, all have been financed by billionaire George Soros and orchestrated and executed by Barack Obama.

Since signing NDAA in 2012 giving the president ultimate power over the people and the Federal government, Obama was quick to set up a vast spiderweb of organizations for the purpose of swaying the minds of Americans to his Socialist views. From the organization Organizing for Action (OFA) which is the corporate headquarters for all anti-American activist organizations, to Black Lives Matter (BLM) and ANTIFA who are the foot soldiers on the street waging war, the Socialist Left has set up a vast network of anti-Americanism. From influencing the views of the people to waging war on the streets, through these organizations Obama covered every avenue in making sure Americanism would die someday and the USA would become a Socialist nation.

Today’s riots stemming from the alleged murder of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin are using this incident as an excuse for mass rioting, when in fact they are exclusively for weakening President Trump’s popularity. Both Soros and Obama have been hard at work since 2016 in first trying to keep Donald Trump from becoming President, then trying to get him impeached all during his term, to now attempting to make sure he doesn’t get reelected.

All of the efforts to oust President Trump by the Socialist Left have failed. From the fake Russia spy attempt, all based on lies as we all know now since the FISA report came out, the failed impeachment effort this year, the deliberate crashing of the US economy via COVID-19 which was a manufactured virus in a Soros owned lab in Wuhan (and it has been proven that Obama had invested 10 million dollars into that same lab and company).  Now, they are using their nuclear option of waging civil war in the streets. These are all simply attempts to take over the country, at any cost, using whatever means necessary.

Most Americans are now very aware of the Left’s use of staged events to influence our minds toward a political agenda.  These orchestrated riots are also because the major players in undermining President Trump are now being exposed and set for prosecution, thus they are reacting under that pressure and trying to deflect the public’s attention away from themselves while hoping to at least ruin President Trump’s chances of getting reelected.

[These articles were published by Flag and Cross and Sons of Liberty Media]




As always, posted for your edification and enlightenment by

NORM ‘n’ AL, Minneapolis


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What’s worse, the virus or the fear of the virus?

If you haven’t figured it out by now, COVID-19 is definitely not an “end of the world” scenario.  Yes, more than 300,000 people around the globe have died so far, and the final death toll will be even higher, but this isn’t like the Spanish Flu pandemic of 1918 to 1920 that took the lives of between 50 million and 100 million victims worldwide.

Our current pandemic has shown us that our economic and financial systems are not nearly as stable as most people thought.  Many of our politicians have been very eager to embrace socialism and tyranny during this pandemic, and acute shortages of basic essentials started to happen very rapidly once fear began to sweep across the nation. If things can degenerate this much during a relatively minor crisis like the COVID-19 pandemic, what is our society going to look like when a major crisis hits?

The bad news is that governmental lockdowns have burst all of our economic bubbles and completely wrecked the global economy.

Here in the United States more than 38 million Americans have lost their jobs so far, more than 100,000 businesses have been permanently lost, and it is being projected that U.S. GDP will fall by about 40 percent during the second quarter.

And all because of fear of the virus.  If millions of people were dropping dead all over the planet, our level of fear would be understandable.  But millions of people are not dropping dead. Don’t get rid of any protective equipment you have acquired, because you will most likely need it again now that people have seen how to really frighten folks all over the globe, but for now there seems absolutely no reason why any U.S. states should still have harsh restrictions in place, and we desperately need to reboot our economy before it withers away into nothing.

It’s hard to imagine many of our governors would be so eager to fully embrace tyranny during a crisis. Some of them even seem to revel in trampling on the rights of others, and that has been alarming to watch.  For years, many freedom-loving candidates have run for public office all over the nation, but Americans kept rejecting them and put corrupt career politicians in office instead.

Sure seems like this really is not the land of the free that we have known and enjoyed, doesn’t it?

If you really want to live in fear, this is a perfect time to do it.  But if you want to live without fear and still maintain a smart, common-sense approach to things like a COVID-19 health crisis, you can easily make that change.



[From an article published by Michael Snyder on TheMostImportantNews.com]




As always, posted for your edification and enlightenment by

NORM ‘n’ AL, Minneapolis




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Political POLLS can be POLES apart…

…they should be used to REFLECT public opinion, but are actually being used to SHAPE public opinion (which means they are now a form of Political Propaganda)


CNN, in their dogged and unending quest to overturn the 2016 presidential election and drive President Trump from office, is in full-on campaign mode. Just as in the last presidential election cycle, opinion polls are a campaign staple of the media and the Democrat party. Polls are not being used as they should, to reflect public opinion, but instead to shape opinion, a form of political propaganda.

CNN commissioned a poll, the results of which were released last week, conducted by SSRS, “an independent research company.” A CNN poll doesn’t mean Brian Stelter and Jim Acosta, also known as dumb and dumber, were on a street corner asking passersby how much they hated the President.

When CNN reported the poll results, their headline put a ho-hum spin on the poll findings, “Biden tops Trump nationwide, but battlegrounds tilt Trump.” Townhall reported the poll more accurately, “New CNN poll shows Trump crushing Biden in swing states.”

How illustrative that the same poll with the same results was presented so differently, Trump “crushing” in one headline while in another headline results simply “tilt.”  In fact, CNN buried the poll results on their homepage as they didn’t like the results. I can’t blame them as it doesn’t fit the CNN narrative.

Polls are designed to reflect the opinions of a group of people at a moment in time. A small sample of individuals are asked for their opinion regarding a particular issue and this small sample is hoped to be representative of the larger population. Otherwise the axiom of garbage in, garbage out applies.

The poll sample is important. Oversampling Democrats will skew the results in favor of the Democrat candidate. In this poll, “34 percent described themselves as Democrats, 26 percent described themselves as Republicans”, an 8-point difference. Imagine the results if those percentages were flipped, oversampling Republicans by 8 points.

The CNN poll also surveyed registered, not likely, voters. Since only slightly more than half of eligible voters actually voted in the 2016 presidential election, this, too, is not a representative sample of the electorate.

The CNN poll, with Democrat oversampling, showed voters nationally backing Biden over Trump by 51 to 46 percent, a five point difference, less than the 8 point difference in party affiliation. Theoretically, if the survey sample were equally balanced between Democrats and Republicans, Trump would come out ahead by 3 points. Which is perhaps why Democrats were oversampled.

Is a nationwide poll even relevant in a presidential election? Not really, because of the Electoral College. Instead there are 50 state elections taking place, not a national popular vote, much to the consternation of the political left.

Rather than a popular vote, the presidential election is decided by a handful of “battleground states” that tend to swing red or blue, depending on the electoral cycle. An opinion poll in New York or California is irrelevant as it’s a foregone conclusion that the Democrat will win those states. The margin doesn’t matter as the electoral votes will be the same.

In battleground states, Trump leads Biden by 52 to 45 percent, a 7-point margin. Add the 8-point difference in party affiliation of those polled and Trump’s lead could potentially be 15 percent. Is it any wonder CNN is not touting this news?

This poll has other interesting tidbits. The “economy, stupid” typically predicts the next president, as USA Today notes. The US economy is on life support these days with the Wuhan coronavirus causing a national economic shutdown. But as the Washington Post begrudgingly admits, “Americans have an increasingly dismal view of the economy, but they don’t blame Trump.” Really? Democrats and the media exclusively blame Trump.

A YouGov poll finds similar results, “One-third of Americans blame the Trump Administration for unemployment numbers.” A more honest headline would be that two thirds of Americans don’t blame Trump for the current economic mess.

In the CNN poll, Trump holds a 12-point lead over Biden when the survey asked, “Who they trusted most to handle the economy.” And that’s up from only a 4-point margin last month.

Sharpness and stamina also favor Trump by 49 to 46 percent. I suspect that margin is much higher, as Trump holds daily briefings, sparing with a hostile media for well over an hour while Biden can’t muddle through a fawning 5-minute interview from his basement with notes and a teleprompter, without losing his train of thought or saying something stupid.

Rasmussen, the most accurate pollster in the 2016 presidential election, offers another perspective. They survey likely voters, rather than simply registered or eligible voters. In their Daily Presidential Tracking Poll, President Trump, on May 15, had a 49 percent total approval rating, compared to 47 percent approval for President Obama exactly eight years ago.

Despite a wave of critical news coverage and Democratic catcalls, President Trump sits at his “highest” approval in the latest Gallup survey, and above where four of the last six presidents, including Barack Obama and George W. Bush, were at this point of the first term.

Two separate polls both pointing out the inconvenient truth that Trump is more popular than Obama. Wait until Barr and Durham unleash the hounds of hell on the ObamaGate conspirators and watch Obama’s popularity drop like a rock.

Trump is dealing with an economic calamity the likes not seen since the Great Depression. The Beltway deep state is still trying to overturn the last election and remove him from office. The media is almost universally hostile and nasty toward Trump. Compare that to Obama, cruising to reelection against the hapless Mitt Romney, fanned on by an adoring media with virtually no Republican opposition. Yet Trump has higher approval ratings than Obama.

Remember that polls are a snapshot in time, with the only poll that matters being on Election Day. How wrong were the polls in 2016, predicting a Clinton landslide?  On Election Day, November 8, 2016, Frank Luntz, noted pollster and political pundit tweeted, “In case I wasn’t clear enough from my previous tweets: Hillary Clinton will be the next President of the United States.” Some prediction.

Take opinion polls with a grain of salt. Note who was surveyed and how the results are spun. The truth is right in front of you if you look carefully for it.


[From an article by Brian C. Joondeph, writing for AMERICAN THINKER]




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