Thousands of migrants now poised on Mexico – US border

Thousands of migrants now at US southern border

Thousands of migrants have formed a caravan to invade the United States.  Intentionally or unintentionally, they threaten the very fabric of America as a nation.

This migrant caravan attracted massive attention in the run-up to the midterm elections. Donald Trump made the thousands of migrants invading the United States the central issue in the campaign. But while the headlines focused on the caravan, it hid a horrible truth about illegal immigration.

Tonatiuh Guillén López, who will take over as head of Mexico’s National Institute of Migration when the new government takes power on December 1st, revealed a startling truth.

He said the real problem with illegal immigration was the smaller groups of migrants who sneak across the border.

Migrants crossing US border illegally

He described the caravan as only the tip of the iceberg. “The issue is the movements we do not see, those who are not in the caravan, that is the big issue.” Then he claimed — guess you never saw this coming, did you? — he claimed the solution was more US taxpayer money for Central American countries.

“The central question is what is being done so that people have opportunities at home,” Guillén stated. “You can’t manage these movements if at the same time you don’t have a development program, these have to go hand in hand.”

This is the same failed policy the United States pursued under past Presidents.

“If we don’t come up with development initiatives based on international cooperation, and we don’t confront the problem of Honduras and its crisis, we’re going to have the same cycle, each time more amplified,” Guillén claimed.

Trump takes affirmative action

Donald Trump signed an executive proclamation changing asylum laws. Migrants caught crossing the border illegally can no longer apply for asylum. To apply for asylum in the US, migrants must show up at a legal port of entry.

Trump also pressured Mexico to adopt a policy requiring migrants to apply for asylum in Mexico before they reach the United States, but Mexico fought back against Trump’s plan of stopping illegal immigration by having migrants apply for asylum in Mexico first.

“Mexico would have no reason to do this,” Guillén said. “We all need to share responsibility. Mexico already is receiving large numbers of Central Americans and the main issue is that we need to move forward in a regional approach.”

Trump’s tough new approach is a necessary one.  Between 350,000 and 400,000 illegal aliens are trying to invade the United States from Central America, which is a near ten-year high.  However, these are not legitimate asylum seekers, these are economic migrants.  US businesses want them in the country to help depress the wages of American workers,  which is why we read phony stories about migrant gangs and how they cause domestic violence.

Democrats and fake news reporters mocked Donald Trump’s statements that the caravan was an invasion.  The left claimed the caravan was a collection of desperate refugees fleeing violence for a better life, but Trump knew better.

Thousands of migrants headed for US southern border

The US government historically rejects 80 percent of asylum claims.  This caravan is a mob of economic migrants looking to flood the American economy, which will depress the wages of American workers.

Fake news reporters also claimed that the caravan was thousands of miles away and posed no danger to the United States.  These so-called “reporters” were telling lies and deliberately spreading fake news.  The caravan reached the border barely a week after Election Day.

CNN’s Jim Acosta lectured Trump that he was racist for calling the caravan an “invasion,” and mocked the President’s position that the migrants were climbing over fences to get into America. Photographs, however, proved Acosta to be a liar.

Hours after this photograph went viral, the Department of Homeland Security responded by putting razor wire along the fence.

The Department also doubled down on the fact that migrants entering the country illegally have no claim to request asylum.

“As we have said repeatedly, being a member of a caravan doesn’t give you any special rights to enter the country,” spokeswoman Katie Waldman declared in a statement to the Washington Examiner. “If they arrive at a Port of Entry, they will have to wait in line in keeping with the lawful processes at our ports of entry. If they attempt to enter illegally, they will have violated U.S. criminal law and in accordance with the President’s proclamation and the Interim Final Rule they would be ineligible for asylum.”

Migrants headed for US border

Caravan shows why Americans are right to distrust fake news media

The fake news media “reporting” on the caravan shows why Americans cannot trust outlets like CNN, the New York Times, the Washington Post, ABC, NBC or CBS.  They filled their airtime and newspapers with lies about how unlikely it was that the caravan would reach the United States.

And so-called “reporters” spread misinformation about how far away the caravan really was.  Americans learned a valuable lesson.  They found out they cannot trust anything they read or see in the so-called “mainstream” news.

These are not objective journalists dedicated to finding the truth.  Fake news reporters are hard-bitten Democrat activists looking to push the liberal/leftist agenda.  (You saw the Left at its best in the Kavanaugh Supreme Court hearings, when they spread false accusations about Judge Kavanaugh which were supposedly from his teen-age years and were subsequently proven to be completely made-up and total lies.)


[From articles published by GREAT AMERICAN DAILY and other sources]




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Filmmaker joined migrant caravan in southern Mexico, shows US media to be totally unwilling to seek the truth

A filmmaker named Ami Horowitz traveled to Mexico and did what the U.S. media didn’t do: He witnessed the migrant caravan for himself and exposed the truth.

The caravan, consisting of thousands of Honduran illegal immigrants, has caught the attention of the media as it heads toward the United States.

However, much of the coverage consists of hand-waving from the left-wing establishment media, which claims the caravan consists of peaceful families just trying to escape violence.

After visiting with the caravan of migrants and seeing for himself, Horowitz came to a different conclusion.

“Despite the framing of the caravan as being full of women and children, the reality on the ground is quite different. Approximately 90 to 95 percent of the migrants are male,” Horowitz said in a Twitter video.

The truth about the migrant caravan...


The BBC has written that “The migrants, mostly from Honduras, say they are fleeing violence and poverty, and include women and children.”

That’s a grossly misleading statement for a caravan consisting of over 90 percent men.

The establishment media also continuously repeats the narrative that the caravan is made up of people seeking to escape violence.  “We do know that many migrants have said they are fleeing terrible gang violence, with some fearing for their lives,” The Guardian claimed last month.

However, Horowitz discovered that the migrants are actually seeking employment when they illegally enter the United States.

“The major narrative being pushed by the press has been that the migrants are leaving Honduras because they are facing extreme violence and that their lives are under constant threat,” Horowitz said.

To discover if this were true, the filmmaker asked several migrants, “Why are you coming to America?”  “To get a job,” one responded. “To work,” said another.

It’s clear that these migrants, who are mostly male, are economic migrants seeking American jobs. They aren’t “women and children” who are “fleeing violence.”

It’s completely absurd that the truth had to come from a filmmaker investigating the caravan for himself because the establishment media are too busy peddling lies and misinformation to find out the truth for themselves.






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America now sees liberal media as an enemy of our country

Liberal media now top enemy of America


How the liberal mainstream media have devolved over the decades from being entities that once took pride in reporting news and informing readers and/or viewers of current events, to becoming the propaganda arm of the Democrat party and acting more like activists than journalists, can be clearly seen in how the public views them.  The new numbers from Zogby should make them take a good hard look at themselves in the mirror, but sadly they do not seem inclined to do that.

According to Gallup which has been polling trust in the media since 1972, in the late 70s Americans had a considerable amount of trust in the mainstream media, with 72 percent having “a great deal.”  (Remember Walter Cronkite?)

In 2018,  only 14 percent of Americans have a great deal of trust in the media.

The media talking heads can try to blame President Trump for the negative way America now sees the media, but the trust Americans have in the media as a whole has been decreasing for decades. The more biased they become over the years and the more they start pushing a political agenda, the more people take note and distrust them.  Now nearly 3/4 of Americans agree with the statement, “Mainstream media have played a major role in dividing Americans along racial, gender, and political lines.”


[From an article published by ALL NEWS PIPELINE]




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10,000 Chemicals in Food and Food Packaging: What Are These Substances Doing to Us and Our Children?

Our foods and packaging are killing us!


The majority of additives in U.S. foods are subjected to either INADEQUATE or NO regulatory oversight. The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) just issued a policy statement about the risks to children’s health of the more than 10,000 chemicals directly or indirectly added to food and “food contact materials” in the U.S., with three primary aims: (1) to review and highlight the significant health concerns associated with the chemicals in foods; (2) to formulate recommendations that pediatricians can share with families; and (3) to propose “urgently needed reforms” pertaining to regulation of food additives by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).


Public health challenges related to the foods that American children eat are a not-infrequent topic of national conversation. With 38% of children either overweight or obese, the childhood obesity epidemic tends to top the list of concerns, along with related issues such as children’s fast food consumption and the damaging effects of junk food advertising.

According to a recent nationally representative survey, about 60% of the calories consumed by Americans come from “ultra-processed” foods and beverages—defined as products resulting from “several sequences of industrial processes” and including additives “used to imitate sensory properties of foods or to disguise unpalatable aspects of the final product.” Alarmingly, the survey showed that adolescents (10- to 19-year-olds) were among the biggest consumers of ultra-processed foods and that their intake of these foods increased from 2007 to 2012, rising to over two-thirds (68%) of total calories consumed.

Given that teens are relying on additive-filled processed foods for the bulk of their calories, it is noteworthy that the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) just issued a policy statement about the risks to children’s health of the more than 10,000 chemicals directly or indirectly added to food and “food contact materials” in the U.S. Published in July 2018 in Pediatrics, the AAP commentary has three primary aims: (1) to review and highlight the significant health concerns associated with the chemicals in foods; (2) to formulate recommendations that pediatricians can share with families; and (3) to propose “urgently needed reforms” pertaining to regulation of food additives by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The majority of additives in U.S. foods have undergone either inadequate or zero regulatory oversight.

The AAP authors focus on a subset of the many additives and chemicals that populate and contaminate the foods eaten by children. Artificial food colors (AFCs) are one of the three categories of chemicals added directly to foods that the researchers consider (along with nitrates and nitrites). AFCs are “synthesized from raw materials obtained from coal tar or petroleum by-products,” and some (called “lakes”) are bound to aluminum, a metal with known neurotoxic properties. A 2016 analysis of 810 products in a single grocery store highlighted the pervasive presence of AFCs in products marketed to children, finding AFCs in 43% of the products overall and in at least nine in ten candies, fruit-flavored snacks and drink mixes or powders. Produce was the only food category free of artificial coloring.

Numerous studies have linked AFCs to attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), although investigators also have determined that AFCs “seem to affect children regardless of whether or not they have ADHD.” Other reactions documented in association with AFCs include immune reactivity and behavioral symptoms such as irritability, sleep problems, restlessness and aggression. Researchers have pointed out that AFCs can have an “aggregated” effect in settings such as classrooms where most of the children present are experiencing AFC-related “behavioral decrements.” Unfortunately, the daily intake of AFCs certified as acceptable by the FDA has increased more than five-fold since 1950, and the current FDA-endorsed daily amount (68 milligrams per person per day) is well in excess of the level (50 mg/person/day) shown to be associated with stronger negative effects.

The endocrine-disrupting effects of the additives found in food are of particular concern in early life, when developmental programming of organ systems is susceptible to permanent and lifelong disruption.

The AAP authors also seek to raise awareness about the many chemicals indirectly added to food, namely the “adhesives, dyes, coatings, paper, paperboard, plastic, and other polymers, which may contaminate food as part of packaging or manufacturing equipment.” Specifically, they discuss the biphenols that line metal cans; phthalates used in the manufacturing process as adhesives, lubricants and plasticizers; and packaging chemicals such as perfluoroalkyl chemicals (PFCs) and perchlorate. As a group, these chemicals have been associated with endocrine, neurodevelopmental and thyroid disruption; carcinogenicity; cardiotoxicity; immunosuppression; oxidative stress; and low birthweight.

The endocrine-disrupting effects of the additives found in food are of particular concern in early life, “when developmental programming of organ systems is susceptible to permanent and lifelong disruption.” Postnatally, infants and children are more vulnerable than adults because:

[Infants and children] have higher relative exposures… (because of greater dietary intake per pound), their metabolic (i.e., detoxification) systems are still developing, and key organ systems are undergoing substantial changes and maturation that are vulnerable to disruptions.

As if the chemicals listed in the commentary were not bad enough, the authors note in passing that a number of other substances not included in their analysis also “inadvertently enter the food and water supply” and can affect children’s health in significant ways. These include aflatoxins and other mycotoxins (implicated in growth impairment), dioxins (linked to low birthweight), polychlorinated biphenyls or PCBs (linked to obesity), mercury and other metal neurotoxins and pesticides. (The authors do not tackle the thorny issue of genetically modified foods “because they involve a separate set of regulatory and biomedical issues.”)

Lax regulation and conflicts of interest

The AAP statement highlights a number of “critical weaknesses” in the FDA-led regulatory system that is supposed to be overseeing food additives. Examples of regulatory weaknesses include:

  • FDA reliance on guidelines that are inadequately protective for children, “given that they may receive higher relative doses than adults”
  • Inadequate FDA authority “to acquire data on chemicals on the market or reassess their safety for human health”
  • FDA failure to consider cumulative and synergistic effects of food additives in the context of other chemical exposures “despite their legal requirement to do so”
  • Short-sighted toxicological testing that fails to account for the influence of even low-dose exposures on “behavioral or other end points that may be more likely to be impaired by early life exposures”

The result of these regulatory loopholes is that there are substances in the food supply that are unknown to the FDA.

The AAP authors also observe that requirements for a designation of “generally recognized as safe” (GRAS) “do not contain sufficient protections against conflict of interest.” The GRAS designation is governed by the 1938 Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act (amended in 1958), which states that substances defined as food additives are subject to FDA approval “unless the substance is generally recognized, among qualified experts, as having been adequately shown to be safe under the conditions of its intended use” [emphasis added]. In addition, as explained in a 2013 article titled “Secret ingredients: who knows what’s in your food?,” companies “have the authority to make their own GRAS determinations using a panel of qualified experts” and then have “the option—but not the requirement—of notifying the FDA….” The result of these regulatory loopholes is that “there are substances in the food supply that are unknown to the FDA.”

The AAP authors describe an evaluation of over 450 GRAS evaluations submitted to the FDA, all of which were carried out by experts affiliated with or beholden to the manufacturer, meaning that none were made by a neutral third party. Another analyst has reported that, in the manner of the fox guarding the henhouse, over 2,600 flavoring substances have been given GRAS status not by the FDA but by a trade organization (the Flavor and Extract Manufacturers Association).

A precautionary approach needed

Coming full circle back to the problem of adolescent overweight and obesity, it is important to note that some of the chemicals described in the AAP policy statement, such as phthalates, have confirmed biochemical links to obesity. Thus, there are many reasons to be concerned about teens’ overconsumption of highly processed and packaged foods.

Outside of the U.S., other countries are taking “a more precautionary approach,” such as in the European Union, which requires warning labels for food dyes. The AAP authors suggest that it is time to “come together” in the same way as other countries “to advocate for the protection of children’s health.” It is also past time to reform the regulatory process governing food additives. Without firm measures, the authors suggest that there is little to inspire public confidence in food safety.


[From an article published by GREEN MED INFO .com]




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RFK Jr. and Informed Consent Action Network win big suit against US government for egregious vaccine safety violations

Dept. of Health and Human Services (DHHS) is legally obligated to file a vaccine safety report (also noting adverse vaccine safety events) with Congress at least every two years…but has NEVER filed this report since the law requiring it was passed in 1986. DHHS still actively promotes vaccine usage (spending billions to increase vaccination rates) and defends against claims of damage from vaccine use, but it has completely abandoned its vaccine safety obligations.


Vaccine safety violations admitted by DHHS

Del Bigtree, founder of Informed Consent Action Network (ICAN), teamed up with Robert F. Kennedy Jr. to take on the U.S. government by filing suit against the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) for vaccine safety violations — and they won.

This is big news for all concerned with the topic of vaccine safety. It turns out the DHHS federal agency tasked with protecting the health of US citizens has been neglecting its vaccine safety obligations for over 30 years. The lawsuit brought by RFK Jr. is evidence that “vaccine safety” as we know it is nothing more than a sham.

Government agencies charged with protecting the public are not doing their part to ensure and improve the safety of immunizations, but will they be held accountable?

RFK Jr. and ICAN take on DHHS

As sources explain, a clause in the The National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986 (NCVIA) compels DHHS to take responsibility for improving vaccine safety and efficacy, and charges the agency with constant monitoring and improving of adverse event reporting. The Mandate for Safer Childhood Vaccines clause also tasks DHHS with providing a report on improvements made in these areas to Congress every two years.

RKF Jr. and ICAN reportedly suspected that DHHS was failing to meet this responsibility, and filed a Freedom of Informtation Act request to obtain the records of these biennial reports. For eight months, DHHS tried to blockade their request and refused to provide information. Ultimately, a lawsuit had to be filed.

As a document from ICAN reads:

ICAN was therefore forced to file a lawsuit to force HHS to either provide copies of its biennial vaccine safety reports to Congress or admit it never filed these reports. The result of the lawsuit is that HHS had to finally and shockingly admit that it never, not even once, submitted a single biennial report to Congress detailing the improvements in vaccine safety. This speaks volumes to the seriousness by which vaccine safety is treated at HHS and heightens the concern that HHS doesn’t have a clue as to the actual safety profile of the now 29 doses, and growing, of vaccines given by one year of age.

Despite being charged with the responsibility of investigating and improving vaccine safety DHHS has apparently failed to meet even the most basic aspects of this duty by failing to file a single report for the past thirty years. Three decades have passed since NCVIA was put into place, and DHHS has never so much as raised a finger towards vaccine safety — an issue which should be a top priority, especially given the fact that NCVIA erases industry responsibility regarding vaccine injuries.

So not only is the government granting Big Pharma carte blanche on the matter of vaccine injury, yet another agency charged with protecting the public from vaccines has completely dropped the ball.

ICAN reports further that DHHS hasn’t eschewed their vaccine responsibilities entirely: The organization has reportedly taken their obligation to promote vaccine uptake very seriously, spending billions and conducting regular reports on how to increase vaccination rates.

As ICAN states further:

Regrettably, HHS has chosen to focus on its obligation to increase vaccine uptake and defend against any claim vaccines cause harm in the National Injury Vaccine Compensation Program (aka, the Vaccine Court) to such a degree that it has abandoned its vaccine safety responsibilities. If HHS is not, as confirmed in Court this week, even fulfilling the simple task of filing a biennial report on vaccine safety improvements, there is little hope that HHS is actually tackling the much harder job of actually improving vaccine safety.

Will the DHHS finally be held accountable for their failure, or will the vaccine industry continue to spread its toxic injections without fear of government scrutiny?


[From an article published by VACCINES.NEWS]




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Planned Parenthood says illegal immigrants should have the right to have “anchor” babies, while it also says black Americans should have more abortions

Apparently Planned Parenthood cannot see the irony (and the stupidity) in its recent statement…but maybe PP is simply looking at a new source for its illegal sale of baby parts?

Planned Parenthood writes that it’s “despicable” and “egregious” for President Trump to deprive illegals of their ability to have “anchor” babies, which currently gain automatic citizenship simply for being born on U.S. soil.

President Trump wants to put an immediate end to this loophole – and rightfully so, seeing as how birthright citizenship is so widely abused. Many non-citizens will travel to the U.S. simply to have their babies within our borders, which grants these illicit children all the same rights and privileges afforded to legal American citizens.

“Eliminating #birthrightcitizenship would be incredibly harmful & is part of this administration’s radical, hateful agenda to stoke fear in our communities and contribute to many people’s already very real fear of deportation,” Planned Parenthood put on its Twitter account.

Since when does Planned Parenthood care about unborn children being deprived of birth?

The utter hypocrisy and blatant irony of such statements from an organization that exists primarily to murder unborn children did not go unnoticed. Many Twitter users were quick to point out the stupidity of Planned Parenthood, which apparently only cares about the lives of illegal aliens in the womb – and definitely not black lives in the womb, which are murdered at a rate higher than any other group.

“Planned Parenthood arguing FOR ‘Birthrights’? Let me check the irony meter,” wrote one Twitter user, along with a link to a GIF depicting an atomic bomb going off.

“What would you know about birthrights?” tweeted another Twitter user directly to Planned Parenthood.

“Seriously? Is this a parody account?” asked another. “Eliminating birthright citizenship (which you clearly don’t understand even the basics of) complaint by a group that ELIMINATES BIRTH. What’s your stance on dismembering those trying to emigrate from the womb? Open borders then? No?”




These are all valid points, as was the one made by NRA spokeswoman Dana Loesch when she asked if this means that Planned Parenthood opposes birthright citizenship. Naturally, the abortion provider failed to respond to any of these tweets.

There are now more “anchor” babies being born in the U.S. than babies of real American citizens

To those who would maintain that birthright citizenship isn’t that big of a deal, consider the findings of a recent Congressional Budget Office report, which found that the total anchor baby population now exceeds the number of annual citizen births in the U.S. from actual American citizens.

It’s a very serious problem, in other words, and one that President Trump has promised to deal with – using an executive order, if necessary.

“It was always told to me that you needed a Constitutional amendment – guess what? You don’t,” the president stated during a recent interview with Axios.

“Number one, you don’t need that. Number two, you can definitely do it with an act of Congress. But now they’re saying I can do it with just an executive order. Now, how ridiculous – we are the only country in the world where a person comes in, has a baby, and the baby is essentially a citizen of the United States for 85 years with all of those benefits? It’s ridiculous. It’s ridiculous – and it has to end,” the president added.

If President Trump follows through on this promise, which he is expected to do, there will be “immediate and far-reaching consequences,” according to Breitbart News. Among these consequences – or victories, depending on how you look at it – would be an immediate drop in the number of foreigners coming to the country simply to have babies and thereby gain automatic American citizenship.


[From an article by Ethan Huff published by DC CLOTHESLINE]




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