Norm and Al wish you the best. Unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately depending on your strength of character and fortitude, anybody’s best is a rare commodity today.

The one thing you will always find here is our best. Our best effort to steer you in the right direction. Our overriding desire to put your welfare above our own. And our constant striving to help you understand some of the things in today’s world that appear to be sometimes beyond understanding.

Our primary focus here is always this: Our world is changing. Fast. Constantly. You need to decide what “normal” for you and those you love should look like. Then, when that picture comes into focus, and only then, you can work to make that new normal your own personal reality.

As an example, consider how many people today are working at home because of the Internet. Either they are still part of the corporate lifestyle and are able to contribute by networking online, or they have decided to leave that corporate lifestyle in favor of setting their own schedules and goals and working from home. This “normal” did not exist a relatively short time ago. The NEW NORMAL orientation is toward the second option, and we share that orientation with more than 25 million other folks in the USA and millions more around the globe.

If you want encouragement, guidance, or one-on-one assistance, we will gladly provide it. But please always remember this: Working from home is still working. Nothing happens, ever, until you determine to roll up your sleeves and get to work. When you do that from home, you may find in the early going that you are working harder than ever. But you will see progress and the results will come. Quitters never win, and winners never quit. If you do decide to quit, all you’re really doing is murdering your dreams. Bad choice.

Make up your mind to put those dreams into a plan, and put that plan into motion.

One more thought. Could be a pretty important one. If you have any doubts about what lies ahead (long-term ahead, like in eternity, your permanent normal), it is actually quite simple to put those doubts to rest. Since eternity is well-outlined in the Bible, all you need to do is prove the Bible is false. Or flawed. Or contains errors. Good place to start is WHOFIRST.COM.

Last thought here: If you are a member of the Kingdom of God, this earthly life is the closest you will ever get to hell. If not, then this earthly life is the closest you will ever get to heaven. Worth thinking about…and we hope you will.

NORM ‘n’ AL, Minneapolis
Phone: 612-239-0970

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