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As simply as we can state it: We are heading for a period in which your earthly survival could be in doubt…which means you should be prepared to deal with circumstances you have never dealt with before

Here’s what we are referring to:

ONE: Joe Biden is unfit for the office he holds. He appears not to be able to tie his own shoes, let alone lead the country. Not only is he making it up as he goes along (because he has not, or cannot, devise a plan to follow), but most of his Democrat horde have no plan to follow either. By and large the Democrats do not care about your survival or that of the USA. The only survival they care about is their own. If you want to know what “making it up as they go along” looks like, just analyze (if you can) our recent exit from Afghanistan. If you want to know what “we don’t care about you” looks like, consider the last US election, in which Democrats engineered a huge election fraud to be sure of a win. Fraudulent ballots, rigged voting machines, you name it. Look at the Democrats’ unwavering support for abortion, in which “we don’t care about you” translates into “we don’t care about your family or your pregnancy.” Democrats are, by and large, a completely Godless bunch. (No God = HUGE mistake.) When you refuse to see God in the world around you, you are not looking past the end of your nose in any given situation.

TWO: Our economy is starting to come apart at the seams. Joe Biden entered the Oval Office ten months ago. If there was any reason for optimism then, it has long disappeared into the ether in which Biden now operates. Airlines are now cancelling flights because the pilots are calling in sick by the hundreds in protest of Biden’s COVID vaccine mandates. Truck drivers are doing the same, and for the same reason, which means you can’t find things in the stores. Bare shelves last year meant people were buying to hoard; bare shelves now mean goods can’t be delivered to stores and warehouses and distribution centers. Gasoline and natural gas are going up in price along with lots of other things like food…which means we could have a long and very stressful winter ahead of us. We have literally millions of jobs available now in the US, but employers cannot find people who want them. Why? The main reason is that our unemployment benefits are so generous that people are making more money not working than when they actually do work. Another reason is that many people found that working from home was not such a bad thing after all, and they are finding alternative ways to get paid working from home. All Biden wants you to do is get a COVID vaccine shot; he seems not to care about anything else. He certainly doesn’t care that people by the tens of thousands are dying from these shots. (Total deaths in the USA from the COVID vaccines are now estimated at well over 200,000. And you wonder why pilots and truck drivers are protesting about mandates?) If Biden keeps forcing people to get the shots, we could see millions of able-bodied workers out on the street. We could see military and law enforcement personnel joining them. Things could start to look pretty ugly where you live.

THREE: The world’s economy is beginning to look pretty shaky, too. Energy supplies are dwindling in countries all over the globe. Coal is hard to find in India, and electricity blackouts will soon follow. Natural gas is way up in price all over Europe. Electricity is being rationed in China, and many companies cannot maintain production as a result. Gasoline in the US has gone from $1.72 a gallon last April to $3.25 now. What will all this look like when we get into the highest energy demand months of the coming winter?

Here’s the bottom line: When things begin to look dark, it’s not because the light isn’t shining, it’s that people refuse to see the light. The Bible has been available for centuries in hundreds of languages. God has told us very clearly what is coming, and we refuse to believe Him. Since the beginning of time, we’ve had two choices, either to follow God’s plan or our own. When you read the Bible, you come to the understanding that God knows the future before it gets here. Us? We don’t even know how to get out of Afghanistan.

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NORM ‘n’ AL, Minneapolis

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