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Are you a determined, persistent person? Here’s how to find out.

In the spring of 1927 a young Russian woman named Lillian Alling, who was living in New York City, became very homesick and decided to return to her family in Russia. After two unhappy years among the teeming population of New York, this peasant girl knew life in the noisy city was not for her. Lillian was unable to save enough to afford passage across the Atlantic by boat, but all she could think about was going home. So, this young slip of a woman about 25 years old chose to walk the 12,000 miles to Russia!

Very timid, Lillian refused to accept rides from strangers.  Supplied with hand-drawn maps, an iron rod for protection, and just a few dollars she began her epic journey on foot. Averaging 30 to 40 miles a day, the frail girl passed through Chicago and on to Winnipeg. Keep in mind, back in 1927 there were no roads in the Northwest, and, except for the odd isolated trading post or telegraph station, there was nothing but an unbroken stretch of the world’s toughest terrain and wilderness.

When asked where she was heading her firm reply was, “I am going home to Russia. Please do not stop me.” When she reached Vancouver, her ragged condition and lack of provisions caused great concern among the locals. To prevent her from continuing on in her poor condition, she was arrested for vagrancy and put in jail to give her a chance to grow strong again.

When spring arrived, Lillian resumed her daunting quest. Across the Yukon and Alaska, telegraph station operators kept track of her progress. Lillian arrived in Nome in July 1929 wearing a different type of men’s shoe on each foot. Soon after leaving Nome, Lillian was last seen rowing a boat from Cape Prince of Wales across the 36 miles of the Bering Strait to Siberia. Unbelievably, there is one report of a man who claimed he saw a woman on the Siberian coast in the fall of 1930 who was explaining to an astonished policeman that she had walked all the way from New York.

We marvel at Lillian Alling’s incredible determination to get to her home in Russia, yet multitudes of people are completely indifferent and unconcerned about reaching the ultimate home prepared for them in heaven.  CLICK HERE to learn about a man whose every thought for the past fifty years has been for those indifferent multitudes.


NORM ‘n’ AL Note:  May this true story and the additional true story of Arthur Blessitt give you a new sense of purpose and determination as we enter the new year ahead!




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