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If Mueller Didn’t Write His Report, Someone from His Team of Former Clinton Lawyer FBI Agents Did (And Now Everything Makes Sense)

The biggest takeaway from Wednesday’s Congressional hearing with Special Counselor Robert Mueller was how unfamiliar he was with his own report. He had no clue who Glenn Simpson or Fusion GPS was. He literally told one Congressman who questioned him he “wasn’t familiar with that part of the report.”

Even the Trump hating mainstream media ran headlines calling Mueller frail… confused… lost… doddering. What happened?  Out of all of the predictions about the outcome of the Mueller investigation, the one thing that surprised us was that Mueller turned out to be a senile old man.

Grandpa Mueller spent hours in front of a House committee being grilled, but the most common words coming out of his mouth were, “Could you repeat the question?”  The rest of the time, he stared around the room in confused fashion. At one point, he whipped his head around for 15 seconds, trying to figure where the disembodied voice of a congressman was coming from.

It appears that Grandpa Mueller spent the entirety of the “Mueller investigation” looking for his slippers, eating soft food and trying to guess the puzzle before Vanna White turns all the letters around.

Meanwhile, Clinton attack dog Andrew Weissmann and Clinton Foundation attorney Jeannie Rhee ran the actual anti-Trump investigation.

Once again, Democrats suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome have derailed a carefully orchestrated Deep State con on the American people. They really should tell each other what they are doing so they don’t screw up the “narrative” they are trying to convince the American people of.

“Lifelong Republican” Robert Mueller was selected by Obama’s Harvard buddy Rod Rosenstein to be the face of the Russian collusion investigation. Mueller’s presence, because he is a “Republican” (sort of like Jeb is a “Republican”), was supposed to mitigate the fact that the investigative team was entirely made up of Clinton donors and in the case of Jeannie Rhee, Hillary’s personal attorney. Mueller’s presence was supposed to make the probe legit.

When Mueller issued the report written by Weissmann and Rhee, he was then supposed to ride off into the sunset. His work was done and now it was up to Congress to impeach Trump. He announced that the report was his testimony. He had nothing further to say.

But the Democrats, led by Pencil Neck Adam Schiff, weren’t in on the big plan from the Deep State. They absolutely insisted that Mueller had to come testify. The Deep State stalled, but Mueller was finally dragged in to spill the beans… and look at the result. It was a complete and total disaster for the hapless Democrats. They went off script again and ruined the whole thing!

It’s now clearly evident that Mueller was a figurehead for the fake Russian collusion coup attempt, and the American public was never meant to know that Mueller is actually a frail old man who doesn’t have all his faculties.

Think about it: If you were Adam Schiff, would you have demanded that Mueller come in and testify if you knew he was in such rough shape? Not a chance!

In the realm of actual real news as it relates to Russian collusion, John Solomon of The Hill has broken a big story that has Washington panicking today. Mystery man Joseph Mifsud has flipped. He’s cooperating with Attorney General Bill Barr’s probe into the origins of the Russian collusion hoax, the unlawful campaign spying, the FISA warrant abuse and the attempted coup.

For those who need a reminder on the timeline:

George Papadopoulos joins the Trump campaign in July of 2016. Joseph Mifsud comes out of nowhere and tells Papadopoulos, “Hey, the Russians have dirt on Hillary, and they’d like to help the Trump campaign.”

Papadopoulos then mentions to the Australian ambassador, “Hey, I heard something about some Russians having some dirt on Hillary.” The ambassador then called the FBI and told them Papadopoulos was colluding with the Russians.

If the mysterious Joseph Mifsud, who lives across the street from the Vatican in Rome, turns out to be a Russian intelligence agent, then part of the Russian collusion story would have been true. But Mifsud wasn’t Russian intelligence. He was and is a Western intelligence agent – meaning the entire “Russian collusion” coup attempt really was hatched by Clinton loyalists in the Deep State.

If John Solomon’s reporting is true – and he’s been pretty accurate all along – then Joseph Mifsud is spilling the beans about Hilary Clinton, John Brennan, James Comey, Loretta Lynch, Barack Obama and the rest of the co-conspirators. We might finally see some Russian collusion arrests happening in the near future.


[From an article published by the American Liberty Report]




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