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It’s starting to look like black voters are tired of being used by power-hungry Democrats…

NBC is reporting that Democrat/Socialist “presidential candidate Bernie Sanders left a campaign event in Seattle without giving his speech Saturday after ‘black lives matter’ activists took over the podium.”

This isn’t the first time that Black Lives Matter protesters have protested racial inequality by going after so-called Progressive candidates. “On July 18, Sanders tried to address a crowd of roughly 3,000 at the Netroots Nation event in Phoenix, but many of the protesters shouted at him and disrupted his remarks.”

What’s going on here? For decades, black voters have been used by the Democrat Party to empower fat-cat Democrat politicians. Trillions of dollars in wealth transfer payments have done little to advance black living standards, teenage employment, or educational standards.

Giving money to people is not the way to advance an economy. It takes the incentive and the need to work out of the employment equation. It’s not just Blacks who have been duped by the Democrat Party. Poor whites have been similarly victimized.

President Lyndon Johnson’s War on Poverty has been a War on the Poor:

 “In his January 1964 State of the Union address, President Lyndon Johnson proclaimed, ‘This administration today, here and now, declares unconditional war on poverty in America.’ In the 50 years since that time, U.S. taxpayers have spent over $22 trillion on anti-poverty programs. Adjusted for inflation, this spending (which does not include Social Security or Medicare) is three times the cost of all U.S. military wars since the American Revolution. Yet progress against poverty, as measured by the U.S. Census Bureau, has been minimal, and in terms of President Johnson’s main goal of reducing the ‘causes’ rather than the mere ‘consequences’ of poverty, the War on Poverty has failed completely. In fact, a significant portion of the population is now less capable of self-sufficiency than it was when the War on Poverty began.”If those trillions of dollars had not been taken from income earners, the money would have been saved and let out, invested, and spent. We would have had full employment, competition for workers resulting in higher wages, and self-respect. Instead we have a multi-generational dependent class that no longer knows what it means to be free.

Look at this chart on the poorest United States cities and note that they are controlled and run by Democrats.

Poorest city chart

The liberal chickens have come home to roost. The problem is, those who are leading the Black Lives Matter screed are equally clueless about economics. It’s my guess that they will push for even more wealth redistribution and drive the falling future of many blacks further away from prosperity and a slice of the American dream.

[by Gary DeMar, writing for GODFATHER POLITICS]


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There are 108.5 million Americans receiving some form of welfare, but only 101.7 million full-time workers paying for these benefits…

NORM ‘n’ AL Note: This post continues on the subject of our last post.

It’s time for the government to admit facts: The war on poverty is a malicious, unsustainable conspiracy designed to destroy America’s middle-class.

Today there are 108.5 million Americans receiving some form of welfare, but only 101.7 million full-time workers paying for these benefits, according to the U.S. Census Bureau.

While President Obama campaigned against the rich and for a stronger middle class, the truth is his actions are part of a government conspiracy keeping poor Americans out of work and on welfare.

The end goal for Obama and the political elite orchestrating this scheme–career politicians with unlimited power and wealth–is a nation entirely dependent on Uncle Sam.

And both Democrats and Republicans alike are involved.

“What you are seeing in Washington is not a capitol that is hopelessly divided–it’s hopelessly interconnected,” New York Times Magazine Chief National Correspondent Mark Leibovich recently wrote.

This conspiracy started 50 years ago when Lyndon B. Johnson initiated the “War on Poverty.”

“What I’m doing is taking from the haves and giving to have-nots,” Johnson said back in 1964.

The “giving” has been expanding ever since, today reaching its most critical level ever.

As Thomas Jefferson warned, “Democracy will cease to exist when you take away from those who are willing to work and give to those who would not.”

When you add up all the possible benefits from food, housing, medical care, social services, and cash, a family of four could receive up to $40,000 a year in taxpayer-funded subsidies.

Why would someone work making $50,000 to $60,000 when, after paying taxes, they will receive less than they could have by just sitting at home and relying on welfare checks?

The numbers don’t lie. The entitlement disaster is plaguing the country.

To keep the federal welfare program solvent, each American taxpayer is forced to pay an average of $8,776 every year.

At the same time, the average welfare recipient is handed $9,500 per year today in what is often called “free” government benefits.

The additional money comes from the country’s ever-increasing deficit, which now stands above $17 trillion.

And while the U.S. population has risen 56% since 1969, the number of Americans on food stamps has surged 1,625%.

Plus, it’s now projected that approximately 50% of all U.S. children will be on food stamps at some point in their lives before they reach 18.

Even more appalling, in 2011, the government spent $41.3 million just for advertising food stamps.

According to Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI), “Washington is making the poverty trap worse.”

With the welfare crisis looming, now is the time to take steps to protect yourself, your family, and make appropriate moves to insure your retirement assets continue to grow.

A great place to start is George Gilder’s book, Wealth and Poverty.

In Wealth and Poverty, Gilder helps Americans see what’s gone wrong, why it’s gone wrong, and what can be done to restore the wealth that’s been stripped from you thanks to the costly welfare society created by government programs.

Gilder explains how, “The welfare culture is destroying the very fabric of American families.”

He notes, “The political elite’s war on private industry will only result in catastrophe.”

Most importantly, in Wealth and Poverty Gilder breaks down the massive scale of the economic crisis you now face and how you actually can – and, in fact, must – overcome it.

Steve Forbes calls this amazing book, “One of the great books of Western civilization, on par with Adam Smith’s The Wealth of Nations.

Rush Limbaugh says, “My friends, it would behoove you to study everything you can get your hands on by George Gilder, a true American genius.”



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