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Take control. It’s very easy to do.

Do you remember what it was like to fly before smoking was banned on airplanes? It was horrible. Breathing recycled air was bad enough without having to endure ­second-hand smoke. Of course, the airlines provided a smok­ing “section”: smokers were confined to the back five rows. Unfortunately, the smoke was not. This concept was about as effective as putting a 747 beside a pulpit during a church service and revving the engines, while a sign advises that the noise should be confined just to the front five pews.

Don’t ever be deceived into thinking that you can allow the pollution of the world to enter your home without contaminating your family. You won’t be able to confine it.  Some­one emailed me an article by Jeremy Archer in which he spoke of having allowed some worldly guests to enter his home. While their behavior was questionable and they entertained his family, he justified the friendship and his continued hospitality by saying that Jesus was accused of being a friend of sinners. Some­times the conversations revolved around drinking, vio­lence, drugs, the occult, sex, theft, lying, and other vices. But he said they justified it all because it was discussed in an entertaining manner.

Their guests had a growing in­fluence on his family, and as time passed the behavior grew much worse. People be­gan partying, making obscene gestures, and then started having sex right in front of him and his family. As I read the article I remember thinking, How could he let this happen…in front of his family!  How could he not be taking some kind of decisive action?

Then I read the final words of the ar­ticle. The ultimate control decision was reached: “To­gether we turned off the television.”


[From an article by Ray Comfort, writing for LIVING WATERS]




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