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Protecting religious freedom for America’s veterans…

Like you, we’re always thankful to those currently serving in the active duty military, as well as the millions of veterans who’ve served our country in the past. Many of them had to fight in some of the most difficult and gruesome battles in history, and some even had to endure being captured or tortured at the hands of the enemy.

One of those courageous veterans is U.S. Army Air Corps Technical Sergeant (TSgt) Herman “Herk” Streitburger, who spent a year in captivity at a German prison camp during World War II.

And because he sacrificed so greatly for us, we are now fighting for him.

Herk is a living example of American prisoners of war who’ve relied on their faith as a source of comfort and courage during their captivity – which is why he graciously donated his family Bible to be displayed as part of a POW/MIA Remembrance Table at a VA hospital in Manchester, NH.

Currently, we are defending the display after an outside group more than 2,000 miles away demanded the Bible be removed, even so far as to call it “repugnant.”

But they picked a fight with the wrong veteran, a beloved American hero who has the unwavering support of our firm, as well as our growing army of supporters like you.

Here’s what you and other patriots had to say in support of Herk and our nation’s veterans:


NORM ‘n’ AL Note: When simply displaying a Bible in the United States of America, at any event and for any reason, becomes “repugnant,” then it is time for all of us to stand up and take action against the ignorance and “repugnant” bias of some of our citizens.   If living in this country is so  “repugnant, ” why don’t you just leave?  Surely you can find somewhere in this world that will welcome your bias, ingratitude, and intolerance.  Try Iran first, why don’t you?


[Reprinted from an article published by FIRST LIBERTY INSTITUTE]




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