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New billboard message by Virginia sheriff should be duplicated all over the country

NFL continues to get huge blowback from its unpatriotic attitude

For one Virginia sheriff, NFL players taking a knee during the national anthem is disrespectful to the flag, the military and America.  Bedford County Sheriff Mike Brown put his money where his mouth is and paid for a highway billboard that pushes back against the protests, declaring in no uncertain terms what law enforcement stands for — and kneels for.

Sheriff Mike Brown The billboard reads, “Law enforcement stands & places hand over heart for National Anthem! We kneel when we pray!” and can be seen on Route 460 near the Bedford County entrance from Lynchburg, WSET-TV reported.  “I applaud demonstrating for social justice, that’s great, but do it some other way than disrespecting our great country, and this flag,” Brown told the station.

Brown added to WSET that he’s always been a Washington Redskins fan — and a pro football fan in general — but that he doesn’t watch games anymore because of the player protests. And Brown’s billboard is his way of making his own statement about America.

NORM ‘n’ AL Note:  This is the ONLY response which the NFL and its advertisers will react to.  Let the NFL know you are not watching games because of the disrespect shown by its commissioner, team owners, and players, and you will quickly see things change.

“It’s the greatest country in the world,” he told the station. “It’s been that way because of our military and our law enforcement.”

Locals seem to love the billboard — a lot.

“It definitely shows the law enforcement is behind the community,” Sherri Stayton, a Bedford County resident, told WSET. “I’m proud of it absolutely.”

Jeff Scott, also of Bedford County, told the station that he feels a “sense of pride” when he sees Brown’s billboard.  “It shows respect for our country and the freedoms we have,” Scott told WSET. “Everything is related to that flag.”

The sheriff — an Army veteran who served in the Military Police Corps — added to the station that he’s creating a bumper sticker based on his billboard slogan for all the sheriff’s department vehicles.


[From an article published by TheBlaze.com]




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