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“The loser won’t leave…”

The loser won't leave...

If you’re wondering what a failed presidential candidate who deletes files with a hammer was doing at the Recode CodeCon 2017, you’re not the only one. While attendees tried to wrap their heads around the idea of Hillary Clinton headlining an event dedicated to the digital realm, Hillary confirmed their reservations. The old girl herself, whose own relationship with cyber-security is limited to the occasional visit to the bathroom, launched a rant in which she added a bunch of new names to her personal enemies’ list.

Among those whom Hillary fingered for her November faceplant were the usual suspects, villains like sexism and nameless Russian interlopers. But she also made special mention of a new group: the Democratic Party. That’s right, folks. According to the woman whose victory was all but assured, the people who did the assuring lied to her. “I set up my campaign and we have our own data operation. I get the nomination. So I’m now the nominee of the Democratic Party. I inherit nothing from the Democratic Party… it was bankrupt, it was on the verge of insolvency, its data was mediocre to poor, nonexistent, wrong.”

There’s gratitude for you. The Democrats actively intervened in the primary process to tilt the delegate count to Hillary, and she turned around and kicked them under the bus. And forget about “sisters before misters.” The list of party heavies who publicly disgraced themselves on her behalf includes not one, but two chairpersons; both of whom — Donna Brazile and Debbie Wasserman-Schultz — are supposedly “strong women” like Hillary. I guess there really isn’t any honor among liberals.

But her own teammates weren’t the only ones to face the fickle finger of failure. Nana also turned her rage on the media. She specifically singled out The New York Times, claiming they covered her embarrassing email debacle like it was Pearl Harbor. Putting aside the incredible arrogance in comparing her own flame out to one of the darkest hours in American history, she allowed classified information to turn up on a sexual predator’s laptop and lied about it repeatedly, but it’s The Times’ fault for noticing.

With every public appearance, Hillary Clinton expands the roster of people on whom she pins the total annihilation of her ambitions. Oddly, one name continues to elude mention. Debbie Wasserman-Schultz didn’t keep Hillary from visiting Wisconsin and a sizeable number of Rust Belt residents during her ill-fated campaign. Donna Brazile didn’t call half the electorate “deplorable.” The New York Times didn’t tell a national television audience half the electorate are her “enemies.” And none of them suggested wiping vital facts from cyberspace “like, with a cloth.”

A great many conservatives react to each stop on Madame Clinton’s Conspiracy Theory World Tour by rolling their eyes and wishing she would check into the old losers’ home once and for all. Her continued public displays of disloyalty help to undermine President Donald Trump’s efforts to undo the damage done by his predecessor’s administration, an administration which notably included Hillary. She inflames an already-emotionally unstable liberal intelligentsia, which leads to the violent outbursts which the Democrats now substitute for public discourse.

I say: “Let the old bat rant!” As long as she remains the Democrats’ top spokesloser, they’ll remain in the past. While it’s true that her public tantrums divert attention from the real problems the nation faces, they also divert attention from the real problems the Democratic Party faces, and a Democrat can’t put a price on that.


[From an article by Ben Crystal, writing for the Personal Liberty Media Group]




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