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Secret connection between Obama and Mueller now uncovered

Secret Obama-Mueller connection


Obama’s life was turned upside down the day Donald Trump chose to run for President.

Mr. Trump’s entire presidential campaign served to expose the corrupt cabal controlling our government, in which Obama was a controlling player.  As it turns out, Obama was so furious that he created a secret alliance with Robert Mueller which was just exposed.

Prior to being appointed as special counsel, there was a lot at play to allow Robert Mueller to lead an investigation into Russia collusion. The most important thing for the anti-Trump establishment to do was create enough evidence to justify a special counsel.

As it is now known, that was done through lies and corruption. The most important bit of “evidence” provided to allow Mueller to lead a special counsel was the now entirely discredited Russia dossier.

And as it turns out, Obama’s administration knew all about the dossier long before almost anyone else. In fact, Obama’s State Department had the dossier long before the FBI had access to the document.

This is the same phony dossier compiled by former British Spy Christopher Steele and paid for by Hillary Clinton’s campaign and the Democratic National Committee.

State Department Officials obtained the dossier in mid-July 2016. The State Department did nothing with the dossier, and instead, let it be released early in 2017 after Trump was elected President.

Along with having early access to the dossier, it turns out that the State Department and the dossier’s author, Christopher Steele, had a closer relationship than previously recognized. Three separate diplomats appear to have had close contact with Steele, or with other nefarious figures central to the planning for the Russia probe.

Victoria Nuland, who was the Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs, appears to have been the first State Department official to review the phony dossier. Nuland was considered Obama’s top Russia expert and had a key role in the beginnings of the Russia investigation into the Trump campaign.

Elizabeth Dibble, who served as the deputy chief of mission at the U.S. Embassy in London, also seemed to have had a major role in the lead-up to the Russia probe. She was reportedly one of the first U.S. officials to receive information about a conversation in May of 2016 between Trump adviser George Papadopoulos and Alexander Downer, the Australian High Commissioner to the U.K.

During the meeting, Papadopoulos is said to have mentioned Hillary Clinton and Russians. It was that claim that prompted the FBI to start its counterintelligence investigation into Donald Trump’s campaign.  (Papadopoulos to this day denies that he ever discussed this with anyone connected to the Trump campaign or with diplomats.  Mueller still has not charged anyone for colluding with the Russians, and Papadopoulos’s 14-day sentence for lying to the FBI  brought it into focus that even after 19 months, Robert Mueller still has no proof at all that Trump conspired with Russia.)

The last State Department official who served under Obama who had close ties to Christopher Steele is Jonathan Winer, who formerly served as special envoy to Libya, and personally met with Steele.

Along with meeting with Steele, Winer exchanged documents with the former British spy and prepared a two-page summary of Steele’s dossier for the State Department. Not only that, but Winer was a source for two journalists who wrote the only articles based on the dossier prior to its full release in BuzzFeed.

These connections show that Obama quite certainly had prior knowledge of the phony dossier, which was used as justification to spy on, and later launch a special counsel against, President Donald Trump.


[From articles published by Black Eye Politics and Great American Daily]


NORM ‘n’ AL Note:  Everyone in America, and most people around the world, know without question that Barack Obama was a habitual liar while he was in office and that he is an even more committed liar now that he is out of office.  Nothing Obama says can be taken as truth, ever.  That’s a hole he dug all by himself.  Mueller is still digging his own hole.




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Obama caught lying to America. Again.

The Obama Administration lied to us. Again.

The Administration negotiated with the leading state sponsor of terrorism – Iran – long before the public knew it was happening. In fact, when directly asked about it, the Administration lied.

Now they have censored a critical State Department briefing on this issue – eight minutes of video has simply been deleted. It’s a cover-up. No two ways about it.

It was the most critical diplomatic negotiation in decades, and the Obama Administration deceived the American people. They defrauded the public as Iran imprisoned and tortured U.S. citizens – Americans the ACLJ was fighting to free.

We’re taking direct legal action to get to the truth, to legally force the Administration to come clean. Who authorized the cover-up? Who authorized this monstrous lie?

We need you to join our Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) filing. We are demanding the truth, and so should you.

Sign Our New Petition: Demand Truth. Who Authorized the Lie?


[From a communication to us by Jay Sekulow, ACLJ Chief Counsel]


NORM ‘n’ AL Note:  Is there NO ONE in the entire Obama Administration who is willing to conduct himself/herself with honesty and integrity?  We already know Obama has no sense of honesty or integrity, but surely someone in the halls of government must be willing to tell the truth.  Obama never tells the truth.  The American public already knows that, and so discounts as an outright lie everything he tells us.  Obama also has no sense of shame, or he would not be willing to leave an eight-year legacy of lying and deception to the country he has tried so hard to destroy. There’s another political clown named Clinton who badly wants his job, America…DON’T MAKE THE SAME MISTAKE TWICE by giving it to her.




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NORM ‘n’ AL, Minneapolis

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