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A smart and gracious former candidate offers a response to America in light of FBI refusal to do its duty

News broke Tuesday morning revealing that the rule of law in the United States of America has been perhaps mortally wounded, an injury made clear by the FBI announcement that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will not face criminal charges related to her private email server scandal.

Such was the view of former Republican presidential candidate Carly Fiorina, who took to her Facebook page immediately after the shocking announcement to share her thoughts on the subject.

Fiorina outlined no less than seven glaring admissions made by FBI Director James Comey in his statement announcing the non-indictment of the presumptive Democrat presidential nominee, admissions that signified Clinton’s apparent guilt in the matter.

First and foremost, Fiorina noted that the FBI admitted what most Americans already knew — that Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server to conduct official government business endangered the lives of the American people.

The FBI Director also made clear that Hillary Clinton was “extremely careless” in handling our nation’s top secrets. He also noted that “no reasonable person” would believe it to be “appropriate or acceptable” to place emails containing said secrets on a private server.

Furthermore, Comey made clear that Hillary Clinton lied to the American people about the classified nature of the emails, as he admitted that at least 110 emails were classified at the time they originated, not after the fact, as the Clinton camp has repeatedly claimed.

On top of that, he also revealed that Clinton had deleted work-related emails from her private server before turning it over to the FBI, again in direct contradiction of claims her campaign has made to the contrary.

As if that weren’t enough, Comey also confirmed the likely possibility that Clinton’s private email server had been hacked by foreign government intelligence services, meaning our nation’s rivals are likely in possession of critical state secrets that could potentially be used against our interests.

Lastly, but certainly not least, Comey also admitted that anyone else caught in a similar situation and circumstances would most likely be punished to the full extent of the law.

“It’s not just a miscarriage of justice, but a blow to the very heart of our democracy,” Fiorina wrote. “This is a shameful day for the rule of law and the security of our nation, no matter what your political beliefs may be.”

“The Obama administration might be circling the wagons, and doing all they can to prop up their corrupt, incompetent, untrustworthy Democratic nominee — but the American people know better,” she concluded. “And if our government won’t make her face consequences, voters will.”

Carly Fiorina is absolutely correct in her summation of this day’s miscarriage of justice. Her listing of Comey’s own admissions of Hillary Clinton’s guilt should provide ample fodder for those critical of our nation’s seeming descent into the realm of a banana republic, where the rules and laws do not apply to the politically connected elite.


[published by the Conservative Tribune]


NORM ‘n’ AL Note:  We suspected all along, as the FBI needed more and more time to complete its ever-so-thorough investigation of the Hillary hijinks caper, that the FBI was not going to apply the same standards of justice to Hillary as it might apply to other Americans.  Perhaps you suspected the same thing.  Obviously Carly Fiorina also suspected the same, and had her response to it ready and loaded.  Here is the bottom line, folks.  If Hillary is nominated by the Dems to run in November, and if you vote for her, you are telling her (1) you approve of her criminal behavior; (2) you are willing to overlook that behavior in sending her to the Oval Office; (3) you will no longer expect the USA to be a nation of justice, since justice is not evenly applied to all citizens; and (4) that whatever she does when she gets to the Oval Office has your blind and thoughtless approval.  Hillary will thank you by taking the reins firmly in hand and driving this country completely off the cliff, hoping you are in the entourage that is following her all the way to the bottom.  Welcome to the USABR  (Banana Republic).  As for the FBI, since it can no longer be called a true bureau of investigation, we suspect the letters must only stand for Fat Boys Institute.




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