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Little-noticed impeachment facts

  1.   The Democrat impeachment inquiry is officially the first presidential impeachment action in history authorized by members of only one party.

2.   The fact that not even one Republican in the House decided to vote with the Dems for the inquiry is a solid victory for President Trump.  Two Democrats had moral conviction enough to vote against it, and there should have been more.

3.   Pushing their unfounded impeachment inquiry makes Democrats extremely vulnerable in moderate swing states — the states they cannot afford to lose in next year’s election.

4.   The impeachment inquiry is not an inquiry at all.  It is a search for a possible way to justify the fact that Democrats stated immediately after the 2016 election they planned to pursue impeachment.  Americans hate a sore loser as much as any country on the planet — but they continue to pursue their unfair “inquiry” behind closed doors and with repeated statements that they are not following any preconceived agenda, which is patently ridiculous in light of what they are doing.

5.   A very large percentage of the population considers what the Democrats are doing to be completely illegitimate.  These people are completely correct in their assessment of the situation.


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