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We all need to understand Basic Vaccine Safety

In this modern age of the Coronavirus Calamity, and especially when many pharmaceutical companies are rushing to be the producer of the Victorious Vaccine — so they can forever advertise “WE did it!” — we all need to know a couple of very important basics.

BASIC FACT #1. By the early 1980s, pharmaceutical companies faced crippling liability for injuries to children caused by their vaccines. (Read those last four words again: caused by their vaccines.) Instead of letting market forces drive them to develop safer vaccines, the US Congress passed the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act (the “1986 Act”). This legislation eliminated all liability on the part of pharmaceutical companies for injuries caused by their vaccine products.

BASIC FACT #2. Since 1986, Merck, GSK, Sanofi, and Pfizer have paid billions of dollars (billions of dollars) for misconduct and injuries related to their drug products. These are the companies which make and sell nearly all childhood vaccines, but because of the Act mentioned in #1 above, they again cannot be held liable for misconduct and resulting injuries caused by their vaccine products.

To summarize the above two points: Big Pharma thus has NO INCENTIVE TO MANUFACTURE SAFE VACCINES.

The US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) is legally responsible to defend against any claim that a vaccine has caused an injury. HHS is represented in such legal cases by the formidable resources of the US Department of Justice. (DOJ). In virtually every case, the injured person must prove that the vaccine caused the injury, which is legally a high hurdle to overcome. Nevertheless, since 1986 HHS has paid out over $4 billion for vaccine injuries.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) are both agencies within HHS. If HHS publishes any study in the medical field which supports that a vaccine causes harm, that study will then be used against HHS in a vaccine legal action. Bottom line: THIS GREATLY LIMITS ANY INCENTIVE FOR HHS TO PUBLISH SAFETY STUDIES.

Side Note A: The CDC uses and enforces something called the Childhood Vaccine Schedule which tells doctors how and when to administer the commonly used vaccines. The US Congress has repeatedly found that members of the CDC and FDA committees responsible for approving licensed and recommended childhood vaccines have serious conflicts of interest with the pharmaceutical companies.

Side Note B: Federal law requires that for any vaccine in public use, the package insert include “adverse events for which there is some basis to believe there is a causal relationship between the drug and the occurrence of the adverse event.” Inserts for commonly and widely-used childhood vaccines include over ONE HUNDRED serious immune, neurological and other chronic conditions that manufacturers had reason to believe are caused by their vaccines. Adverse vaccine events are supposed to be reported to the CDC through a designated process, but according to a Harvard Medical School three-year study of this process, these adverse events are grossly under-reported, meaning that there is a vastly greater number of adverse vaccine events than is reported to the CDC. However, the CDC continues to refuse to mandate or automate this reporting.

Side Note C: HHS and CDC have continued to recommend vaccines for all children even though they are well aware of pre-existing susceptibilities of many children. No studies have yet been done to identify children susceptible to vaccine harms. In fact, most vaccines nave never been evaluated for their potential to cause cancer, gene mutation, or infertility. Although autism is the most prevalent and the most controversial of claimed vaccine injuries, HHS and CDC continue to tell parents “Vaccines Do Not Cause Autism.” There are, however, NO MEDICAL STUDIES which prove this statement. In addition, though HHS is mandated by law to insure vaccine safety, it has admitted in federal court that it has not performed even the most basic requirements of the law included in which is submission of reports to the US Congress on how it is addressing and improving this issue.

For further information on all the above, please visit the Informed Consent Action Network online at ICANdecide.org.


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