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Coronavirus appears to be out of control, with mainstream health experts telling us to prepare for global spread

Coronavirus spreading


Where can you go for news you need
if you want to know what is happening regarding worldwide health issues and other important problems?

Natural News



Most likely you will NOT find true news by searching on Google. Megatech companies and mainstream news will be giving us only the barest of details.

China seems to be determined to minimize the perceived coronavirus problem by concealing the truth.

“It’s now clear the coronavirus pandemic has broken containment and is self-replicating beyond control. As the corporate-controlled media still pretends the coronavirus pandemic doesn’t exist, it has already spread beyond any reasonable hope of containment, health experts are now warning. China cannot contain it. Instead, they lie about it, and the left-wing media follows suit, pretending that lying about a pandemic is somehow a treatment to stop it.

“Denial is not a treatment for a pandemic. Denial doesn’t stop the spread. In fact, it encourages it. That’s why the left-wing media, the tech giants, the WHO and the governments of the world are all now complicit in the worsening of this pandemic. They refuse to tell the world what’s happening, and they pretend they can somehow cover this up long enough that no one will notice when their own friends, family members or co-workers start dropping dead in cities all around the world.

“Even the WHO is now pretending the pandemic no longer exists, when just a few days ago, that same WHO declared an ’emergency global pandemic’ was under way.”


Just a couple of weeks ago, scientists held out hope the new coronavirus could be largely contained within China. Now they know its spread can be minimized at best, and governments are planning for the worst.

Behind the scenes, away from public view, “government are planning for the worst.” Those same governments, however, are lying to the world, telling their own citizens everything’s fine and under control. This tactic, of course, helps governments gather all the supplies they need without having the public competing for those supplies. In exactly the same way China has already stated its willing to sacrifice the lives of millions of people to save 11 key cities, the governments of the world have no qualms about keeping the public in the dark as long as possible so that continuity-of-government programs can be fully stocked and ready to survive the global pandemic apocalypse. And yes, it’s a biological warfare weapon, as confirmed in a multitude of ways.

When confronted by something as big and as menacing as a world pandemic, you need two things: You need true and accurate news with details, and you need a means of rescue. If this virus spreads as is being predicted, we could discover quickly that rescue is much more important than news.



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