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“A prosecution, not a presidency”…

“The Clinton Family Foundation is effectively a criminal, money-laundering operation principally established to enrich the founders with political payoff money, including millions from foreign donors”

The Hillary Clinton Investigative Justice Project has reached its first threshold, having raised sufficient funds to continue its investigative series into the presidential candidate for illegal activities and to prepare a series of hard-hitting reports for WND that will lead to criminal charges being filed against her at the state level, if the Justice Department fails to indict her.

The investigative research began with a series of more than 20 articles written by WND senior staff writer Jerome Corsi beginning in April 2015 portraying the Clinton Family Foundation as a vast, criminal enterprise, designed to enrich the Clintons personally as well as their close friends.

“In the coming weeks and months, WND plans to present undeniable and irrefutable evidence of actual crimes, gross Internal Revenue Service violations, as well as national security breaches by Hillary Clinton currently under investigation by the FBI,” said Joseph Farah, editor of WND. “Though Barack Obama’s U.S. Justice Department appears unwilling to indict her for these crimes, we believe there is a strong likelihood that one or more state attorney generals will do so if provided with the evidence. That’s what the Hillary Project is all about.”

The goal, he says, is “prosecution, not the presidency.”

The independent project is completely supported by contributions from the public.

Future reports will expose:

  • Major discrepancies in how the Clintons report about their money – how they got the money, how much they have, and what happened to the amount they admit accumulating.
  • Over $1 billion raised by the Clinton Foundation and by the America India Foundation, of which Bill Clinton is the honorary chairman for the victims of the earthquake that hit Gujarat, India, with no clear accounting of how the money raised for this “charitable purpose” was spent.
  • The Clintons’ free use of private jets and the issuance to Bill Clinton of 100,000 shares of corporate stock under the table in a swindle involving an entrepreneur from India, ultimately fined millions of dollars in a Securities and Exchange Commission investigation.
  • A scheme in which the Clintons made millions creating the Clinton Global Initiative as a get-rich public relations event designed to imitate the lavish World Economic Forum held annually in Davos, Switzerland – in a scheme devised by former Clinton “body man” at the White House, Doug Band, that funneled donors to the Clinton Foundation to Teneo, a private consulting firm created by Band, where the donors were charged millions of dollars in consulting fees and Bill Clinton was paid as an advisor.
  • A massive fraud in which the Clintons have diverted from the Clinton Foundation tens of millions of dollars contributed by UNITAID through the United Nations World Health Organization away from the original purpose of buying HIV/AIDS generic medications for Third World indigent patients.
  • Accounting frauds that permitted the Clinton Foundation to hide from public scrutiny millions of dollars that Canadian mining executive Frank Giustra funneled through a “pass through” entity identified as the Clinton Giustra Sustainable Growth Initiative that was never separately incorporated or properly audited, in blatant defiance of state and federal laws of charitable giving.
  • Evidence that Hillary Clinton, while at the State Department, openly transacted Clinton Foundation business, in open violation of a Memorandum of Understanding the Clinton team negotiated with the Obama transition team as a precondition of Hillary Clinton being nominated secretary of state.
  • Bill and Hillary Clinton diverted millions of dollars from State Department aid to the victims of the 2010 earthquake in Haiti, to invest in a luxury Marriott hotel that benefited private investors, including Clinton Foundation donors while the Haitian earthquake victims were forced to live in shanty-towns without adequate water or sanitation facilities.

The campaign was conceived by Farah and Corsi, two veteran investigative journalists, who plan to take their findings to state attorneys general in jurisdictions in which the nonprofit, tax-exempt Clinton Family Foundation does business.

“The Clinton Family Foundation is effectively a criminal, money-laundering operation principally established to enrich the founders with political payoff money, including millions from foreign donors,” said Farah. “It’s a racketeering enterprise protected by the Democratic Party dons – including the president of the United States and his attorney general. This project is designed to take her out of contention for the presidency before Election Day.”


America's First Family of Crime

Farah added: “The campaign is on fire. I haven’t seen such enthusiasm since the campaign to dump John Boehner earlier this year. That campaign proved successful. I think this one will, too.”

Farah and Corsi, a two-time No. 1 New York Times bestselling author, have teamed up with the express purpose of bringing the Clintons to justice. Farah and Corsi have been investigating and reporting on the Clintons for 23 years.

The project will be funded by contributions from ordinary Americans to accomplish three goals:

  • expand the investigative reporting efforts into Hillary Clinton’s illegal activities;
  • empower prosecutors at the state level to bring charges against her;
  • prevent her from becoming the next president of the United States.

Farah was responsible for uncovering some of the facts that led directly to Bill Clinton’s impeachment in 1998. For his efforts, his news organization was targeted with politically motivated tax audits by the Internal Revenue Service at the direction of the Clinton White House. One of his Cabinet officers threatened donors to the organization with loss of government contracts if he continued to make contributions to Farah’s news agency. Farah’s offices were broken into. His post office box was burglarized. He was threatened.

“The Clinton machine is still a dirty ops program through and through,” Farah said. “That’s what the American people still don’t completely understand.”

Corsi was credited with a big role in the defeat of John Kerry in his bid for the presidency in 2004. Corsi co-authored “Unfit for Command,” one of his two No. 1 New York Times bestsellers that, with the Swiftboat Campaign, made a difference in a very close race. In 2008, Corsi wrote “The Obama Nation,” the first major effort to expose the Obama agenda now all-too-familiar to the American people. His “Where’s the Birth Certificate?,” a bestseller in its own right, prompted Obama to release his disputed long-form birth certificate after stonewalling for four years.

Corsi and Farah are working closely with other investigative reporters, judicial watchdogs, state officials and attorneys who recognize it’s not enough just to document Clinton crimes, but to prosecute them before Hillary can accept the nomination for the presidency.

The fund is being used to hire legal talent and private investigators and pay expenses for continued investigative reporting efforts.

Farah and Corsi believe this effort may be the only one that can stop Hillary Clinton from winning the presidency next year.

Those who contribute $5 or more to this fund will be provided regular insider updates on the progress of the campaign.

“We need help to hire the private investigators needed to prove that Bill and Hillary Clinton, along with a cadre of close associates, have used the Clinton Foundation to be a personal piggy bank, in complete disregard of state and federal laws that strictly prohibit what is known as ‘inurement,’ the crime of using a tax-exempt foundation to defraud charitable donors so their contributions can be diverted to personal use,” said Corsi.

All it will take to close down the Clinton Foundation is one or more state attorneys general who develop the investigative proof the Clintons have violated with impunity laws regarding the filing of the audited financial statements and regulatory reports needed to prove a charitable foundation is being run honestly, Corsi adds.

A state attorney general, armed with proof and a well-crafted criminal complaint, can get from a state judge a temporary restraining order that would shut down the Clinton Foundation, replacing the board and officers with qualified individuals appointed by the court.

In addition to hiring private investigators, attorneys are needed to draft and file criminal complaints with attorneys general in states throughout the nation.

Through the use of a private email server that hid her personally serving communications from the public, Hillary Clinton along with a network of co-conspirators that included Cheryl Mills and Huma Abedin, as well as Bill Clinton operatives Doug Band, Ira Magaziner and Sid Blumenthal, have monetized the Department of State’s trust for Clinton profit and gain, says Corsi.

“But the time to turn the tables on the Clintons is coming very soon,” he says. “With adequate funds, we can hire attorneys around the country to bring criminal complaints against the Clinton Foundation in a growing number of states where attorneys general can work together to share information and file what ends up being a multi-state collective action.”

In addition to the Clintons’ crimes, Farah said, the project is also looking at the details of Hillary Clinton’s health records that make clear she is suffering from chronic illnesses that should prevent her from being president.

Much of the work of the Hillary Project will also be released in what promises to be a blockbuster book this summer, during the heat of the election cycle.

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Where politics are concerned, nothing ever seems to make much sense, and today is no different. Let’s take a look:

Major media, having given at least a mention to the fact that Hillary’s email crisis is not going to go away, seem nevertheless to want to help it go away as much as they can.

“After ABC, CBS, and NBC devoted portions of their Thursday morning newscasts to the FBI taking control of Hillary Clinton’s e-mail server, the picture was far different on Thursday night as ABC, NBC, Telemundo, and Univision moved on from this scandal and neglected to mention it during their 2016 coverage.

“As opposed to covering the latest blows in the 2016 presidential campaign, the CBS Evening News found it pertinent to continue keeping their viewers abreast of Clinton’s e-mail scandal in the form of a two-minute-and-one-second segment from congressional correspondent Nancy Cordes.

Cordes explained that Thursday’s developments included news that “[t]he server the FBI picked up was stored not at the Clinton’s Chappaqua, New York home as many assumed but at a data center in New Jersey.”

Citing a lawyer for the firm Platte River Networks, Cordes reported “that the server was moved to the New Jersey facility some time after Clinton left the State Department when the Clintons upgraded their system.” She added that the lawyer told CBS News that “the old server is now blank and likely does not contain usable information.”

NORM ‘n’ AL Note:  This only means that the investigating parties (1) need to be sure they have the server Clinton actually used, and not just any old server she decided to give to the government, and (2) must determine the server, once verified, has not been tampered with deliberately in efforts to make data inaccessible.

The CBS reporter then brought in CNet’s Dan Ackerman to provide an analogy as to how information could have been deleted from Clinton’s server in a way that it could not be recovered:

Almost as if you write something on a chalkboard and then you erase it and then write over it, then erase it, then write over it, then erase it. Eventually, no matter how closely you look, you will never be able to see what the original thing was you wrote.

Cordes also rehashed details that came to light on Tuesday and Wednesday with the intelligence community’s inspector general (I.G.) having found four e-mails from a batch of 40 to have contained classified information with two being “top secret.” 

In the ending to her report, Cordes reminded anchor Scott Pelley and viewers that this determination by I.G. came from only a small subset of her e-mails: “Keep in mind, Scott, that determination was based on a review of just one-tenth of one percent of all of Clinton’s work-related e-mails.”

NORM ‘n’ AL Note:  Almost all media reports have somehow lost sight of the significance of ONE TENTH (ten percent) of a totally random selection of emails containing classified information.  ONE TENTH.  If that percentage proves to hold true through all of the 30,000+ emails turned over thus far, (more than 55,000 pages of them), then the investigators will be sorting through more than 3,000 emails containing classified information.  When Hillary said none of her emails would show ANY use to transmit ANYTHING classified, she lied. The lady is a proven and inveterate liar.

Instead of doing their due diligence and covering the swirling controversy surrounding the former secretary of state, ABC’s World News Tonight and NBC Nightly News focused exclusively on the 2016 presidential campaign with a heavy emphasis on the GOP primary and Donald Trump.

On ABC, chief White House correspondent Jonathan Karl brought up Kentucky Senator Rand Paul’s campaign ad criticizing Trump and rumors of a possible presidential run by former Vice President Al Gore.

Reporting for NBC, correspondent and MSNBC host Andrea Mitchell touted the Iowa State Fair as an essential destination for candidates on both sides this weekend plus the growing possibility that current Vice President Joe Biden could join the Democratic field.”

NORM ‘n’ AL Note:  Let us not forget that Mrs. Clinton and her aides are now “on record” and placed “under penalty of perjury” by a federal judge who is obviously a little perturbed by her continual legal shenanigans.  She must preserve all her records, all her emails, and certify that she is in compliance with the judge’s order to do so. Let us also remember that when the government SUSPECTED that General Petraeus kept classified documents in his home, they raided the home forthwith. In the Clinton case, there is no suspecting, there is KNOWING.  Clinton routinely dealt with classified matters, and apparently routinely dealt with them over an unsecured, private email server.

Poor Mrs. Clinton...

Meanwhile, as all this is going on
, the intelligence community wants to see Mrs. Clinton’s security clearance suspended. “Security experts say that if Hillary Rodham Clinton retained her government security clearance when she left the State Department, as is normal practice, it should be suspended now that it is known her unprotected private email server contained top secret material.

“Standard procedure is that when there is evidence of a security breach, the clearance of the individual is suspended in many, but not all, cases,” said retired Army Lt. Gen. William Boykin, who was deputy undersecretary of defense for intelligence in the George W. Bush administration. “This rises to the level of requiring a suspension.”

In addition, a large majority of Americans now support a “criminal investigation” of the Clinton email scandal. The hole she has dug is getting deeper.

To top this, we must note that Al Gore is being urged to run against Hillary.  Joe Biden is being urged to run against Hillary.  Other Democrats (Jack Webb, Martin O’Malley have been named) surely must be considering a run as they watch her political and personal reputation go up in flames now that she no longer has any control of what could come forward.  Bernie Sanders, an avowed socialist who is running against her already, is leading her in the polls.  ANYBODY who runs against her will have NO trouble looking more presidential, less encumbered, more patriotic, more honest, more caring.  Bill Clinton got to the Oval Office and was impeached for lying.  Hillary Clinton may never make it to the Oval Office because she could be imprisoned for multiple felonies connected with her time as Secretary of State.  Both of the Clintons are taking in so much money from their self-serving foundation that one might think they would happily slink off into the sunset and enjoy cocktails on the beach, instead of roiling up American politics to an extent previously unheard of. Why is it so hard to find a president who actually wants to HELP the USA instead of HURT it?  Our current president is a prime example: He wants to help himself, and if the country benefits, fine…but that is never his priority.

[From many news sources]


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