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Proven facts about the COVID-19 Chinese virus

FACT 1: The SARS-CoV-2 virus (COVID-19 or coronavirus) can easily be spread through airborne (aerosolized) transmission. In fact, the CDC has said “this is thought to be the main way the virus spreads.”

FACT 2: “Aerosolized viruses can remain suspended in the air for hours” and “aerosolized viruses can travel farther than 6 feet.” In addition, “indoor environments without good ventilation increase this risk.” (The CDC posted these statements on its website in September, but removed them within two or three days apparently because they contradicted CDC’s previous guidance.)

FACT 3: “Cloth masks aren’t designed to protect the wearer from aerosols.” Masks also, of course, cannot protect others from aerosolized viruses exhaled by someone wearing a mask or face shield. According to NBC News, that SARS-CoV-2 is airborne is “already well-known, according to infectious disease experts,” so it’s unclear why the CDC would not want that information on its website. In fact, the CDC has been remarkably slow in even acknowledging this fact. (One medical doctor who is well-known in the field of public health has referred to the manner in which the CDC has acted during the COVID Crisis as “amateur hour”).

FACT 4: If SARS-CoV-2 spreads primarily via aerosols, then requiring people to wear masks is illogical, since face masks cannot filter out airborne viruses. All a mask can do is limit the spread of contaminated respiratory droplets. This has been the argument against mask wearing all along.

FACT 5: “Mandatory mask wearing, social distancing, lockdowns and business shut-downs are clearly completely unnecessary at this point, unless your goal is to increase fear, tyranny and transfer of wealth to the upper 0.001% who can benefit from collapsing the economy. The virus is in the air all around us, so you cannot avoid exposure even with a mask or face shield.” (Dr. Joseph Mercola, MERCOLA.COM)

Dr. Mercola has also made this statement: “Overall, it seems mask requirements are being used as a psychological manipulation tool to encourage compliance with vaccination once a vaccine becomes available. It can also be viewed as a badge of submission to tyranny. I predict it is likely that, at some point in the future, a trade-off will be offered: Mask mandates will be dropped provided everyone gets vaccinated.”

As a public service, we are posting here a website offered by Dr. Joseph Mercola in order to provide educational materials about the COVID-19 virus. We strongly suggest you visit StopCOVIDCold.com.

[From an article posted on MERCOLA.COM]


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