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Clinton’s email scandal transcends her presidential campaign

The C stands for "criminal."When friends ask about the 2016 presidential campaign, my answer is always the same: It is a matter of “if,” not “when,” exploding bombshells from the Clinton email investigation quickly transform the current political landscape. One could argue that the future integrity of our nation rests on how the Justice Department resolves the case.

The political bombs will begin to explode when the outcome of the FBI investigations are announced or leaked. Finally, there will be concrete answers to questions that have dogged Clinton’s presidential campaign for over a year. First, did her use of a private email server violate laws or jeopardize national security? Second, did the Clinton Foundation benefit financially from her tenure as secretary of state? Third, was there a connection between soliciting foundation donations and the need for a private email server?

Ultimately, further Justice Department action, or inaction, will either strengthen or crack the foundation of law on which the integrity of our nation was built, thrived for over two centuries, and still rests today. The most favorable outcome of the Clinton case would show all Americans (and the world) how the United States is a nation of laws where all citizens are treated equally. Conversely, the worst possible scenario would prove that the rich and powerful are judged by a different set of standards, especially in the case of a presidential candidate running for the incumbent president’s “third term.”

In an election cycle during which trust in government is at an all-time low, the wrapping up of the Clinton investigations, whatever form it takes, will be a historic turning point, comparable to Watergate.

Given that Hillary Clinton has all but officially won the Democratic party’s presidential nomination, one would think that FBI Director James Comey would be under tremendous pressure to conclude the investigations well before the political conventions in July. However, earlier this month, in a statement that was widely reported, he said that “the urgency” was to do the probe “well and promptly, and ‘well’ comes first.”

Well … what the heck is going on? This is a highly divisive presidential election, and every passing day increases the likelihood that the Clinton investigations will be judged through a political lens rather than by the rule of law.

Here is a little smoke signal indicating the negative consequences if it is revealed that presidential politics trumped the law:

Last week it was reported that a distinguished group of former FBI agents sent Comey a letter warning about political pressure influencing the Clinton case. The retired agents were involved in ABSCAM, the famous FBI sting operation that led to the successful prosecution of politicians caught in corruption. The former agents are familiar with political pressure and well positioned to offer Comey advice.

The future not only of the FBI but “of the United States of America rests on the outcome of this crucial case,” the agents wrote. “Decisions must be made on facts alone. Much is at stake here — people’s trust in the Bureau for years to come, as well as the Bureau’s reputation among our allies, partners, and friends as the greatest law enforcement agency in the world.”

Their viewpoint is widely held by millions of Americans, of all political persuasions, who understand that the resolution of the Clinton case transcends her 2016 presidential campaign and would set important national, legal, and political precedents that could reverberate well into the future.

If Comey determines that Clinton broke the law, he will recommend to his boss, Attorney General Loretta Lynch, that the Justice Department seek a grand jury indictment. Lynch must grant her approval in order for Comey to proceed. Unfortunately, her boss, President Obama, has publicly defended Clinton and tried to influence the Justice Department against seeking an indictment.

“I continue to believe that she has not jeopardized America’s national security,” Obama said recently on Fox News Sunday. However, Obama added, “what I’ve also said is that — and she has acknowledged — that there’s a carelessness, in terms of managing e-mails, that she has owned, and she recognizes.” This leaves one to wonder whether “carelessness” will become a new defense to be invoked when an elected official, intelligence-community member, government bureaucrat, contractor, or someone in the military is accused of mishandling classified information.

Obama neglected to add that Clinton’s “carelessness” included 22 emails with the highest level of classification found on her private server. Worse, as the New York Post reported, these e-mails “revealed names of CIA officers serving overseas and foreigners who are on the spy agency’s payroll – potentially endangering their lives.” Moreover, and with lasting consequences, President Obama in defending Clinton has set the bar very high for determining whether classified information “jeopardizes America’s national security.”

A potential bombshell is whether Comey and possibly others will resign if the FBI recommends, but Lynch rejects, a grand jury indictment. Lynch would be acting in effect as Obama’s proxy. If she fails to follow the agency’s recommendation and Comey resigns in protest, he could become an overnight American hero.

Imagine the brouhaha if he went public with a strong case that he had against the Clintons and that the Obama administration rejected. But even if Comey kept quiet, his resignation would speak volumes. Then other veteran FBI and Justice Department officials who worked on the Clinton case would be likely to blow the whistle.

Some have speculated that if Hillary Clinton were indicted, Obama could pardon her from further prosecution. But if she is indicted and the case goes to trial, it would demonstrate that our legal system rests on a firm foundation of equal justice under the law, from which not even the richest and most powerful are exempt. What a message that would send to all Americans and the entire world!


[Text is from an article at LibertyUnyielding.com written by Myra Adams. Photo and caption are ours.]


NORM ‘n’ AL Note:  Hillary Clinton KNEW she was breaking the law when she set up her own email account on her own home server. She KNEW that using an insecure email account could well jeopardize many lives of those who were looking to her for leadership and guidance as Secretary of State, yet she jeopardized those lives anyway. She KNEW that her insecure email account should not be used for official government business, and she KNEW that if it were, many foreign governments were waiting and working to hack into it and any other insecure government accounts they could find…yet she went forward anyway. She is also very much aware NOW that if she is NOT held accountable for her misdeeds — and Oval Office Occupant Obama will do anything he can to clear her — she can enter the same Oval Office if elected and do just about anything she wants to do with impunity. You thought Obama was a mad, miserable, power-hungry, selfish and self-enriching OOO? Hillary could well make him look like a freshman at Criminality and Corruption University; she’s working on her PhD from that fine Washington DC institution.




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CNN poll says Hillary Clinton is most dishonest candidate in presidential race…

Hillary Clinton is vehemently disputing new charges that she sent top-secret information from a nonsecure email account while at the State Department, but analysts say the scandal has already damaged her so deeply that her presidential ambitions are at risk.

Mrs. Clinton’s messages contained some information classified above “top secret,” the intelligence community’s inspector general said in a letter to Congress this week. Fox News reported Thursday that the information is so sensitive that even senators, who already have clearance, must go through additional hoops if they want to see some of what she was sending.

The Clinton campaign responded by accusing the inspector general, I. Charles McCullough, appointed by President Obama, of politically motivated leaks to sabotage her campaign.

But she is suffering from the slow drip of the email scandal. Surveys show voters see her chief primary challenger, Sen. Bernard Sanders, as much more honest and trustworthy.

“Trustworthiness is not a problem by itself for Clinton, but combined with other past and present scandals weighing her down, alternative candidates like Sanders begin to look more appealing,” said Brandon Rottinghaus, a political science professor at the University of Houston who specializes in political leadership. “For a candidate with enough negative stories and rumors about them as Hillary Clinton, her campaign can refute individual charges to win a daily news battle but lose the larger perception war.”

There is ample evidence that the war already has been lost.

A recent Quinnipiac University Poll found that 93 percent of Democratic primary voters consider Mr. Sanders honest and trustworthy, while just 66 percent said the same of Mrs. Clinton.

A CNN survey conducted this month found that 55 percent of Democratic voters consider Mrs. Clinton to be the “least honest” candidate in the race.

Against that backdrop, reports surfaced this week that Mrs. Clinton’s private email server contained several dozen more classified emails than previously thought, including some from “special access programs,” or SAP.

Even top members of the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations are unable to view such messages without additional security steps, including signing new nondisclosure agreements, Fox News reported.

“These declarations cover several dozen emails containing classified information determined to be at the confidential, secret and top secret/sap levels,” Mr. McCullough said in a letter to lawmakers obtained by The Associated Press.

Mrs. Clinton pushed back against the reports in an interview with NPR Wednesday, sticking to the story that she never knowingly sent or received classified email on her private server, which was housed outside the formal State.gov domain.

“As the State Department has confirmed, I never sent or received any material marked classified, and that hasn’t changed in all of these months,” she said, blaming congressional Republicans for the continued focus on her emails. “This seems to me to be, you know, another effort to inject this into the campaign. It’s another leak.”

Her campaign argued that the emails appear to have been forwards of a New York Times article on a classified drone program, and say the messages seem to have been retroactively classified.

 Unfortunately for Mrs. C, her lies are now so numerous and so brazen that she is “The Alphabet Candidate,” as in “ABC.”  The ABC now means “Anybody But Clinton.” Hillary cannot tell the truth at this point, because the hole she continues to dig by lying is very deep and very wide. She wants America to believe all she did was forward a newspaper article to somebody, when the FBI is about to dump a truckload of evidence on us that shows she is up to her old tricks…lying, covering up, and pretending she cares about somebody other than herself. If America is stupid enough to elect her, she will give us more, LOTS more, of what OOOObama has been shoveling at us for two terms, treating us like mushrooms.  At this point even the Democrats like Bernie Sanders much more than Hillary.  It’s people like OOOObama and Clinton (BOTH Clintons) who give the 2% of honest and effective politicians a bad name….  (NORM ‘n’ AL Note)

“How a New York Times public article that goes around the world could be in any way viewed as classified, or the fact that it would be sent to other people off of The New York Times site, I think, is one of the difficulties that people have in understanding what this is about,” Mrs. Clinton told NPR.

The State Department is under a court order to produce about 55,000 emails from Mrs. Clinton’s home server. Most have been released, with the last of them expected on Jan. 29 — just days before the Iowa caucuses on Feb. 1.

Mrs. Clinton’s use of private email has dogged her since it was first revealed publicly in March 2015. She began returning her emails to the State Department after the Obama administration, prodded by a House investigation into the Benghazi affair, discovered Mrs. Clinton had taken all of her messages with her when she left the State Department at the end of Mr. Obama’s first term.

The administration then said that Mrs. Clinton had refused to use a regular email account on the State.gov email server and instead used a private server that she kept in her home in New York.

Mrs. Clinton has since said she regrets using the private server, but has steadfastly maintained that she did not use the private account to send or receive classified information.

Investigations also have found that the State Department routinely has botched open records requests for Mrs. Clinton’s emails. As of Jan. 7, 177 requests for documents from Mrs. Clinton were still pending, according to the State Department inspector general.

Specialists say that voters on the fence in the Democratic primary election may very well take the email scandal — and the larger questions about Mrs. Clinton’s honesty — into account when picking a candidate.

“The problem for Hillary Clinton is that there are alternatives to her candidacy in Bernie Sanders. This is why polls of Democrats don’t think Sanders can win [the general election] but are willing to vote for him anyway,” Mr. Rottinghaus said.


[by Ben Wolfgang, writing for THE WASHINGTON TIMES]




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The truth about Benghazi…and why Democrats are determined to hide it

Liars lineup...If you’re an American, YOU DESERVE TO KNOW THE TRUTH about everything your government does (unless knowing that truth compromises national security). Mr. O came into office promising “the most transparent administration in history” but soon gave us the most inept, unprepared, and dishonest administration in history…and the most NON-transparent. Mr. O thinks you deserve to know NOTHING unless he is forced to disclose it to you.

Unless it threatens national security, Americans deserve to know the truth. So it is with Benghazi. Therefore, the rapidly approaching testimony by Secretary Clinton has the potential of finally providing some of the answers we ought to have had years ago. Why was security was so lax, why was no military help sent in a timely manner, and why did the Obama Administration attempt to blame an internet video for the attack even though they knew this wasn’t true?

The answers to all three questions are actually pretty obvious, but without definitive proof, getting the major media motivated enough to report the facts won’t happen. This is why the Democrats are so determined, even desperate, to hide what really happened and why. Consider how the Democrats are seizing on the recent statement by Rep. McCarthy to bolster their claim that the Benghazi hearings are nothing but a political witch hunt by Republicans. That, along with the claims that the matter has already been investigated and that we shouldn’t be wasting taxpayer’s money, are all pretty pathetic if you stop to examine each assertion.

For starters, the McCarthy comment, while ill-advised, is like a homeowner chortling about finding a stash of gold coins while remodeling his house. The Benghazi committee wasn’t looking to find that Sec. Clinton had a private email server any more than the homeowner was looking for the gold when tearing down a wall. However, by claiming that motive, the Democrats hope to discredit the Benghazi committee’s potential findings. It also keeps the narrative away from the truth. As for the claim that all this has already been investigated and no misconduct was proven, that goes against common sense. We now know that many emails and other evidence and testimony were deliberately withheld by the Obama Administration before those earlier hearings. Finally, the contention that the Democrats don’t want to “waste” taxpayer money is ludicrous considering how much taxpayer money Democrats routinely squander on things like the Cowboy Poetry Festival, Star Trek training videos, and studies of shrimp on treadmills.

The reality that the Democrats want concealed is that this is an incompetent administration. Ignoring the facts on the ground regarding security in Libya was just one of many examples of ineptitude by the Obama Administration. From little things like misspelling the Russian reset button to major problems like the pathetic Obamacare website rollout, too many people President Obama has put in important positions of authority have performed poorly. Responsibility rolls downhill like snowballs and other stuff. Admitting that the State Department dropped the ball on Libyan security wouldn’t just have made Hillary look bad, it would have reflected poorly on the president who put her in charge. That would hurt the Democrat Party and so they wanted to hide the truth.

The same thing accounts for the lack of a quick response to an attack that went on for hours. That Hillary Clinton was right about Obama not being up to responding to a 3:00 a.m. phone call was ironic since she wasn’t ready either. Neither Obama nor Clinton was able to make a quick and decisive response. Their excuse was that help wouldn’t have gotten there in time. That couldn’t have possibly been known in advance, and at the very least should have tried. Whether there was a “stand down” order given, or whether a “go” order was withhold while they dithered, either would have made them look bad. So, again, Democrats wanted to hide the facts.

Finally, remember at the time this happened the election was in doubt. The Obama narrative was that Bin Laden was dead and that Al Qaeda was no longer a threat. Further, they claimed that the “Arab Spring” was going to bring peace and democracy to the area. Admitting that organized terrorists were able to attack and kill an American ambassador would have made that assertion look as foolish as it has turned out to be. Therefore, blaming a video, which the Administration absolutely tried to do, would prevent embarrassing facts from affecting the election.

The problem is that only definitive confirmation of these truths will motivate the major media to cover this. I have high hopes, but low expectations, that Sec. Clinton’s testimony will finally provide enough evidence to force the mainstream media to report the truth. However, we have no idea how much evidence is still hidden or destroyed, so this may not happen.
Whether Clinton or Biden is the ultimate nominee, the Democrat Party and their media allies will continue to deny, delay, and hope the public never becomes aware of the truth.

[by Nicholas Wishek, writing for EAGLE RISING]
NORM ‘n’ AL Note:  The Democrats want to “conceal that this is an incompetent administration”? Of course they do…but it’s MUCH TOO LATE for that. Americans have realized for years now that they voted into office the most incompetent president ever to occupy the Oval Office. We can only hope the lesson has been well learned that the office demands a man of principles and experience. Mr. O had neither…and still does not have the first of those two qualities.
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New Legal Filing Seeks State Department Records on IT Specialist Pagliano’s Involvement in Clinton Email Scandal

There’s that name Clinton again. It just keeps popping up in connection with questions concerning crimes, classified information mishandling, secrecy, lies, and purloined government documents. 

And as new names pop up in connection with the Hillary Clinton (and Obama administration) email scandal, Judicial Watch follows the leads as only Judicial Watch can.

Tom Fitton of Judicial WatchWe have just filed yet another Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit seeking records concerning the service and maintenance of former Secretary Hillary Clinton’s email server. Specifically, Judicial Watch seeks records that will show whether Bryan Pagliano was hired or paid by the State Department to maintain the email server used by Clinton and her aides to conduct official State Department business and whether the State Department spent taxpayer money to manage the email server. (Pagliano, Hillary Clinton’s IT director during her 2008 run for the presidency, was hired by her State Department in 2009.)

Our team filed a simple FOIA request on August 5, the day after The Washington Post reported Pagliano, while employed at the State Department, “continued to act as the lead specialist responsible for [Clinton’s email system]…with Pagliano summoned at various times to fix problems. Notably, the system crashed for days after New York was hit by Hurricane Sandy in October 2012, while Hillary Clinton was secretary of state.” Judicial Watch’s request seeks:

• Records concerning the hiring of Pagliano;
• Time sheets, calendars, or similar records of Pagliano;
• Travel records to/from Chappaqua, NY. Such records include, but are not limited to, expense reports, reimbursement forms, and travel logs;
• Pagliano’s records concerning, regarding, or relating to the maintenance of former Secretary Clinton’s email server. Such records include, but are not limited to, expense reports, reimbursement forms, and maintenance logs; and
• Records of communications between Pagliano and any official, officer, or employee of the Office of the Secretary concerning former Secretary Clinton’s email server.

We requested expedited processing (which is DC-speak for “hurry up”), which the State Department agreed to on August 13:

[B]ecause a compelling need for the requested information exists. … Specifically, Judicial Watch has at least 15 cases pending in the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia related to Secretary Clinton’s email practices while Secretary of State. The information at issue in this request will shed light on whether the State Department was involved in the operation of Secretary Clinton’s email server.

Though the State Department agreed with Judicial Watch to expedite this request, the agency has failed to provide any documents or otherwise comply with the Freedom of Information Act.

(Reports state Pagliano plans to refuse to provide testimony to Congress by asserting his Fifth Amendment rights. So much for the Clinton apologist claims that the Justice Department/FBI investigation into her mishandling of classified material on her alias email system is not criminal!)

Mrs. Clinton’s argument that her “server” was private fails on many levels, especially if Mr. Pagliano, a State Department employee, was paid by taxpayers to take care of it. We must wonder if Mr. Pagliano has emails from the Clinton server. The Obama State Department is in cover-up mode, refusing to comply with federal law and honor our request about whether its employee was responsible for the Clinton server maintenance. This is yet another example of the Obama administration’s complicity in the Clinton email scandal.

Hillary Clinton, immediately following our lawsuit, said that she personally paid Pagliano to handle her server issues. This, if true (and that is a big “if”) raises all sorts of other issues. How many of other State Department employees did she pay on the sly? Was the alleged income reported as required by law? I’m sure you can think of a few more.

It was back in March that the news initially broke that Hillary Clinton used a non-government email during her four years as secretary of state. Let us not lose sight that JW FOIA lawsuits forced Hillary Clinton’s separate email system into the light of day. And that it was our litigation that forced Mrs. Clinton to do what no other congressional committee, FBI, or Justice Department investigation has done – submit information, under penalty of perjury, about her email system.

Judicial Watch’s work on this scandal is now so vast that I can’t possibly tell you everything that’s going on in all our twenty plus lawsuits and countless investigations. Check our website, www.judicialwatch.org every day for breaking news on this fast moving scandal. You can also track our investigations on Facebook, Twitter, and now even Instagram.

As I mentioned above, we will have big news next week, so stay tuned…


[from Judicial Watch updates]




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Where politics are concerned, nothing ever seems to make much sense, and today is no different. Let’s take a look:

Major media, having given at least a mention to the fact that Hillary’s email crisis is not going to go away, seem nevertheless to want to help it go away as much as they can.

“After ABC, CBS, and NBC devoted portions of their Thursday morning newscasts to the FBI taking control of Hillary Clinton’s e-mail server, the picture was far different on Thursday night as ABC, NBC, Telemundo, and Univision moved on from this scandal and neglected to mention it during their 2016 coverage.

“As opposed to covering the latest blows in the 2016 presidential campaign, the CBS Evening News found it pertinent to continue keeping their viewers abreast of Clinton’s e-mail scandal in the form of a two-minute-and-one-second segment from congressional correspondent Nancy Cordes.

Cordes explained that Thursday’s developments included news that “[t]he server the FBI picked up was stored not at the Clinton’s Chappaqua, New York home as many assumed but at a data center in New Jersey.”

Citing a lawyer for the firm Platte River Networks, Cordes reported “that the server was moved to the New Jersey facility some time after Clinton left the State Department when the Clintons upgraded their system.” She added that the lawyer told CBS News that “the old server is now blank and likely does not contain usable information.”

NORM ‘n’ AL Note:  This only means that the investigating parties (1) need to be sure they have the server Clinton actually used, and not just any old server she decided to give to the government, and (2) must determine the server, once verified, has not been tampered with deliberately in efforts to make data inaccessible.

The CBS reporter then brought in CNet’s Dan Ackerman to provide an analogy as to how information could have been deleted from Clinton’s server in a way that it could not be recovered:

Almost as if you write something on a chalkboard and then you erase it and then write over it, then erase it, then write over it, then erase it. Eventually, no matter how closely you look, you will never be able to see what the original thing was you wrote.

Cordes also rehashed details that came to light on Tuesday and Wednesday with the intelligence community’s inspector general (I.G.) having found four e-mails from a batch of 40 to have contained classified information with two being “top secret.” 

In the ending to her report, Cordes reminded anchor Scott Pelley and viewers that this determination by I.G. came from only a small subset of her e-mails: “Keep in mind, Scott, that determination was based on a review of just one-tenth of one percent of all of Clinton’s work-related e-mails.”

NORM ‘n’ AL Note:  Almost all media reports have somehow lost sight of the significance of ONE TENTH (ten percent) of a totally random selection of emails containing classified information.  ONE TENTH.  If that percentage proves to hold true through all of the 30,000+ emails turned over thus far, (more than 55,000 pages of them), then the investigators will be sorting through more than 3,000 emails containing classified information.  When Hillary said none of her emails would show ANY use to transmit ANYTHING classified, she lied. The lady is a proven and inveterate liar.

Instead of doing their due diligence and covering the swirling controversy surrounding the former secretary of state, ABC’s World News Tonight and NBC Nightly News focused exclusively on the 2016 presidential campaign with a heavy emphasis on the GOP primary and Donald Trump.

On ABC, chief White House correspondent Jonathan Karl brought up Kentucky Senator Rand Paul’s campaign ad criticizing Trump and rumors of a possible presidential run by former Vice President Al Gore.

Reporting for NBC, correspondent and MSNBC host Andrea Mitchell touted the Iowa State Fair as an essential destination for candidates on both sides this weekend plus the growing possibility that current Vice President Joe Biden could join the Democratic field.”

NORM ‘n’ AL Note:  Let us not forget that Mrs. Clinton and her aides are now “on record” and placed “under penalty of perjury” by a federal judge who is obviously a little perturbed by her continual legal shenanigans.  She must preserve all her records, all her emails, and certify that she is in compliance with the judge’s order to do so. Let us also remember that when the government SUSPECTED that General Petraeus kept classified documents in his home, they raided the home forthwith. In the Clinton case, there is no suspecting, there is KNOWING.  Clinton routinely dealt with classified matters, and apparently routinely dealt with them over an unsecured, private email server.

Poor Mrs. Clinton...

Meanwhile, as all this is going on
, the intelligence community wants to see Mrs. Clinton’s security clearance suspended. “Security experts say that if Hillary Rodham Clinton retained her government security clearance when she left the State Department, as is normal practice, it should be suspended now that it is known her unprotected private email server contained top secret material.

“Standard procedure is that when there is evidence of a security breach, the clearance of the individual is suspended in many, but not all, cases,” said retired Army Lt. Gen. William Boykin, who was deputy undersecretary of defense for intelligence in the George W. Bush administration. “This rises to the level of requiring a suspension.”

In addition, a large majority of Americans now support a “criminal investigation” of the Clinton email scandal. The hole she has dug is getting deeper.

To top this, we must note that Al Gore is being urged to run against Hillary.  Joe Biden is being urged to run against Hillary.  Other Democrats (Jack Webb, Martin O’Malley have been named) surely must be considering a run as they watch her political and personal reputation go up in flames now that she no longer has any control of what could come forward.  Bernie Sanders, an avowed socialist who is running against her already, is leading her in the polls.  ANYBODY who runs against her will have NO trouble looking more presidential, less encumbered, more patriotic, more honest, more caring.  Bill Clinton got to the Oval Office and was impeached for lying.  Hillary Clinton may never make it to the Oval Office because she could be imprisoned for multiple felonies connected with her time as Secretary of State.  Both of the Clintons are taking in so much money from their self-serving foundation that one might think they would happily slink off into the sunset and enjoy cocktails on the beach, instead of roiling up American politics to an extent previously unheard of. Why is it so hard to find a president who actually wants to HELP the USA instead of HURT it?  Our current president is a prime example: He wants to help himself, and if the country benefits, fine…but that is never his priority.

[From many news sources]


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