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Uncharted waters: The CDC is now calling racism a “public health threat”

Is there no logic anymore in the formerly great country known as the USA?

We have watched over the past year as Dr. Fauci has told us not to wear masks, and then replaced that questionable advice with the even more questionable advice that “everyone should be wearing a mask.” He told us that masks don’t work, and then he told us that some masks work. Then he told us that all masks work, so we’d better wear one always and everywhere. He warned us of an apocalyptic virus pandemic, and followed that by comparing the coronavirus to a bad flu. Fauci has repeatedly said his decision to rapidly develop a vaccine for COVID-19 was one of his best, when it was Donald Trump’s decision to see that we had a rapidly developed and distributed vaccine. Fauci said he made the vaccine decision in January 2020…but then two months later he said it would not be possible to have a vaccine in less than a year.

Radically liberal leftists are now well-known for making nonsensical statements. Recall Pelosi’s remark that she would have to get the Obamacare bill passed so she could see what was in it. Remember the political theater we were treated to while Democrats tried, twice, to force Donald Trump out of office by totally fake and farcical impeachments. Not only is the left prone to nonsense, it is also committed to lying about virtually everything. If a liberal’s lips are moving, that person is almost certainly lying.

Now we are told by the new director of the CDC that the new health threat before us is racism.

In the mind of a liberal, there is hardly anything happening in the USA that is not racist. We are pulling down statues, changing school textbooks, and rewriting history all because of pervasive racism in America.

The most dangerous and prevalent threat before us, fellow Americans, is not racism but stupidity. And it appears to be of an uncurable variety. Maybe the CDC should focus on that next.


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