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We’ve all heard of Murphy’s Law…

Remember Murphy’s Law?  It says “Anything that can go wrong WILL go wrong.”

There is also a corollary to Murphy’s Law.  It’s called the Law of Illogical Argument.

It says “Anything is possible if you don’t know what you’re talking about.”

This corollary was NOT invented by AOC, but it could have been.

It certainly fits her perfectly.

Let her know, why don’t you?


There’s another corollary which says “Artificial Intelligence is never any match for normal, carefully developed stupidity.”  You should probably not send this one to AOC because it’s very doubtful she’d understand it.  If someone does not comprehend the natural kind of intelligence, that person certainly will not begin to understand the artificial kind.

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Is there anybody in the Democrat party who still has a few working brain cells?

The so-called “Green New Deal” proposed by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (“Until you do it, I’m the boss! How about that?”) may cost between $51 trillion and $93 trillion over ten years, concludes American Action Forum.  The USA has no clue how to pay off its present $22 trillion plus in debt, is making interest payments on that debt which are close to impossible to meet, and this newly-arrived New Yorker who just came to Congress last November thinks somehow we can manage $90 trillion over the next ten years to pay for her pet program for which she had no idea of actual cost when she dreamed it up.  None.  If she had known the projected cost and still wanted to bring the program to light, she is even dumber than most of us think she is.  And we already think she is….well, never mind,  you already know what most of America thinks about this idiot politician.  (Sorry about the small redundancy there.)

She is from the same state, coincidentally or not, which is now telling us we ought to revise our abortion laws to make it even easier to kill babies.  Easier as in kill them up to the point of birth or even beyond.  New York is a state run by Democrats, as if we had to tell you.

No liberty for our newborns any more...

As if the mere suggestion that we’re making it too hard to kill our babies already were not enough, the state of Virginia wanted to second the motion and join in the bloodbath.  (Virginia’s governor is, you guessed it, a Democrat.  The one who was caught acting out in blackface.  That one.)  When the Democrats in Washington, DC got around to thinking about the proposal (we use the term loosely), they decided it sounded like a good idea.  And every single Democrat who wants to be your next president voted to block Republican opposition…meaning they were ALL in favor of this new and horrific version of infanticide!  Every one of ’em!

Medicare for All


As if all that were not enough, the idiot Democrats in Washington, DC (there’s that little redundancy again…sorry) are now getting behind the idea that health care is a right and the US government ought to be in the health care business in a much bigger way than it already is.  Much bigger.

Democrats just unveiled the Medicare for All Act of 2019, a comprehensive bill to abolish virtually all private health plans—including employer-sponsored coverage—and impose total federal government control over Americans’ health care.

Despite its sweeping and detailed government control, as well as the imposition of huge but unknown costs, the 120-page bill has nonetheless initially attracted 106 Democrat co-sponsors, almost half of all Democrats in the House.

The legislation is profoundly authoritarian.

For example, Section 107 ensures that no American, regardless of their personal wants or medical needs, would be able to enroll in any alternative health plan that “duplicates” the government’s coverage.

Rep. Pramila Jayapal, D-Wash., the bill’s primary sponsor, is at least open about the bill’s intent: “The Medicare for All bill really makes it clear what we mean by ‘Medicare for All.’  We mean a system where there are no private insurance companies that provide these core comprehensive benefits.”

Under Section 201, Congress would decide the content of the health benefits package, what is and is not to be available in the new government health plan. The bill forbids cost sharing, a statutory prohibition guaranteed to induce demand and hike Americans’ overall health costs.

Americans would not be able simply to spend their own money for medical care from a doctor of their choice. Personal contracts between doctors and patients outside of the government plan would be tightly restricted. Under Section 301, “ … no charge will be made to any individual for any covered items or services than for payment authorized by this Act.”

Under Section 303, a provider “ …may not bill or enter into any private contract with any individual eligible for benefits under the Act for any item or service that is a benefit under this Act.”

Even private contracts for “non-covered” medical services require the doctor to report them to the health and human services secretary. Section 303 also stipulates that a private contract between a doctor and a patient for “covered” services would be permissible if and only if the doctor signs and files the affidavit with the secretary of HHS and refrains from submitting any claim for any person “enrolled under this Act” for two full years.

Altogether, these restrictions, layered atop the prohibition on private insurance coverage, would virtually eliminate private agreements between doctors and patients.

In practice, Americans could spend their own money on their own terms with just the very few doctors who could afford to see cash-paying patients entirely outside the system.

In most respects, the new House bill is broadly similar to Sen. Bernie Sanders’, I-Vt., bill. Beyond creating a government monopoly of health insurance, it centralizes key health care decisions in the office of the secretary of HHS; establishes a national health budget; and it creates a temporary Medicare-style “public option” (along with subsidies for enrollees) in the moribund Obamacare exchanges.

Like Sanders’ bill, the House bill would also eliminate Medicare, Medicaid, the Children’s Health Insurance Program, the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program, the Obamacare exchange plans, and Tricare, the health program for military dependents. All of these beneficiaries would be absorbed into the new government plan; it would not be a matter of personal choice.

In striking contrast to the earlier version of the House “Medicare for All” bill, the new House bill contains no tax or funding provisions. This is a conspicuous omission. This is especially so because the House sponsors (under Section 204) also incorporate long-term care coverage, including nursing home and community-based care, into the basic benefit package. This coverage would likely be hugely expensive.

Recall that independent analysts from the Mercatus Center and the Urban Institute roughly agree that the true 10-year cost of Sanders’ similar plan would be approximately $32 trillion.

Ken Thorpe of Emory University, formerly an adviser to President Bill Clinton, estimates that the federal taxation needed to finance the Sanders’ plan would amount to an additional 20 percent tax on workers’ income, and more than 7 out of 10 working families would end up paying more for health care than they do today.


[From an article published by THE DAILY SIGNAL plus other sources]


NORM ‘n’ AL Note:  Don’t you just love the way the Democrats want to care for us and look out for our well-being?  We can’t afford the programs they want to saddle us with  (which are usually poorly thought out if at all), and they insist on giving us no choice in any of these matters, but that makes no difference.  As Hillary and Brack Obummer lost no opportunity to tell us, “government knows best,” “it takes a village,” and “you didn’t build that.”




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The “lunatic left,” also known as the “OTLC” (Out To Lunch Crowd) and formerly known as the Democrat Party (the party of aspiring socialists, or PASSists) now shows conclusively it is not only soul-less but also brain-dead

The emptiest vessel in the Democrat Party, New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, just unveiled her socialist wish list and demonstrates that it’s as ridiculous as she is.

The party of aspiring socialists once referred to as the Democrats have a new plan to kill jobs, capitalism, air travel, and freedom so it’s no shock they had their chief Dim Bulb unveil it.  It’s called the “Green New Deal” and (prepare to be shocked) they don’t know how or WHO is going to pay for it.

The only thing “green” about it is the money they want to take out of our pockets to fund their socialist utopia no matter what plan (we use the term very loosely here) or program (looser still) they decide to promote.

Here are some of the “points of genius” in their not-thought-out-yet “New Deal”:

–         A full phase-out of fossil fuels

–         Health care for all Americans

–         Net zero emissions in 10 years, (because it takes a while to get rid of all the defecating livestock, you know)

–         An upgrade or replacement of every building so they can install state-of-the-art energy efficiency

–         A high speed rail to replace environment-damaging air travel

–         Economic security for all who are unable OR UNWILLING to work

Yes, when we say the Democratic Party is absolutely, undoubtedly, and unarguably out of its collective mind (another term we must use very loosely here), this is what we are talking about.

How much would this “Green New Deal” cost? Ocasio-Cortez doesn’t know and doesn’t care.

Who is going to pay for it? Again, AOC doesn’t know and doesn’t care.

Well, obviously, most of us have to care. (Especially those of us who work to support those who aren’t “willing.”)

And it’s not just AOC who thinks this lunacy is a good idea. Many Democratic Senators and 2020 presidential hopefuls Kamala Harris and Cory Booker applaud her and her not-thought-out-yet absurdity.

Even House Speaker Nancy Pelosi isn’t on board. When asked about it she said, “It will be one of several or maybe many suggestions that we receive. The green dream, or whatever they call it….”   Too extreme even for Nancy?  (You know things are going from bad to worse when even Nutty Nancy starts sounding like she wants to think about something before committing!)

Folks, this is what the Democrat Party is now. It’s extreme, abstract (if that sounds like something the OTLC might want to embrace, substitute “vague” instead), and out to lunch.

You might not like Trump or the GOP but we can now affirm for you, they are all that’s standing between you and complete and total government overreach and eventual control (here, just substitute “total chaos”).

Is this brand of radicalism really what Dems want? Is this really what they are going take back to their constituents in Michigan, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Ohio?

Are they going tell constituents they are signing on to a “Green New Deal” that’s going to kill jobs and industries to appease the likes of people like AOC — who can’t even tell you what the three branches of government are?


Let us sum up:

The Democrat agenda is best described as: Murder the babies, demolish all buildings, block the sun, kill free speech, ban all airplanes, and declare a new utopia.

Their “Green New Deal” plan demands the following astonishingly insane proposals now being pushed by Democrats:

  • Exterminate the air travel industry and end all air travel, crushing the entire tourism and hotel industry and making the military’s national defense impossible to achieve.
  • Demolishing ALL buildings in America (or refurbishing them) in order to rebuild them to be “eco-friendly.”
  • Constructing railroads across the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans to connect world cities on different continents by rail.
  • Granting government benefits to all people who are “unwilling” to work. Yes, the Green New Deal quite literally says the “unwilling” should be given free money and endless entitlements from the government.
  • Slaughtering all cattle, nationwide, over the next 10 years and outlawing cattle ranching.
  • Eliminating all jobs related to fossil fuels energy, including transportation, energy exploration, geological science, combustion engines and more.

This is all being pushed with a straight face by lunatic liberals who, if they got their wish, would economically obliterate the United States of America.  This insane agenda of total destruction and national suicide is bring protected and promoted by the evil tech giants like Twitter, Apple, Google and Facebook, all of which are now run by lunatic left-wing censors who silence any voice of reason while shielding Democrat lunacy from criticism or rational inquiry.

It should be obvious to any thinking person at this point that outlawing fossil fuels in the next ten years, for example, would have apocalyptic effects on the United States, including (but not limited to) the following:

  • A near-total collapse of food production, since nearly all agriculture relies on diesel engines for farming, harvesting and transportation of food. Cue mass starvation, Venezuela style…
  • A massive increase in the consumption of fossil fuels as diesel-burning construction equipment is needed to destroy and then rebuild tens of millions of homes and commercial buildings across the United States. According to current estimates, 30,000 buildings would need to be destroyed and rebuilt each day across America over the next ten years in order to achieve the Ocasio-Cortez “Green New Deal” goal. This is government genius at work: Destroying and then rebuilding millions of buildings, burning diesel fuel the whole time, then calling it “eco-friendly.”
  • A collapse of the air travel industry, tourism industry and hotel industry, displacing millions of workers and causing widespread, across-the-board investment losses. But don’t worry, Ocasio-Cortez says the government will “guarantee” jobs for all people, including those who are “unwilling” to work.
  • A total collapse of nationwide pension funds as their investments in the stock market are wiped out by the economic implosion. With the energy industry wiped out, the food production industry flatlined, and air travel, tourism and hotels all but eliminated, the Ocasio-Cortez economy would mostly consist of the government paying people to destroy buildings and execute cows.

Not much green left at the end of the Green New Deal, is there?  No green in the economy.  No green (cash) in the government, since our money won’t be worth anything.  No green in agriculture any more.  No green in the landscape all over the US since we’ve had to demolish and rebuild all our buildings.  (No green in the pockets of all the thousands of demolition and construction workers who refused to be paid with worthless US dollars.)  No green in the grocery stores, since they will not have any green produce or any green-carrying customers.

The proposal you see outlined here, called the “Green New Deal,” folks, has been brought forth by one of our two major political parties.  If you don’t happen to like the Republican party, which so far under President Trump has done a pretty good job of growing the economy and trying to protect the US mainland, then the only real alternative you are left with (and we do mean LEFT with) is the party of Out-To-Lunchers.  There may still be some Democrats who take themselves and their political jobs seriously.  But until those Democrats speak out against the lunacy which is rampant in the OTLC, and then switch sides to join Republicans who never stopped taking themselves and their jobs seriously, the US of A will continue to hurtle toward oblivion.


[From articles published by DC CLOTHESLINE.COM and FOXNEWS.COM]




As always, posted for your edification and enlightenment by

NORM ‘n’ AL, Minneapolis





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