WHO (World Health Organization) is destroying, not improving, the world’s health

WHO is beyond conflicted, and worse, WHO serves its corporate masters and essentially is destroying, not improving, the health of the world.


The 2009 Swine Flu Pandemic — A WHO Vaccine Fiasco

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that from April 12, 2009, to April 10, 2010, there were 60.8 million cases, 274,000 hospitalizations, and 12,469 deaths (0.02% infection fatality rate/mortality rate) in the United States due to the H1N1 (swine flu) virus.

June 11, 2009, the World Health Organization declared a global pandemic of novel influenza A (H1N1). A vaccine was rapidly unveiled, and within months, cases of disability and death from the H1N1 vaccine were reported in various parts of the world.

In the aftermath, the Council of Europe Parliamentary Assembly (PACE) questioned the WHO’s handling of the pandemic. In June 2010, PACE concluded “the handling of the pandemic by the World Health Organization (WHO), EU health agencies and national governments led to a ‘waste of large sums of public money, and unjustified scares and fears about the health risks faced by the European public.’”

WHO Acted Like a Pharma Front Group

Specifically, PACE concluded there was “overwhelming evidence that the seriousness of the pandemic was vastly overrated by WHO,” and that the drug industry had influenced the organization’s decision-making. As noted in a PACE press release:

“The Assembly … set out a series of urgent recommendations for greater transparency and better governance in public health, as well as safeguards against what it called ‘undue influence by vested interests.’

It called for a public fund to support independent research, trials and expert advice, possibly financed by an obligatory contribution of the pharmaceutical industry. It also called the media to avoid ‘sensationalism and scaremongering in the public health domain.’”

Apparently, we learned nothing from that fiasco. Disturbingly, while the WHO was found to have had serious conflicts of interest with the drug industry, nothing has actually changed since then, which makes one wonder whether the WHO’s COVID-19 pandemic response can actually be trusted. As reported by the Natural Society in 2014:

“… a joint investigation by the British Medical Journal (BMJ) and the Bureau of Investigative Journalism (BIJ) has uncovered some serious conflicts of interest between the World Health Organization (WHO), who proposed … heavy vaccinations, and the pharmaceutical companies which created them.

The joint-investigation’s report explains that the WHO profited immensely from the scare tactics they utilized to promote the use of a swine flu vaccine. Creating mass hysteria was the WHO’s emergency advisory committee’s goal … The WHO told the world that up to 7 million people could die without the vaccines they were pushing …

The advisory panel was choked with individuals highly connected to the pharmaceutical companies with vested interests in both antiviral and influenza vaccines.

An over $4 billion stake was invested in developing these vaccines, and without a pandemic there would be no use for them. Utilizing propaganda and fear, the drugs were pushed on unsuspecting people, and the money was made.”

Why the Secrecy Around WHO’s Advisers?

The joint investigation, led by BMJ features editor Deborah Cohen and journalist Philip Carter, was published in January 2010 in the BMJ Clinical Research journal. In it, Cohen and Carter pointed out that:

“Key scientists advising the World Health Organization on planning for an influenza pandemic had done paid work for pharmaceutical firms that stood to gain from the guidance they were preparing. These conflicts of interest have never been publicly disclosed by WHO …

Evidence … raises troubling questions about how WHO managed conflicts of interest among the scientists who advised its pandemic planning, and about the transparency of the science underlying its advice to governments.

Was it appropriate for WHO to take advice from experts who had declarable financial and research ties with pharmaceutical companies producing antivirals and influenza vaccines?

Why was key WHO guidance authored by an influenza expert who had received payment for other work from Roche, manufacturers of oseltamivir, and GlaxoSmithKline, manufacturers of zanamivir?

And why does the composition of the emergency committee from which Chan sought guidance remain a secret known only to those within WHO? We are left wondering whether major public health organizations are able to effectively manage the conflicts of interest that are inherent in medical science.”

WHO’s Pandemic Plan Was the Product of the Drug Industry

As explained by Cohen and Carter, wrongdoing at WHO began 10 years before the swine flu pandemic, in 1999 — the year WHO drew up its influenza pandemic plan. The authors detail the conflicts of interest inherent in that document, so for a more complete picture, I suggest reading through their full analysis.

In summary, the pandemic plan was prepared by WHO employees in collaboration with the European Scientific Working Group on Influenza (ESWI), a working group consisting of “key opinion leaders in influenza” that is “funded entirely by Roche and other influenza drug manufacturers.” One of ESWI’s stated roles is to lobby politicians, Cohen and Carter notes.

Two of the six WHO employees had also participated in Roche sponsored events the year before. Two of the ESWI scientists had also worked on Roche marketing materials, and both were “engaged in a randomized controlled trial on oseltamivir supported by Roche” at the time the pandemic plan was written. None of these conflicts of interest were disclosed in the pandemic plan document.

Even more suspicious, that oseltamivir trial “remains one of the main studies supporting oseltamivir’s effectiveness — and one that was subsequently shown to have employed undeclared industry funded ghostwriters,” Cohen and Carter write, adding the ESWI’s policy plan for 2006 through 2010:

“… specifically stated that government representatives needed to ‘take measures to encourage the pharmaceutical industry to plan its vaccine/antivirals production capacity in advance’ and also to ‘encourage and support research and development of pandemic vaccine’ and to ‘develop a policy for antiviral stockpiling.’

It also added that government representatives needed to know that ‘influenza vaccination and use of antivirals is beneficial and safe’ … In the meantime, in Roche’s own marketing plan, one goal was to ‘align Roche with credible third party advocates.’ They ‘leveraged these relationships by enlisting our third-party partners to serve as spokespeople and increase awareness of Tamiflu and its benefits.’”

In December 2009, WikiLeaks also released a cache of documents leaked from a pharma trade group that revealed how the WHO Expert Working Group on R&D Financing had been very open to industry lobbying, thus allowing the drug industry to influence WHO’s policy decisions on drug research.

WHO Parrots Purdue Pharma’s False Opioid Marketing

There’s other evidence suggesting the WHO is acting as little more than a Big Pharma front group. For example, just last year, in 2019, the report, “Corrupting Influence: Purdue & the WHO,” produced by U.S. Reps. Katherine Clark (D-Mass.) and Hal Rogers (R-Ky.), concluded Purdue Pharma had influenced WHO’s opioid guidelines. The executive summary of “Corrupting Influence” reads, in part:

“In 2017, several members of Congress sent a letter to the WHO warning that Purdue Pharma L.P. (Purdue) was attempting to expand their drug sales to international markets using the same fraudulent marketing tactics that instigated the opioid crisis in the United States.

We expressed our concern that Purdue’s expansion could trigger an opioid crisis on a global scale. When the WHO failed to respond to the letter, we began to question why they would remain silent about such a significant and devastating public health epidemic. The answers we found are deeply disturbing.”

The report details how WHO, both in its 2011 adult guidance and its 2012 pediatric guidance, parroted Purdue’s false claims that opioid dependence “occurs in less than 1% of patients,” and that “if prescribed in accordance with established dosage regimens, are known to be safe and there is no need to fear accidental death or dependence.”

Remarkably, in its 2012 opioid guidance for children with cancer pain, WHO claims “there is no maximum dosage of strong opioids like OxyContin for children,” Clark and Rogers note. “The WHO published this claim despite the fact that U.S. public health agencies have found that fatal overdoses skyrocket in adult patients who are prescribed above 90 morphine milligram equivalents (MME) per day,” Clark and Rogers write, adding:

“The web of influence we uncovered, combined with the WHO’s recommendations, paints a picture of a public health organization that has been manipulated by the opioid industry … If the recommendations in these WHO guidelines are followed, there is significant risk of sparking a worldwide public health crisis.”

Calls for Reformation of WHO After Ebola Crisis

The WHO was also heavily criticized for its lack of leadership during the 2013 through 2015 Ebola outbreak in West Africa. It took five months before WHO declared the outbreak a public health emergency of international concern, which “undoubtedly contributed to the unprecedented scale of the outbreak,” according to an academic assessment published in 2017.

Two separate reports published in 2015 highlighted the WHO’s failures, one issued by a panel of independent experts commissioned by WHO itself, and one by an independent group of 19 international experts convened by the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (LSHTM) and the Harvard Global Health Institute.

While the WHO is recognized as being uniquely suited to carry out key functions necessary in a global pandemic, the LSHTM and Harvard Global Health Institute experts point out that the WHO has by now lost so much trust that radical reforms will be required before it will be able to assume an authoritative role.

“WHO’s failings on … core functions during the Ebola outbreak have now produced an existential crisis of confidence … Donors have earmarked voluntary contributions, effectively controlling nearly 80% of WHO’s budget by 2015. The result is an organization that seems to have lost its way.

Although the budget has more than doubled from US$1.6 billion in 1998–99 to US$4 billion in 2012–13, the organization itself controlled an ever-shrinking share. One casualty of recent decisions was WHO’s reduced ability to control cross-border disease outbreaks, a core task for which it was created in 1948 …

Confidence in the organization’s capacity to lead is at an all-time low. Calling for additional staff or a larger budget will not address this. WHO must find a way to prioritize what it does, and regain its credibility, independence, and legitimacy to perform its core functions.

Breaking out of this 20-year impasse will demand clear commitment and a different kind of leadership by WHO to implement fundamental reforms under a tight timeline …”

Who Funds the WHO?

As reported in the January 2016 issue of Pharmaceutical Technology, only one-quarter of WHO’s funding comes from member states. The remaining 75% comes from voluntary contributions, and The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is the biggest funder. Its donations even exceed those of any individual member state.

The Gates Foundations involvement with WHO is of particular interest at this time. In a Washington Times opinion piece, published March 31, 2020, Gates calls for the complete shutdown of all U.S. states and quarantining of all Americans “until the case numbers start to go down … which could take 10 weeks or more.”

While Gates can undoubtedly afford it, few working-class Americans would be able to survive without income for months on end. And, considering the mortality rate of COVID-19 is now believed to be similar to the flu, which is around 0.1%, shutting down society for several months really doesn’t seem warranted, unless there’s something else going on that we don’t know about.

Strange Investments and Conflicts of Interest

In March on Friday the 13th, 2020, Gates resigned from the Microsoft board to focus on philanthropic ventures, including global health. Most likely, much of his attention will be funneled toward The Gates Foundation.

In 2017, a long list of public interest, health and citizens’ groups sent an open letter to the executive board of the WHO, criticizing the organization’s proposal to admit The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation as an external actor into “official relations” with the WHO and its governing body, the World Health Assembly. According to the letter:

“According to the United States Government’s Securities and Exchange Commission, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Trust endowment — the source of revenue for the Foundation — is heavily invested in many of the food, alcohol, and physical inactivity-related consumer products that cause or treat the current crisis of preventable heart disease, stroke, cancer, and diabetes. Gates Foundation Trust direct investments include:

  • Coca-Cola regional company that operates in the Americas south of the U.S. ($466 million),
  • Walmart ($837 million), the largest food retailer in the U.S. and a leading retailer of pharmaceutical drugs and alcoholic beverages,
  • Walgreen-Boots Alliance ($280 million), a large multinational pharmaceutical drug retailer, and
  • Two of the world’s largest TV companies (screen-time): Group Televisa ($433 million) and Liberty Global PLC ($221 million).

In addition, approximately one-quarter of the Gates Foundation Trust assets are invested in Berkshire Hathaway Inc., a holding company that owns a US$17 billion share in the U.S.-based Coca-Cola company and US$29 billion interest in Kraft Heinz Inc., another of the world’s ten largest food companies.

These investments make the Gates Foundation a beneficiary of sales of several categories of products that are the subject of WHO standards and advice to governments related to nutrition and physical activity.”

The signatories also urge member states to fund WHO adequately so as to prevent the organization from having to rely on donations from actors that have a heavy stake in food, drug and alcohol companies.

While the Gates Foundation has been a “two-entity structure” since 2006, where the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation distributes money and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Trust manages assets and investments, conflicts of interest are still clearly visible, making the claim that the two are completely separate a hard sell.

In 2017, India’s National Technical Advisory Group on Immunization (NTAGI) severed its ties with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. According to India Times, “There were questions about the Gates Foundation’s ties with pharmaceutical companies and the possible influence this may have on the country’s vaccination strategy.” The Indian Health Ministry confirmed that the NTAGI would from there on be fully funded by the central government instead.

If nothing else, Gates himself is likely to have some clue as to where the money is being invested, and therefore can steer the Foundation’s activities in a direction that will ultimately benefit and make money for the Gates Foundation Trust.

WHO’s Relationship With China Under Scrutiny

WHO’s handling of the current COVID-19 pandemic has also come under increasing scrutiny. A February 16, 2020, CNN article highlights WHO director general Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus’ “effusive” praise over China’s response to the outbreak in Wuhan City, despite evidence suggesting Chinese officials had “sought to downplay and control news about the virus, even threatening medical whistleblowers with arrest.”

“The WHO’s praise of China’s response have led critics to question the relationship between the two entities. The UN agency relied on funding and the cooperation of members to function, giving wealthy member states like China considerable influence. 

Perhaps one of the most overt examples of China’s sway over the WHO is its success in blocking Taiwan’s access to the body, a position that could have very real consequences for the Taiwanese people if the virus takes hold there. 

The WHO’s position regarding China has also renewed a longstanding debate about whether the WHO, founded 72 years ago, is sufficiently independent to allow it to fulfill its purpose,” CNN reports.

In the final analysis, it seems doubtful that WHO is sufficiently independent to safeguard public health around the world. The drug industry has no lesser influence over WHO today than it did in 2009 when PACE outed the organization as being unduly influenced by vested interests.

Back then, WHO pushed countries around the world to invest in antivirals and swine flu vaccines with poor efficacy and safety. Today, we have Gates, a key funder of WHO, calling for a 10-week or longer shutdown of the U.S. and the rapid building of brand new vaccine manufacturing facilities to handle the manufacturing of billions of doses of COVID-19 vaccine. Who benefits and who loses by the implementation of those two recommendations? Think about it.


[From an article published by MERCOLA.COM]


NORM ‘n’ AL Note:  This article is heavily annotated with source and reference notes. Please click above to see the original article in which all source and reference notes appear.




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Medical tyranny could be impending…

On April 18th, 1775, Paul Revere was sent to Lexington to warn the sleeping rebel militia that British forces were on the move. He had to quietly sneak past an enemy warship and was at one point captured and questioned at gunpoint, but he completed the mission to warn his compatriots that their enemies were coming.

A similar scenario is happening right now … right underneath our noses.

The enemies of medical freedom are coming, and many of us are still fast asleep. It’s time for us to wake up. Our constitutional freedom to choose what we inject into our bodies and the bodies of our children is in peril.

Anthony Fauci, head of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), has already set the stage for a “mandatory coronavirus vaccine” and the World Health Organization (WHO) is discussing the potential “need” to come into homes and forcibly “remove” the sick and “isolate” them.

Meanwhile, America’s politicians are scrambling to see who can keep their constituents cooped up inside their homes the longest and governors of many states are forbidding their citizens from assembling in public, and our good friend, Pastor Rodney Howard Browne, was recently arrested for holding church services at his Tampa Bay church.  He was charged with “unlawful assembly.”

This is unconstitutional.

Arresting a pastor for holding church services violates the “free exercise” clause as well as the “assembly clause” of the First Amendment of the US Constitution.

“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.”

But the US Constitution doesn’t really seem to matter any more.

The CDC and NIAID – in tandem with private interest groups – have mounted a massive propaganda campaign, and all signs point to an eventual federal mandate compelling every American to be injected with a coronavirus vaccine in order to “assemble in public.”

Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel, one of the architects of Obamacare and a special adviser to the director-general of the WHO, recently told MSNBC that there will be no returning back to normal for Americans unless they are vaccinated for COVID-19.

In other words, in order to be let out in public, the “human cattle” will have to obey and get jabbed!

This is not “alarmism” … and these are not “scare tactics.” These are observable changes that are in motion right now, and a conclusion that is rational, supported, and has historical precedent.

It’s time to stand up to medical tyranny.

It’s time to draw your line in the sand.

There should be limits placed on the authority that public health officials and their physician colleagues exercise in a constitutional democracy. They should not be given unchecked power to order citizens to play “vaccine roulette” and punish them for refusing to obey the order!

Will you stand up and defend vaccine freedom in America?

You owe it to yourself to be educated about vaccines.  We need to break through the dogma and uncover the science.

That’s why we have interviewed more than 60 doctors, researchers and experts, and we’ve put all this together into a groundbreaking 9 episode docu-series called “The Truth About Vaccines 2020” coming out April 22nd.

>> Reserve your free “front row seat” NOW!

You MUST see this if you have children, grandchildren, nieces or nephews … or if you’re concerned about the possible mandatory adult vaccines that are being discussed in Washington DC right now!

This is the MOST IMPORTANT health issue of our day. Don’t watch from the sidelines. Get in the game! All of our lives depend on it.

[From an article published by THE TRUTH ABOUT VACCINES]


As always, posted for your edification and enlightenment by

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Three unmistakable signs that war may be coming to the USA

By now, you know that I was more than a month ahead of virtually all media — independent and mainstream — in warning about the coming coronavirus pandemic.

When I first released projections of 10,000 deaths in America by May 10th, nearly everyone thought the idea was insane (probably including you). As it turns out, we are likely to have over 100,000 deaths by May 10th, according to what the White House is now saying.

This is worth mentioning because today we have a new warning about where things are headed. There have been three unmistakable signs that war is coming to the United States very soon. Those signs have all emerged in the past week, all with a sense of urgency that goes far beyond any concern about a pandemic:

Sign #1) President Trump activating one million military reservists with medical skills to treat battlefield injuries. Details of this order are found in the EO text at WhiteHouse.gov.

Sign #2) The Pentagon ordering high-level staffers into deep underground bunkers in Colorado. This was announced by NORAD and NORTHCOM in a Facebook town hall meeting. Obviously, you don’t order military staffers into a 2,000-foot deep bunker just because of a virus.

Sign #3) Secretary of State Pompeo just ordered all Americans living overseas to return to the US “immediately.” The cover story for this is that the coronavirus is collapsing international flights. But that alone would not justify all Americans returning from living overseas, since many Americans would just hunker down where they’re living. But Pompeo wants all Americans to return immediately, which is the kind of thing you do before a war breaks out (with China, most likely). Via The UK Independent:

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo urged Americans abroad who still wish to return to the United States to do so “immediately,” saying commercial and government-chartered flights could soon cease amid the coronavirus outbreak.

Donald Trump’s top diplomat urged any Americans abroad who want to get back to US soil to contact the American embassy in the country where they currently are to begin making plans “immediately” to get a flight back to the States.

That’s because Pompeo doesn’t want to end up negotiating for the release of American prisoners being held by the communist Chinese regime, obviously. Any American reading this who is still in China or Hong Kong should strongly consider bugging out. By the way, we were also told weeks ago from another source that China has already begun executing anti-communist leaders in Hong Kong, which now seems to be preparation for the global war that’s about to happen.

The Pentagon

These three events are unmistakable signs that high-level officials within the Pentagon and US State Department anticipate actions of war in the very near future. China is the most likely adversary, especially given that China probably released the Wuhan coronavirus in the first place, knowing that America would have a much more difficult time locking down cities compared to China itself, which we now believe may have lost millions of citizens despite its best efforts to contain the virus.

Notably, the Wuhan coronavirus, released by China, has managed to cripple the US Navy by infecting sailors on aircraft carriers and other vessels. This is not an accident. It’s part of the “softening up” phase to weaken America in advance of the attack.

Expect an attack on America when the nation reaches “peak pandemic” health chaos and economic disruptions

The ideal time for a foreign enemy to attack the United States would be when our nation is in the throes of economic collapse and a pandemic medical emergency. According to estimates announced by the White House today, coronavirus-related deaths will peak in the USA on April 12th, but lockdowns will continue through the end of April, causing financial reverberations to echo across the nation for many months yet to come.

The White House currently expects up to 240,000 Americans to die from the coronavirus over the next several months. (Our own estimates top out at just 90,000 fatalities, by the way.)

Due to the coronavirus crunch, joblessness, homelessness and rising social unrest will sow chaos across the landscape of America for the remainder of the year (and well into 2021), and that doesn’t even count whatever political chaos might be added to the mix surrounding the coming November elections. Plus, there are food shortages that are starting to become very real, while a massive wave of price inflation for consumer goods will appear soon thanks to the trillions of dollars in bailout money that Trump and the Fed just threw at the economy.

With one-third of the US Congress now run by communist China — and most of the left-wing media making excuses for China and trying to shift the coronavirus blame to Trump — it’s clear that China’s longstanding desire to infiltrate and destroy the United States of America has reached a tipping point. They will likely pull the trigger soon, which could mean economic warfare (selling all US debt and announcing a new gold-backed world reserve currency), kinetic warfare (an actual land invasion of Chinese troops hitting the beaches in California), nuclear warfare (or an EMP weapon detonated above North America), or even new waves of biological warfare (SARS-cov-3, SARS-cov-4, etc.). And don’t forget cyber warfare, a favorite of the tech-savvy communist regime.

We don’t know exactly what’s coming, but we know the leadership in America believes something big is about to happen. Otherwise, none of the actions listed above would have been taken.

Ramp up your preparedness to a whole new level, if you can

Prepare for all the following, just in case one or more happen:

  • A loss of the power grid
  • A blackout of all internet and phone communications
  • Foreign troops invading the US, including through the Mexico border
  • Attempted assassination of President Trump, or a possible “civil war” inside the Pentagon
  • The possibility of mass arrests of deep state traitors who are Chinese collaborators, such as Sen. Feinstein, Gov. Newsom, etc.

We cannot be certain that any of these will happen, and we hope none of them do. But there are giant red flashing warning signs just screaming out that something big is about to go down. The only two scenarios that make sense are a WAR with a foreign enemy or possibly the initiation of a domestic civil war (or perhaps both).

If you thought encountering a purchase limit on toilet paper was the worst problem you might encounter this year, think again. JR Nyquist explains why China is just itching to destroy the United States and has long been planning to use a biological weapon to soften up America in advance of the military attack wave:

Share everywhere, and feel free to re-post this video to your YouTube channel:


Stay informed and stay alive. Read Pandemic.news.


[This article was published by NATURAL NEWS on 3/31/20]




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ANALYSIS: Nearly every person dying from the coronavirus likely has these three things in common

This is an analysis based on current knowledge, not from any published study (yet), but based on everything we know so far, we believe the vast majority of people dying from the coronavirus have one or more of the following things in common:

#1) Chronic zinc deficiency, often stemming from over-consumption of processed foods that lack minerals

#2) Hypertension (high blood pressure)

3) Taking prescription medications (specifically, high blood pressure meds)

We believe these things based on rational observations of who is currently being hit the hardest by the coronavirus. The hypertension link to coronavirus fatalities has been widely reported. Even weeks ago, Bloomberg.news ran a story entitled, “Top Coronavirus Doctor in Wuhan Says High Blood Pressure Is Major Death Risk.” That story reports:

Patients with hypertension appear to be at a higher risk of dying from the coronavirus, said a top Chinese intensive care doctor who’s been treating critically ill patients since mid-January.

Of a group of 170 patients who died in January in Wuhan — the first wave of casualties caused by a pathogen that’s now raced around the world — nearly half had hypertension.

In the United States, according to the American Heart Association, around 100 million Americans have high blood pressure. The vast majority of those people are “treating” their symptoms with blood pressure medication. (It’s all a medical fraud, of course, since medication doesn’t really “treat” high blood pressure. Rather, it masks the symptoms to create the illusion of improved health.)

Americans take more medications than any other country in the world, and that’s one reason why we believe the case fatality rate in the USA may end up being significantly higher than the world average.

Zinc deficiencies allow the coronavirus to rapidly replicate in the body

We also know that a zinc deficiency results in a physiological environment that allows the coronavirus to replicate very rapidly. A study published in a PLoS medical journal found that zinc “inhibits coronavirus RNA polymerase activity in vitro”. That means zinc blocks the replication machinery of the virus.

Furthermore, the symptoms of COVID-19 appear to be almost exactly the same as symptoms of zinc deficiency. This was pointed out by Bill Sardi who published a chart of the symptoms list.

Zinc deficiency also explains why so many younger athletes are dying from the coronavirus infections: Intense exercise causes loss of zinc through sweating, and if those individuals aren’t replacing the lost zinc through supplementation, they can become chronically deficient in zinc.

Zinc deficiency is actually one of the biggest money makers for Big Pharma, since having low zinc levels results in symptoms that get diagnosed as diabetes and other diseases. As explained by Prevention.com:

Zinc deficiency has been linked to a slew of health conditions, like diabetes, atherosclerosis, Alzheimer’s, neurological disorders, autoimmune diseases, and more. The potential connection? Zinc keeps your immune system humming along and promotes healthy cell growth. When you don’t get enough of it, your body can’t fight the effects of harmful free radicals and inflammation spikes, two risk factors that have been tied to chronic disease, says Dr. Prasad.

Other symptoms of zinc deficiency include slow healing, skin disorders, balding, poor vision and even difficulty with hearing or your sense of smell. Notably, COVID-19 is causing people to lose their sense of smell almost entirely.

Finally, many medications actually rob the body of zinc, which creates increased vulnerability to coronavirus for individuals who are taking multiple prescription medications.

The toxicity of high blood pressure medications

High blood pressure itself is a risk factor for increased coronavirus fatalities, and blood pressure medications themselves also add an increased risk of death to the patient. Even mainstream medicine news sources like Medical News Today openly write about the toxicity and death risk from blood pressure medications:

Scientists at the Intermountain Medical Center Heart Institute in Salt Lake City, UT, found that individuals with hypertension who used alpha blockers and alpha-2 agonists to control their blood pressure showed an increase in blood pressure variability, which could increase mortality risk.

Lead study author Dr. Brian Clements and team have recently presented their findings at the 2018 American College of Cardiology (ACC) Scientific Sessions, held in Orlando, FL.

According to the new study from Dr. Clements and colleagues, certain types of medication that are used to lower blood pressure may be contributing to this mortality risk.

There are far safer alternatives for naturally lowering blood pressure, of course. Potassium has been shown to lower blood pressure more safely than prescription medications, and even cacao (chocolate) is known to lower blood pressure better than prescription drugs.

Yet blood pressure drugs are widely overprescribed because they generate profits for Big Pharma and kickbacks for doctors.

Summary: If you don’t have high blood pressure, zinc deficiency or take blood pressure medications, your risk of dying from the coronavirus is exceedingly small

We are confident that as more data become available, they will show that the vast majority of coronavirus deaths are occurring in individuals with these three underlying causes, one of which is a simple zinc deficiency that can be treated and corrected for pennies per day.

Although other co-morbidity factors exist — such as diabetes, stroke and CHD — the most common factors are likely going to end up being high blood pressure (hypertension) and zinc deficiency.

Yet Big Pharma controls the medical establishment, the fake news media and even the White House, which means you’ll never hear a word about zinc or the dangers of blood pressure medications. Big Tech censors all information and natural remedies, treatments or cures for the coronavirus other than pharmaceuticals and vaccines, since the tech giants are all “pharma whores.”

The coronavirus, in fact, could accurately be described as almost a binary weapon system that only kills people who rely on pharmaceuticals and avoid nutrition. In order to die from the coronavirus, you almost have to be someone who thinks nutrition is a hoax but pharmaceuticals are necessary. That’s who is largely dying from coronavirus right now, all across the world.

No government will encourage citizens to take nutritional supplements, because that doesn’t enrich the wealthy corporate interests

No government in the world is recommending zinc, vitamin C, magnesium or healthy living. Without a single exception, every government in the world is peddling (non-existent) vaccines and prescription medications as the only possible treatments for coronavirus.

All the deaths taking place right now are, in effect, deaths of ignorance, not deaths from the coronavirus alone. It is lack of knowledge and insane levels of censorship that are killing humanity right now. If everyone could read Natural News, we could help save millions of lives, halt the replication of the virus and get the economies of our world back to active status in record time.

But of course, that’s not what the globalists want. They want mass death, economic destruction, desperation, enslavement and widespread human suffering. And they hold out a vaccine like a carrot on a stick, hoping you will endure months of brutal lockdowns in the hope of one day being offered a “vaccine cure” that will probably kill you, by the way.

That’s because the globalists are at war with humanity, and censorship of natural cures is an even higher priority to them than censorship of political speech. That’s why we were censored even before Alex Jones was censored: Because we teach people how to avoid disease, survive pandemics and escape the medical tyranny of the authoritarian vaccine regime that will soon be coming for you, door to door, with a needle at the ready and a gun pointed at your head, demanding you take the mandatory coronavirus vaccine or lose all your rights as a citizen.

That day is coming soon. You can count on it. And if you refuse the coronavirus vaccine, you will be kidnapped and thrown in a quarantine death camp reserved for “anti-vaxxers” who will be painted as mass murderous and evildoers who are a threat to public health.

That’s why we all need to spread the word about zinc… so we can defeat this virus before the vaccine even comes into existence. By doing that, we deny the vaccine industry their hoped-for “savior” scenario where they can introduce the vaccine as the infections are already waning, then claim that “vaccines saved humanity.” They pulled the same trick with polio, after all, and most doctors and scientists alive today still believe the polio vaccine propaganda.

Our world is still living under the authoritarian tyranny of Big Pharma, and that’s the real reason why tens of thousands are dying from the coronavirus right now. Maybe it’s time for humanity to choose a different future for a change.


[This article originally published by NATURAL NEWS]




As always, posted for your edification and enlightenment by

NORM ‘n’ AL, Minneapolis


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32% unemployment in the US?

  • The coronavirus economic freeze could cost 47 million jobs and send the unemployment rate past 32%, according to St. Louis Fed projections.
  • There are nearly 67 million Americans working in jobs that are at a high risk of layoffs, according to the analysis.
  • St. Louis Fed President James Bullard said last week that the initial estimates are grim but the plunge should be short-lived.

Coronavirus spreading

Millions of Americans already have lost their jobs due to the coronavirus crisis and the worst of the damage is yet to come, according to a Federal Reserve estimate.

Economists at the Fed’s St. Louis district project total employment reductions of 47 million, which would translate to a 32.1% unemployment rate, according to a recent analysis of how bad things could get.

The projections are even worse than St. Louis Fed President James Bullard’s much-publicized estimate of 30%. They reflect the high nature of at-risk jobs that ultimately could be lost to a government-induced economic freeze aimed at halting the coronavirus spread.

“These are very large numbers by historical standards, but this is a rather unique shock that is unlike any other experienced by the U.S. economy in the last 100 years,” St. Louis Fed economist Miguel Faria-e-Castro wrote in a research paper posted last week.

There are a couple of important caveats to what Faria-e-Castro calls “back-of-the-envelope” calculations: They don’t account for workers who may drop out of the labor force, thus bringing down the headline unemployment rate, and they do not estimate the impact of recently passed government stimulus, which will extend unemployment benefits and subsidize companies for not cutting staff.

However, the jobless picture already looks bleak.

A record 3.3 million Americans filed initial jobless claims for the week ended March 21. Economists surveyed by Dow Jones expect another 2.65 million to join them this week. Friday’s nonfarm payrolls count for March is expected to show a decline of just 56,000, but that’s largely due to a statistical distortion because of the sampling period for the count happening before the government implemented social distancing practices.

The central part of Faria-e-Castro’s compilations comes from previous Fed research showing 66.8 million workers in “occupations with high risk of layoff.” They are sales, production, food preparation and services. Other research also identified 27.3 million people working in “high contact-intensive” jobs such as barbers and stylists, airline attendants, and food and beverage service.

The paper then took an average of those workers and estimated a loss of just over 47 million positions. That would bring the U.S. unemployment rolls to 52.8 million, or more than three times worse than the peak of the Great Recession. The 30% unemployment rate would top the Great Depression peak of 24.9%.

The one potential bright side is the likelihood that the downturn could be comparatively brief.

During an interview last week, Bullard said the jobless number “will be unparalleled, but don’t get discouraged. This is a special quarter, and once the virus goes away and if we play our cards right and keep everything intact, then everyone will go back to work and everything will be fine.”

[From an article published by CNBC]




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You are now remotely controlled…surveillance capitalists control the science and the scientists, the secrets and the truth

  • In her book, “The Age of Surveillance Capitalism,” social psychologist and Harvard professor Shoshana Zuboff reveals how the biggest tech companies in the world have hijacked our personal data — so-called “behavioral surplus data streams” — without our knowledge or consent and are using it against you to generate profits for themselves
  • Companies like Facebook, Google and third parties of all kinds have the power — and are using that power — to target your personal inner demons, to trigger you, and to take advantage of you when you’re at your most vulnerable to entice you into action that serves them, commercially or politically

  • Your entire existence — even your shifting moods, deciphered by facial recognition software — has become a source of revenue for corporate entities as you’re being cleverly maneuvered into doing (and typically buying) or thinking something you would not have done, bought or thought otherwise
  • Facebook’s massive experiments, in which they used subliminal cues to see if they could make people happier or sadder and affect real-world behavior offline, proved that — by manipulating language and inserting subliminal cues in the online context — they can change real-world behavior and real-world emotion, and that these methods and powers can be exercised “while bypassing user awareness”
  • The Google Nest security system has a hidden microphone built into it that isn’t featured in any of the schematics for the device. Voice data, and all the information delivered through your daily conversations, is tremendously valuable to Big Data, and add to their ever-expanding predictive modeling capabilities


In recent years, a number of brave individuals have alerted us to the fact that we’re all being monitored and manipulated by big data gatherers such as Google and Facebook, and they have shed light on the depth and breadth of this ongoing surveillance. Among them is social psychologist and Harvard professor Shoshana Zuboff.

Her book, “The Age of Surveillance Capitalism,” is one of the best books I have read in the last few years. It’s an absolute must-read if you have any interest in this topic and want to understand how Google and Facebook have obtained such massive control of your life.

Her book reveals how the biggest tech companies in the world have hijacked our personal data — so-called “behavioral surplus data streams” — without our knowledge or consent and are using it against us to generate profits for themselves. WE have become the product. WE are the real revenue stream in this digital economy.

“The term ‘surveillance capitalism’ is not an arbitrary term,” Zuboff says. “Why ‘surveillance’? Because it must be operations that are engineered as undetectable, indecipherable, cloaked in rhetoric that aims to misdirect, obfuscate and downright bamboozle all of us, all the time.”

The Birth of Surveillance Capitalism

In the featured video, Zuboff “reveals a merciless form of capitalism in which no natural resources, but the citizen itself, serves as raw material.”  She also explains how this surveillance capitalism came about in the first place.

As most revolutionary inventions, chance played a role. After the 2000 dot.com crisis that burst the internet bubble, a startup company named Google struggled to survive. Founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin appeared to be looking at the beginning of the end for their company.

By chance, they discovered that “residual data” left behind by users during their internet searchers had tremendous value. They could trade this data; they could sell it. By compiling this residual data, they could predict the behavior of any given internet user and thus guarantee advertisers a more targeted audience. And so, surveillance capitalism was born.

The Data Collection You Know About Is the Least Valuable

Comments such as “I have nothing to hide, so I don’t care if they track me,” or “I like targeted ads because they make my shopping easier” reveal our ignorance about what’s really going on. We believe we understand what kind of information is being collected about us. For example, you might not care that Google knows you bought a particular kind of shoe, or a particular book.

However, the information we freely hand over is the least important of the personal information actually being gathered about us, Zuboff notes. Tech companies tell us the data collected is being used to improve services, and indeed, some of it is.

But it is also being used to model human behavior by analyzing the patterns of behavior of hundreds of millions of people. Once you have a large enough training model, you can begin to accurately predict how different types of individuals will behave over time.

The data gathered is also being used to predict a whole host of individual attributes about you, such as personality quirks, sexual orientation, political orientation — “a whole range of things we never ever intended to disclose,” Zuboff says.

How Is Predictive Data Being Used?

All sorts of predictive data are handed over with each photo you upload to social media. For example, it’s not just that tech companies can see your photos. Your face is being used without your knowledge or consent to train facial recognition software, and none of us is told how that software is intended to be used.

As just one example, the Chinese government is using facial recognition software to track and monitor minority groups and advocates for democracy, and that could happen elsewhere as well, at any time.

So that photo you uploaded of yourself at a party provides a range of valuable information — from the types of people you’re most likely to spend your time with and where you’re likely to go to have a good time, to information about how the muscles in your face move and alter the shape of your features when you’re in a good mood.

By gathering a staggering amount of data points on each person, minute by minute, Big Data can make very accurate predictions about human behavior, and these predictions are then “sold to business customers who want to maximize our value to their business,” Zuboff says.

Your entire existence — even your shifting moods, deciphered by facial recognition software — has become a source of revenue for many tech corporations. You might think you have free will but, in reality, you’re being cleverly maneuvered and funneled into doing (and typically buying) or thinking something you may not have done, bought or thought otherwise. And, “our ignorance is their bliss,” Zuboff says.

The Facebook Contagion Experiments

In the documentary, Zuboff highlights Facebook’s massive “contagion experiments,” in which they used subliminal cues and language manipulation to see if they could make people feel happier or sadder and affect real-world behavior offline. As it turns out, they can. Two key findings from those experiments were:

  1. By manipulating language and inserting subliminal cues in the online context, they can change real-world behavior and real-world emotion
  2. These methods and powers can be exercised “while bypassing user awareness”

In the video, Zuboff also explains how the Pokemon Go online game — which was actually created by Google — was engineered to manipulate real-world behavior and activity for profit. She also describes the scheme in her New York Times article, saying:

“Game players did not know that they were pawns in the real game of behavior modification for profit, as the rewards and punishments of hunting imaginary creatures were used to herd people to the McDonald’s, Starbucks and local pizza joints that were paying the company for ‘footfall,’ in exactly the same way that online advertisers pay for ‘click through’ to their websites.”

You’re Being Manipulated Every Single Day in Countless Ways

Zuboff also reviews what we learned from the Cambridge Analytica scandal. Cambridge Analytica is a political marketing business that, in 2018, used the Facebook data of 80 million Americans to determine the best strategies for manipulating American voters.

Christopher Wylie, now-former director of research at Cambridge Analytica, blew the whistle on the company’s methods. According to Wylie, they had so much data on people, they knew exactly how to trigger fear, rage and paranoia in any given individual. And, by triggering those emotions, they could manipulate them into looking at a certain website, joining a certain group, and voting for a certain candidate.

So, the reality now is, companies like Facebook, Google and third parties of all kinds, have the power — and are using that power — to target your personal inner demons, to trigger you, and to take advantage of you when you’re at your weakest or most vulnerable to entice you into action that serves them, commercially or politically. It’s certainly something to keep in mind while you surf the web and social media sites.

“It was only a minute ago that we didn’t have many of these tools, and we were fine,” Zuboff says in the film. “We lived rich and full lives. We had close connections with friends and family.

Having said that, I want to recognize that there’s a lot that the digital world brings to our lives, and we deserve to have all of that. But we deserve to have it without paying the price of surveillance capitalism.

Right now, we are in that classic Faustian bargain; 21st century citizens should not have to make the choice of either going analog or living in a world where our self-determination and our privacy are destroyed for the sake of this market logic. That is unacceptable.

Let’s also not be naïve. You get the wrong people involved in our government, at any moment, and they look over their shoulders at the rich control possibilities offered by these new systems.

There will come a time when, even in the West, even in our democratic societies, our government will be tempted to annex these capabilities and use them over us and against us. Let’s not be naïve about that.

When we decide to resist surveillance capitalism — right now when it is in the market dynamic — we are also preserving our democratic future, and the kinds of checks and balances that we will need going forward in an information civilization if we are to preserve freedom and democracy for another generation.”

Surveillance Is Getting Creepier by the Day

But the surveillance and data collection doesn’t end with what you do online. Big Data also wants access to your most intimate moments — what you do and how you behave in the privacy of your own home, for example, or in your car. Zuboff recounts how the Google Nest security system was found to have a hidden microphone built into it that isn’t featured in any of the schematics for the device.

“Voices are what everybody are after, just like faces,” Zuboff says. Voice data, and all the information delivered through your daily conversations, is tremendously valuable to Big Data, and add to their ever-expanding predictive modeling capabilities.

She also discusses how these kinds of data-collecting devices force consent from users by holding the functionality of the device “hostage” if you don’t want your data collected and shared.

For example, x, that share it with third parties and so on ad infinitum — and Google takes no responsibility for what any of these third parties might do with your data.

You can decline this , but if you do, Google will no longer support the functionality of the thermostat; it will no longer update your software and may affect the functionality of other linked devices such as smoke detectors.

Two scholars who analyzed the Google Nest thermostat contract concluded that a consumer who is even a little bit vigilant about how their consumption data is being used would have to review 1,000 privacy contracts before installing a single thermostat in their home.

Modern cars are also being equipped with multiple cameras that feed Big Data. As noted in the film, the average new car has 15 cameras, and if you have access to the data of a mere 1% of all cars, you have “knowledge of everything happening in the world.”

Of course, those cameras are sold to you as being integral to novel safety features, but you’re paying for this added safety with your privacy, and the privacy of everyone around you.

Pandemic Measures Are Rapidly Eroding Privacy

The current coronavirus pandemic is also using “safety” as a means to dismantle personal privacy. As reported by The New York Times, March 23, 2020:

“In South Korea, government agencies are harnessing surveillance-camera footage, smartphone location data and credit card purchase records to helptrace the recent movements of coronavirus patients and establish virus transmission chains.

In Lombardy, Italy, the authorities are analyzing location data transmitted by citizens’ mobile phones to determine how many people are obeying a government lockdown order and the typical distances they move every day. About 40 percent are moving around “too much,” an official recently said.

In Israel, the country’s internal security agency is poised to start using a cache of mobile phone location data — originally intended for counter-terrorism operations — to try to pinpoint citizens who may have been exposed to the virus.

As countries around the world race to contain the pandemic, many are deploying digital surveillance tools as a means to exert social control, even turning security agency technologies on their own civilians …

Yet ratcheting up surveillance to combat the pandemic now could permanently open the doors to more invasive forms of snooping later. It is a lesson Americans learned after the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, civil liberties experts say.

Nearly two decades later, law enforcement agencies have access to higher-powered surveillance systems, like fine-grained location tracking and facial recognition — technologies that may be repurposed to further political agendas …

‘We could so easily end up in a situation where we empower local, state or federal government to take measures in response to this pandemic that fundamentally change the scope of American civil rights,’ said Albert Fox Cahn, the executive director of the Surveillance Technology Oversight Project, a nonprofit organization in Manhattan.”

Humanity at a Cross-Roads

Zuboff also discusses her work in a January 24, 2020, op-ed in The New York Times. “You are now remotely controlled. Surveillance capitalists control the science and the scientists, the secrets and the truth,” she writes, continuing:

“We thought that we search Google, but now we understand that Google searches us. We assumed that we use social media to connect, but we learned that connection is how social media uses us.

We barely questioned why our new TV or mattress had a privacy policy, but we’ve begun to understand that ‘privacy’ policies are actually surveillance policies … Privacy is not private, because the effectiveness of … surveillance and control systems depends upon the pieces of ourselves that we give up — or that are secretly stolen from us.

Our digital century was to have been democracy’s Golden Age. Instead, we enter its third decade marked by a stark new form of social inequality best understood as ‘epistemic inequality’ … extreme asymmetries of knowledge and the power that accrues to such knowledge, as the tech giants seize control of information and learning itself …

Surveillance capitalists exploit the widening inequity of knowledge for the sake of profits. They manipulate the economy, our society and even our lives with impunity, endangering not just individual privacy but democracy itself …

Still, the winds appear to have finally shifted. A fragile new awareness is dawning … Surveillance capitalists are fast because they seek neither genuine consent nor consensus. They rely on psychic numbing and messages of inevitability to conjure the helplessness, resignation and confusion that paralyze their prey.

Democracy is slow, and that’s a good thing. Its pace reflects the tens of millions of conversations that occur … gradually stirring the sleeping giant of democracy to action.

These conversations are occurring now, and there are many indications that lawmakers are ready to join and to lead. This third decade is likely to decide our fate. Will we make the digital future better, or will it make us worse?”

Epistemic Inequality

Epistemic inequality refers to inequality in what you’re able to learn. “It is defined as unequal access to learning imposed by private commercial mechanisms of information capture, production, analysis and sales. It is best exemplified in the fast-growing abyss between what we know and what is known about us,” Zuboff writes in her New York Times op-ed.

Google, Facebook, Amazon and Microsoft have spearheaded the surveillance market transformation, placing themselves at the top tier of the epistemic hierarchy. They know everything about you and you know nothing about them. You don’t even know what they know about you.

“They operated in the shadows to amass huge knowledge monopolies by taking without asking, a maneuver that every child recognizes as theft,” Zuboff writes.

“Surveillance capitalism begins by unilaterally staking a claim to private human experience as free raw material for translation into behavioral data. Our lives are rendered as data flows.”

These data flows are about you, but not for you. All of it is used against you — to separate you from your money, or to make you act in a way that is in some way profitable for a company or a political agenda. So, ask yourself, where is your freedom in all of this?

They’re Making You Dance to Their Tune

If a company can cause you to buy stuff you don’t need by sticking an enticing, personalized ad for something they know will boost your confidence at the exact moment you’re feeling insecure or worthless (a tactic that has been tested and perfected), are you really acting through free will?

If an artificial intelligence using predictive modeling senses you’re getting hungry (based on a variety of cues such as your location, facial expressions and verbal expressions) and launches an ad from a local restaurant to you in the very moment you’re deciding to get something to eat, are you really making conscious, self-driven, value-based life choices? As noted by Zuboff in her article:

“Unequal knowledge about us produces unequal power over us, and so epistemic inequality widens to include the distance between what we can do and what can be done to us. Data scientists describe this as the shift from monitoring to actuation, in which a critical mass of knowledge about a machine system enables the remote control of that system.

Now people have become targets for remote control, as surveillance capitalists discovered that the most predictive data come from intervening in behavior to tune, herd and modify action in the direction of commercial objectives.

This third imperative, ‘economies of action,’ has become an arena of intense experimentation. ‘We are learning how to write the music,’ one scientist said, ‘and then we let the music make them dance.’

The fact is that in the absence of corporate transparency and democratic oversight, epistemic inequality rules. They know. They decide who knows. They decide who decides. The public’s intolerable knowledge disadvantage is deepened by surveillance capitalists’ perfection of mass communications as gaslighting …

On April 30, 2019 Mark Zuckerberg made a dramatic announcement at the company’s annual developer conference, declaring, ‘The future is private.’ A few weeks later, a Facebook litigator appeared before a federal district judge in California to thwart a user lawsuit over privacy invasion, arguing that the very act of using Facebook negates any reasonable expectation of privacy ‘as a matter of law.'”

We Need a Whole New Regulatory Framework

In the video, Zuboff points out that there are no laws in place to curtail this brand-new type of surveillance capitalism, and the only reason it has been able to flourish over the past 20 years is because there’s been an absence of laws against it, primarily because it has never previously existed.

That’s the problem with epistemic inequality. Google and Facebook were the only ones who knew what they were doing. The surveillance network grew in the shadows, unbeknownst to the public or lawmakers. Had we fought against it for two decades, then we might have had to resign ourselves to defeat, but as it stands, we’ve never even tried to regulate it.

This, Zuboff says, should give us all hope. We can turn this around and take back our privacy, but we need legislation that addresses the actual reality of the entire breadth and depth of the data collection system. It’s not enough to address just the data that we know that we’re giving when we go online. Zuboff writes:

“These contests of the 21st century demand a framework of epistemic rights enshrined in law and subject to democratic governance. Such rights would interrupt data supply chains by safeguarding the boundaries of human experience before they come under assault from the forces of datafication.

The choice to turn any aspect of one’s life into data must belong to individuals by virtue of their rights in a democratic society. This means, for example, that companies cannot claim the right to your face, or use your face as free raw material for analysis, or own and sell any computational products that derive from your face …

Anything made by humans can be unmade by humans. Surveillance capitalism is young, barely 20 years in the making, but democracy is old, rooted in generations of hope and contest.

Surveillance capitalists are rich and powerful, but they are not invulnerable. They have an Achilles heel: fear. They fear lawmakers who do not fear them. They fear citizens who demand a new road forward as they insist on new answers to old questions: Who will know? Who will decide who knows? Who will decide who decides? Who will write the music, and who will dance?”

How to Protect Your Online Privacy

While there’s no doubt we need a whole new legislative framework to curtail surveillance capitalism, in the meantime, there are ways you can protect your privacy online and limit the “behavioral surplus data” collected about you.

Robert Epstein, senior research psychologist for the American Institute of Behavioral Research and Technology, recommends taking the following steps to protect your privacy:

Use a virtual private network (VPN) such as Nord, which is only about $3 per month and can be used on up to six devices. In my view, this is a must if you seek to preserve your privacy. Epstein explains:

“When you use your mobile phone, laptop or desktop in the usual way, your identity is very easy for Google and other companies to see. They can see it via your IP address, but more and more, there are much more sophisticated ways now that they know it’s you. One is called browser fingerprinting.

This is something that is so disturbing. Basically, the kind of browser you have and the way you use your browser is like a fingerprint. You use your browser in a unique way, and just by the way you type, these companies now can instantly identify you.

Brave has some protection against a browser fingerprinting, but you really need to be using a VPN. What a VPN does is it routes whatever you’re doing through some other computer somewhere else. It can be anywhere in the world, and there are hundreds of companies offering VPN services. The one I like the best right now is called Nord VPN.

You download the software, install it, just like you install any software. It’s incredibly easy to use. You do not have to be a techie to use Nord, and it shows you a map of the world and you basically just click on a country.

The VPN basically makes it appear as though your computer is not your computer. It basically creates a kind of fake identity for you, and that’s a good thing. Now, very often I will go through Nord’s computers in the United States. Sometimes you have to do that, or you can’t get certain things done. PayPal doesn’t like you to be in a foreign country for example.”

Nord, when used on your cellphone, will also mask your identity when using apps like Google Maps.

Do not use Gmail, as every email you write is permanently stored. It becomes part of your profile and is used to build digital models of you, which allows them to make predictions about your line of thinking and every want and desire.

Many other older email systems such as AOL and Yahoo are also being used as surveillance platforms in the same way as Gmail. ProtonMail.com, which uses end-to-end encryption, is a great alternative and the basic account is free.

Don’t use Google’s Chrome browser, as everything you do on there is surveilled, including keystrokes and every webpage you’ve ever visited. Brave is a great alternative that takes privacy seriously.

Brave is also faster than Chrome, and suppresses ads. It’s based on Chromium, the same software infrastructure that Chrome is based on, so you can easily transfer your extensions, favorites and bookmarks.

Don’t use Google as your search engine, or any extension of Google, such as Bing or Yahoo, both of which draw search results from Google. The same goes for the iPhone’s personal assistant Siri, which draws all of its answers from Google.

Alternative search engines suggested by Epstein include SwissCows and Qwant. He recommends avoiding StartPage, as it was recently bought by an aggressive online marketing company, which, like Google, depends on surveillance.

Don’t use an Android cellphone, for all the reasons discussed earlier. Epstein uses a BlackBerry, which is more secure than Android phones or the iPhone. BlackBerry’s upcoming model, the Key3, will be one of the most secure cellphones in the world, he says.
Don’t use Google Home devices in your house or apartment — These devices record everything that occurs in your home, both speech and sounds such as brushing your teeth and boiling water, even when they appear to be inactive, and send that information back to Google. Android phones are also always listening and recording, as are Google’s home thermostat Nest, and Amazon’s Alexa.

[From an article published by MERCOLA.COM]




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If we can shut down America for COVID-19, we can probably shut it down for anything

When dams break, flooding follows

“The dam has been broken,” author and nationally syndicated radio host Dennis Prager warns. “Maybe it was necessary. But when dams break, flooding follows.”

In a Tuesday piece for American Greatness, “Why the Remedy May Be Worse Than the Disease,” Prager issues a dire warning for a country reeling from a self-imposed shutdown.

In the scramble to prevent the spread of COVID-19, Americans must be vigilant against the kind of cure some may prescribe.

“We can only be certain that shutting down virtually every part of society will result in a large number of people economically ruined, life savings depleted, decades of work building a restaurant or some other small business destroyed,” Prager explains.

“But the longer-term ripple effects are potentially far worse,” he warns.

“Communist parties don’t fare well in robust economies,” Prager adds. “But they’re very tempting when people are in dire economic straits. Only God knows what economic dislocation the shutting down of American and other Western economies will lead to.”

Prager is right.

The COVID-19 virus does not simply represent a health threat — it has also sparked a larger calamity the likes of which we are just now beginning to see, but can hardly imagine.

Looming bankruptcies.

Skyrocketing unemployment.

Supply line disruptions.

Fear of social unrest.

And that doesn’t even take into account an impending psychological emergency from the exhaustion of dealing with constant crisis.

Prager issues a prediction: “If the government can order society to cease functioning, from restaurants and other businesses to schools, due to a possible health disaster, it is highly likely that a Democratic president and Congress will similarly declare emergency and assert authoritarian rule in order to prevent what they consider the even greater ‘existential threat’ to human life posed by global warming.”

Could America close to “protect” itself from global warming? Could shutdowns and “shelter-in-place” orders be imposed for say, higher CO2 levels, ozone alert days or methane-producing cows?

Will coal and nuclear energy, air travel and beef be labeled enemies of the state for the greater good?

Is this current shutdown just the kind of roadmap that climate authoritarians need to take control?

Eventually, the balance of power in America will shift. This being an election year, America will have to decide what kind of country it wants to be.

Will Americans vote to adopt short-term fixes with long-term consequences, like implementing socialistic authoritarianism endlessly reliant upon government?

Or will America learn a valuable lesson about domestic production and freeing up the vitality of the private sector to do earlier and better what government cannot and arguably should not be doing?

The choice will be ours.


[This article by James Morganelli was written for THE WESTERN JOURNAL]




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COVID-19: Further evidence that the virus originated in the US

(This article is reprinted in its entirety from GlobalResearch.ca, where it was originally published)

As readers will recall from an earlier article , Japanese and Taiwanese epidemiologists and pharmacologists have determined that the new coronavirus almost certainly originated in the US since that country is the only one known to have all five types – from which all others must have descended. Wuhan in China has only one of those types, rendering it in analogy as a kind of “branch” which cannot exist by itself but must have grown from a “tree”.

The Taiwanese physician noted that in August of 2019 the US had a flurry of lung pneumonias or similar, which the Americans blamed on ‘vaping’ from e-cigarettes, but which, according to the scientist, the symptoms and conditions could not be explained by e-cigarettes. He said he wrote to the US officials telling them he suspected those deaths were likely due to the coronavirus. He claims his warnings were ignored.

Immediately prior to that, the CDC totally shut down the US Military’s main bio-lab at Fort Detrick, Maryland, due to an absence of safeguards against pathogen leakages, issuing a complete “cease and desist” order to the military. It was immediately after this event that the ‘e-cigarette’ epidemic arose.

Screenshot from The New York Times August 08, 2019


We also had the Japanese citizens infected in September of 2019, in Hawaii, people who had never been to China, these infections occurring on US soil long before the outbreak in Wuhan but only shortly after the locking down of Fort Detrick.

Then, on Chinese social media, another article appeared, aware of the above but presenting further details. It stated in part that five “foreign” athletes or other personnel visiting Wuhan for the World Military Games (October 18-27, 2019) were hospitalized in Wuhan for an undetermined infection.

The article explains more clearly that the Wuhan version of the virus could have come only from the US because it is what they call a “branch” which could not have been created first because it would have no ‘seed’. It would have to have been a new variety spun off the original ‘trunk’, and that trunk exists only in the US. (1)

There has been much public speculation that the coronavirus had been deliberately transmitted to China but, according to the Chinese article, a less sinister alternative is possible.

If some members of the US team at the World Military Games (18-27 October) had become infected by the virus from an accidental outbreak at Fort Detrick it is possible that, with a long initial incubation period, their symptoms might have been minor, and those individuals could easily have ‘toured’ the city of Wuhan during their stay, infecting potentially thousands of local residents in various locations, many of whom would later travel to the seafood market from which the virus would spread like wildfire  (as it did).

That would account also for the practical impossibility of locating the legendary “patient zero” – which in this case has never been found since there would have been many of them.

Next, Daniel Lucey, an infectious disease expert at Georgetown University in Washington, said in an article in Science magazine that the first human infection has been confirmed as occurring in November 2019, (not in Wuhan), suggesting the virus originated elsewhere and then spread to the seafood markets. “One group put the origin of the outbreak as early as 18 September 2019.” (2) (3)

China’s New Coronavirus: An Examination of the Facts

Wuhan seafood market may not be source of novel virus spreading globally.

Description of earliest cases suggests outbreak began elsewhere.

The article states:

“As confirmed cases of a novel virus surge around the world with worrisome speed, all eyes have so far focused on a seafood market in Wuhan, China, as the origin of the outbreak. But a description of the first clinical cases published in The Lancet on Friday challenges that hypothesis.” (4) (5)

The paper, written by a large group of Chinese researchers from several institutions, offers details about the first 41 hospitalized patients who had confirmed infections with what has been dubbed 2019 novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV).

In the earliest case, the patient became ill on 1 December 2019 and had no reported link to the seafood market, the authors report. “No epidemiological link was found between the first patient and later cases”, they state. Their data also show that, in total, 13 of the 41 cases had no link to the marketplace. “That’s a big number, 13, with no link”, says Daniel Lucey . . . (6)

Earlier reports from Chinese health authorities and the World Health Organization had said the first patient had onset of symptoms on 8 December 2019 – and those reports simply said “most” cases had links to the seafood market, which was closed on 1 January. (7)

“Lucey says if the new data are accurate, the first human infections must have occurred in November 2019 – if not earlier – because there is an incubation time between infection and symptoms surfacing. If so, the virus possibly spread silently between people in Wuhan – and perhaps elsewhere – before the cluster of cases from the city’s now-infamous Huanan Seafood Wholesale Market was discovered in late December. “The virus came into that marketplace before it came out of that marketplace”, Lucey asserts.

“China must have realized the epidemic did not originate in that Wuhan Huanan seafood market”, Lucey told Science Insider. (8)

Kristian Andersen is an evolutionary biologist at the Scripps Research Institute who has analyzed sequences of 2019-nCoV to try to clarify its origin. He said the scenario was “entirely plausible” of infected persons bringing the virus into the seafood market from somewhere outside. According to the Science article,

“Andersen posted his analysis of 27 available genomes of 2019-nCoV on 25 January on a virology research website. It suggests they had a “most recent common ancestor” – meaning a common source – as early as 1 October 2019.” (9)

It was interesting that Lucey also noted that MERS was originally believed to have come from a patient in Saudi Arabia in June of 2012, but later and more thorough studies traced it back to an earlier hospital outbreak of unexplained pneumonia in Jordan in April of that year. Lucey said that from stored samples from people who died in Jordan, medical authorities confirmed they had been infected with the MERS virus. (10)

This would provide impetus for caution among the public in accepting the “official standard narrative” that the Western media are always so eager to provide – as they did with SARS, MERS, and ZIKA, all of which ‘official narratives’ were later proven to have been entirely wrong.

In this case, the Western media flooded their pages for months about the COVID-19 virus originating in the Wuhan seafood market, caused by people eating bats and wild animals. All of this has been proven wrong.

Not only did the virus not originate at the seafood market, it did not originate in Wuhan at all, and it has now been proven that it did not originate in China but was brought to China from another country. Part of the proof of this assertion is that the genome varieties of the virus in Iran and Italy have been sequenced and declared to have no part of the variety that infected China and must, by definition, have originated elsewhere.

It would seem the only possibility for origination is the US because only that country has the “tree trunk” of all the varieties. And it may therefore be true that the original source of the COVID-19 virus was the US military bio-warfare lab at Fort Detrick. This would not be a surprise, given that the CDC completely shut down Fort Detrick, but also because, as I related in an earlier article, between 2005 and 2012 the US had experienced 1,059 events where pathogens had been either stolen or escaped from American bio-labs during the prior ten years – an average of one every three days.



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[This article by Larry Romanoff appeared on LewRockwell.com.  Larry Romanoff is a retired management consultant and businessman. He has held senior executive positions in international consulting firms, and owned an international import-export business. He has been a visiting professor at Shanghai’s Fudan University, presenting case studies in international affairs to senior EMBA classes. Mr. Romanoff lives in Shanghai and is currently writing a series of ten books generally related to China and the West. He can be contacted at: 2186604556@qq.com. He is a frequent contributor to Global Research.]




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A few more words to the wise…


Lithium is best known for its role in treating bipolar disorder, but there are other health benefits to this mineral that are frequently overlooked. Lithium is found in all living organisms. Grains, vegetables, and drinking water (depending upon the area one lives in) are all good sources. Its name comes from the Greek word lithos, meaning stone.

Although it had not been previously considered essential to health, some experts propose taking 1,000 micrograms of lithium daily, according to the current evidence.  An experimental study involving rats found that lithium reduced ischemia-reperfusion injury (the damage that occurs when blood returns to tissues that had been deprived of oxygen), a finding that could have implications for humans.  The chloride salt of this trace element also shows promise for the treatment of osteoarthritis.  However, its most significant benefit could be something even more impressive — extending life.

In the August 2011 issue of the European Journal of Nutrition, researchers found an association between higher lithium levels in drinking water and a lower rate of death in Japan.  As well as possibly making life longer, lithium could make life more…livable. Another Japanese study found an association between higher lithium water levels and a reduction in the suicide rate of females. A similar association was revealed in a study conducted in Greece and published in 2013.  The Greek researchers found that lithium may also have therapeutic benefits in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), more commonly known as Lou Gehrig’s disease.

Lithium at lower doses seems to have a beneficial effect on human behavior. Higher lithium drinking water levels have been associated with a decrease in the rates of homicide, rape, robbery, burglary, and even drug abuse.  Low dose lithium is actually available as a stand-alone supplement or in trace mineral formulations. [Source]



Do you know anyone who is taking a blood-thinning drug? (Warfarin, rivaroxiban (Xarelto), and apixaban (Eliquis) are three of the best-known blood thinners.) Maybe you yourself are taking one of these. Thinning the blood can have a very beneficial effect for people who have had heart problems or whose blood seems to clot too easily.

The issue here is (1) blood thinners like warfarin have to be very closely monitored to be sure they do not thin the blood too much, and (2) the heavily advertised blood thinners like Xarelto and Eliquis are very expensive and they are chemical DRUGS. (Next time you sit down to watch TV, keep a log of all the pharmaceutical ads during your TV time. You’ll be amazed and dismayed by how hard the drug makers are working to take your money.)

Drugless healing is the ONLY path to real healing.

Big Pharma’s “bottle of lies” and the imminent health threat conventional doctors almost never discuss with their patients.

Why would they? America’s “sick care” system is bankrolling their early retirement. It’s a downright terrifying fact – according to the Centers for Disease Control, more than HALF of all Americans live with at least one chronic disease.

That’s more than 160 million people suffering! And we’re not just growing sicker in spite of mainstream medicine’s “help”… “Medical error” is the third leading cause of death in the U.S.  If you’re sick, mainstream medicine is more likely to KILL you than to CURE you.  (It’s mind-boggling…Americans spend $3.5 trillion on health care every year, and many of us DIE from that “care.”)  Medical care consumes almost 20% of our ENTIRE economy, and its goal is not to make us healthier but to sell more drugs.

Clearly, Big Pharma’s conveyor belt of prescription pills is NOT the answer.  [Source]

If you need a blood-thinner, try pomegranate, a fruit with natural blood-thinning qualities. You can get this fruit in the form of juice, or you can get it in the form of extract (the whole fruit).  Either way, you will be healthier, you will save money, and your body will thank you.  (Where to get pomegranate? We suggest HERE or HERE.  For more information on lithium, start HERE.)


Here’s the bottom line: We MUST begin to take matters into our own hands when it comes to our health. To do nothing but ask for another prescription (always be sure to read all the fine print containing the side effects) from your doctor is not the best way to get healthy, but it’s a great way to get poorer.


WANT A SUPER WAY to follow up on the COVID-19 Coronavirus? No hype, just live tracking? CLICK HERE.


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