Two years and tens of millions of dollars…wasted.

That’s how much time and money was wasted on the Mueller investigation.

And what do we have to show for it?

Our border is still in shambles.

Anti-American extremists (who are Democrats actually elected to the U.S. Congress) have no intention of working to make America a better country.  Their intent is solely to sow discord and discontent.  Two of these extremists are Muslims, and they make no attempt to hide the fact that they are radical Muslims.

And thousands of veterans are jobless, homeless and hungry — while we roll out the red carpet for the migrants storming our southern border.

Our government spent MILLIONS of dollars and COUNTLESS hours on the bogus Democrat-inspired witch hunt — an invention of the Deep State with the sole objective of unseating a democratically elected President.

All to prove what you and I have known all along: It wasn’t Russia that elected President Trump. It was patriots like you and me.

And now that the truth is out, it’s patriots like you and me that need to ignite change.

If there’s anything worth spending our hard earned dollars on, it’s weeding out the Deep State holdovers that were willing to destroy our country as long as they could destroy the President too.

This so-called “Russian Collusion” investigation was never about the truth, and it was never about our country.

It wasn’t about national security or the integrity of our elections.

It was about one thing, and one thing only…


And when patriots like you and me came together and rejected their Marxist agenda, it became clear that the talking heads and Establishment hacks weren’t calling the shots anymore.

The power was back in the hands of “we, the people.”

And they’ve been desperate to snatch that power back ever since.

So they lied, and they spied, and used every tool at their disposal to take the President down.

But the truth STILL prevailed, and now there’s no doubt about it: our President is innocent.

Now it’s time for the Deep State to answer to us.  There is simply too much at stake to overlook all the treasonous actions which were designed to take our country down.

Make no mistake: the radical extremists in our midst do not love America.  They love only the power they have as elected government officials.  If they loved America, they would not be trying so hard to see that America is destroyed as a democracy.  They want to see America become a socialist country, even with a current example of what that can mean: Venezuela is teetering on the brink of complete chaos.  The idiot radicals in our midst actually think that chaos is the right way to create the change they seek.

As we move closer to 2020 and the next national election, DO NOT make the mistake of thinking that the radicals in our midst really mean what they say.  Do not make the mistake of thinking they are worth your vote.  They are not. They have proven they are not.  And they have proven they do not care about the country we all live in…the country that many thousands of our finest citizens died to protect and to make better.  Vote for only those who put people above power.

July 4th, our most revered national holiday, is fast approaching.  Make it your goal on this upcoming holiday to visit a national cemetery.  Or to at least do a bit of research into how many of our finest are buried in them, and which wars put them there.  It’s an extremely sobering experience to visit a national cemetery and walk among literally tens of thousands of white headstones…but it’s an experience all patriots should have.



[From an article published by the Horowitz Freedom Center]




As always, posted for your edification and enlightenment by

NORM ‘n’ AL, Minneapolis






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