Thousands of migrants now poised on Mexico – US border

Thousands of migrants now at US southern border

Thousands of migrants have formed a caravan to invade the United States.  Intentionally or unintentionally, they threaten the very fabric of America as a nation.

This migrant caravan attracted massive attention in the run-up to the midterm elections. Donald Trump made the thousands of migrants invading the United States the central issue in the campaign. But while the headlines focused on the caravan, it hid a horrible truth about illegal immigration.

Tonatiuh Guillén López, who will take over as head of Mexico’s National Institute of Migration when the new government takes power on December 1st, revealed a startling truth.

He said the real problem with illegal immigration was the smaller groups of migrants who sneak across the border.

Migrants crossing US border illegally

He described the caravan as only the tip of the iceberg. “The issue is the movements we do not see, those who are not in the caravan, that is the big issue.” Then he claimed — guess you never saw this coming, did you? — he claimed the solution was more US taxpayer money for Central American countries.

“The central question is what is being done so that people have opportunities at home,” Guillén stated. “You can’t manage these movements if at the same time you don’t have a development program, these have to go hand in hand.”

This is the same failed policy the United States pursued under past Presidents.

“If we don’t come up with development initiatives based on international cooperation, and we don’t confront the problem of Honduras and its crisis, we’re going to have the same cycle, each time more amplified,” Guillén claimed.

Trump takes affirmative action

Donald Trump signed an executive proclamation changing asylum laws. Migrants caught crossing the border illegally can no longer apply for asylum. To apply for asylum in the US, migrants must show up at a legal port of entry.

Trump also pressured Mexico to adopt a policy requiring migrants to apply for asylum in Mexico before they reach the United States, but Mexico fought back against Trump’s plan of stopping illegal immigration by having migrants apply for asylum in Mexico first.

“Mexico would have no reason to do this,” Guillén said. “We all need to share responsibility. Mexico already is receiving large numbers of Central Americans and the main issue is that we need to move forward in a regional approach.”

Trump’s tough new approach is a necessary one.  Between 350,000 and 400,000 illegal aliens are trying to invade the United States from Central America, which is a near ten-year high.  However, these are not legitimate asylum seekers, these are economic migrants.  US businesses want them in the country to help depress the wages of American workers,  which is why we read phony stories about migrant gangs and how they cause domestic violence.

Democrats and fake news reporters mocked Donald Trump’s statements that the caravan was an invasion.  The left claimed the caravan was a collection of desperate refugees fleeing violence for a better life, but Trump knew better.

Thousands of migrants headed for US southern border

The US government historically rejects 80 percent of asylum claims.  This caravan is a mob of economic migrants looking to flood the American economy, which will depress the wages of American workers.

Fake news reporters also claimed that the caravan was thousands of miles away and posed no danger to the United States.  These so-called “reporters” were telling lies and deliberately spreading fake news.  The caravan reached the border barely a week after Election Day.

CNN’s Jim Acosta lectured Trump that he was racist for calling the caravan an “invasion,” and mocked the President’s position that the migrants were climbing over fences to get into America. Photographs, however, proved Acosta to be a liar.

Hours after this photograph went viral, the Department of Homeland Security responded by putting razor wire along the fence.

The Department also doubled down on the fact that migrants entering the country illegally have no claim to request asylum.

“As we have said repeatedly, being a member of a caravan doesn’t give you any special rights to enter the country,” spokeswoman Katie Waldman declared in a statement to the Washington Examiner. “If they arrive at a Port of Entry, they will have to wait in line in keeping with the lawful processes at our ports of entry. If they attempt to enter illegally, they will have violated U.S. criminal law and in accordance with the President’s proclamation and the Interim Final Rule they would be ineligible for asylum.”

Migrants headed for US border

Caravan shows why Americans are right to distrust fake news media

The fake news media “reporting” on the caravan shows why Americans cannot trust outlets like CNN, the New York Times, the Washington Post, ABC, NBC or CBS.  They filled their airtime and newspapers with lies about how unlikely it was that the caravan would reach the United States.

And so-called “reporters” spread misinformation about how far away the caravan really was.  Americans learned a valuable lesson.  They found out they cannot trust anything they read or see in the so-called “mainstream” news.

These are not objective journalists dedicated to finding the truth.  Fake news reporters are hard-bitten Democrat activists looking to push the liberal/leftist agenda.  (You saw the Left at its best in the Kavanaugh Supreme Court hearings, when they spread false accusations about Judge Kavanaugh which were supposedly from his teen-age years and were subsequently proven to be completely made-up and total lies.)


[From articles published by GREAT AMERICAN DAILY and other sources]




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