Investigators murdered and witnesses silenced as the Clintons’ “body count” keeps growing

The video shown directly below contains some of the most important, but highly censored, information on the internet at this moment, so we ask that you watch and please help it to go viral. While the mainstream media and the Democratic party continue to call the topic that is discussed here a ‘tinfoil hat conspiracy theory‘, as we hear from courageous FBI agent Robyn Gritz in the video, the topic discussed is anything but.

In the video, One America News Network interviews Gritz about the recent death of a former police officer and ‘pedogate’ investigator by the name of Jenny Moore and as we learn, it very well appears that the ‘Clinton body count‘ has gone up another notch after Moore’s recent death in Prince George’s County, Maryland.

Watch this short video...
As Gritz tells OAN, Moore, whom she knew only as ‘Taskforce’, had been investigating ‘pedogate’ and Bill and Hillary Clinton and had recently come across documents that she was going to turn over to law enforcement. As we hear from Gritz, ‘Taskforce’ told her that if the wrong people found out about the documents she had obtained, she might be killed. Gritz tells us that was only weeks ago and now Moore is dead.

There is much more still being uncoverred including another look at the still-growing ‘Clinton body count’ as well as another HUGE hint via the mother of Julian Assange of Wikileaks that the DNC hack that the Democrats and deep state have continually blamed upon Russia was actually done by a frustrated DNC insider.

As ‘Tyler Durden’ recently reported in this story over at Zero Hedge in a tweet published back on August 16th by the mother of Julian Assange, Mrs. Christine Assange, she stated that its the duty of the media to inform citizens about corruption. And while the mainstream media was completely silent on 8 years of total corruption within the Obama administration with even Obama claiming his administration was scandal free, Obama was arming ISIS terrorists who were slaughtering Christians, and that was never covered by the MSM.

With the MSM also providing President Trump with 95% negative media coverage while they barely touched upon the Hillary Clinton scandals or her obviously fragile health, quite literally calling her failing health a ‘conspiracy theory’, why was it left to Wikileaks to break one of the biggest stories of the 2016 election?

As Mrs. Assange stated, “a #DNC #Bernie supporter disgruntled with rigging leaked doc proving corruption. What should Wikileaks should have done? Hold on to them till after the election to advantage #Hillary? You are shooting the messenger!

(While Mrs. Assange deleted the tweet soon after she had published it, it’s been captured for the entire internet to see over at the archive website.)

Did Mrs. Assange find out from her son Julian that it was indeed Seth Rich who was able to get the documents to Wikileaks that helped prove the election was being rigged for Hillary Clinton and against Bernie Sanders? And was Seth Rich then murdered for what he did?

Anyone paying attention to the never ending body count, the total mainstream media complicity in hiding the Clinton  crimes, and the frequent ‘shooting of the messengers’ can see the pattern.  And with these same people behind much of the push to bring a totalitarian system into America, with the construction of the massive ‘police state apparatus’ here that is attempting to vanquish freedom with the coordinated attacks upon the US Constitution, the 1st Amendment and the 2nd Amendment, is it really a stretch to say that we are the last generation standing between freedom and oppression?

Any real investigation into the endless list of people tied to the Clintons who have died very mysterious deaths will produce a list of individuals which is truly mind-boggling.  (See graphic at top of this post.)


[From an article by Stefan Stanford, writing for ALL NEWS PIPELINE]




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NORM ‘n’ AL, Minneapolis


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