Hillary still making excuses after all this time…

Hillary still obsessed with her election lossIt’s been over 18 months since Donald Trump won the 2016 Presidental Election and Hillary is still spewing reasons why she lost.

HRC, the losing candidate (and all-time loser) is still unwilling to admit that she lost to a superior candidate.  In the past few days two new excuses crawled out from under a rock, bringing her grand total (by my accounting) to 48 excuses thus far.

In her new book, “Chasing Hillary: Ten Years, Two Presidential Campaigns, and One Intact Glass Ceiling,” NY Times reporter  Amy Chozick describes the moment Ms. Clinton was told she is still a loser:

Robby Mook, the drained and deflated campaign manager, told his boss she was going to lose. She didn’t seem all that surprised. “I knew it. I knew this would happen to me,” she said, now within a couple of inches of Mr. Mook’s ashen face. “They were never going to let me be president.”

She never said who “They” were—perhaps she was talking about the monsters in the 2002 Wes Craven movie.

"They" did it...

Sunday night April 22, Clinton delivered a speech at the Pen America World Voices Festival, an international literary festival held in New York.  Per a transcript posted by NY Times Reporter Sopan Deb, the former secretary of state delivered a twofer.

Hillary Clinton

I think Hillary is right about false equivalency but in reverse. Trump’s sometimes inappropriate language is nowhere near as serious as Hillary Clinton leaving America’s most important secrets ripe for picking via her private email server.  (And as far as right-wing media ecosystems are concerned, I have no idea what she means. But if I had to create one mine would have giraffes because my wife likes giraffes.)

But if she thinks the right-wing media was part of the same group, she’s crazy. Even after Donald Trump won the GOP nomination, a huge chunk of the right-wing media was “never trump,” and many others didn’t trash the future president but didn’t support him either. Conservatives are not a homogeneous group by nature and they were more divided than ever in 2016.

Hillary’s latest two excuses bring her grand total up to 48 (see list below).

[Note to former POTUS Bubba Clinton: It has been a year and a half and she’s still making excuses. Next time you take a break from chasing other women, you should get some help for your wife—she is obviously a very sick person.]


Hillary’s Excuses 
  1. 1,000 Russian Agents
  2. Alt-Right Media Like Infowars
  3. Anti-American Forces
  4. Anthony Weiner
  5. Bad Polling
  6. Barack Obama Won Two Straight Elections
  7. Benghazi Investigation
  8. Bernie Sanders Primary Campaign
  9. Bernie Brothers. Bernie supporters called the Bernie Bros, took to harassing my supporters online.
  10. Cable News
  11. Cambridge Analytica
  12. Content Farms in Macedonia
  13. Debate Questions
  14. DNC Making Bad Documentaries
  15. DNC Providing Lousy Research
  16. Electoral College
  17. Everyone Assumed She’d Win
  18. Facebook
  19. Fake News
  20. FBI
  21. Green Party’s Jill Stein
  22. James Comey
  23. Low Information Voters
  24. “Millions” of Twitter Bots
  25. Misogyny
  26. Mitch McConnell Wouldn’t Let Obama Talk Publically About Russia Investigation
  27. Netflix Anti-Hillary Documentaries
  28. New York Times
  29. “Nothing Burger” Email Scandal
  30. People Wanting Change
  31. Political Journalists
  32. Rebecca Mercer
  33. Republican Party
  34. Sexism
  35. Soft Underbelly of America
  36. Steve Bannon and Breitbart.com
  37. Supreme Court/Citizens United Decision
  38. Television Coverage
  39. Television Executives
  40. Vladimir Putin
  41. Voter Suppression
  42. White Voters
  43. Wikileaks
  44. Women Being Pressured By Their Husbands/Other Men
  45. Women Who Live in the Suburbs
  46. “They” were never going to let me be president
  47. Media’s false equivalency in its coverage of the 2016 election
  48. Right-Wing Ecosystem

Of course Hillary never mentions the one true excuse: She was a lousy candidate (but a great liar) with no connection to the average American who was tired to death of the Clintons in general and Hillary in particular.  Hillary lost to a superior candidate who was connecting to American voters at every campaign stop.  In addition, Hillary proved herself to be a totally uninspiring and incompetent politician who, like Obama, would give America anything but the truth.


[From an article by Jeff Dunetz, writing for THE LID]




As always, posted for your edification and enlightenment by

NORM ‘n’ AL, Minneapolis









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