Obama’s disastrous administration continues to haunt America



ObamaObama was the worst president in American history.

He blundered through two terms in office with one disaster after another, but he made one huge mistake that just exploded into an international crisis.

In 2013, Obama laid down his famous “red line” about Syrian President Bashar al-Assad using chemical weapons.

When Assad deployed those weapons against his own people, Obama did nothing to follow through.  Instead, he claimed to have negotiated a deal where Russia would remove all of Assad’s chemical weapon stockpiles.

This, of course, was another premeditated Obama lie.

Obama’s failure exploded into a mess that Donald Trump had to clean up.

Trump ordered a missile strike against Syria after Assad was alleged to have deployed chemical weapons that killed up to 40 people in a rebel stronghold.  The strike was praised as a success.

Trump supports an America First foreign policy of limited engagement and intervention in the Middle East, but he was forced to act in this instance because of Obama’s failures and lies.

Obama hired incompetents to negotiate on behalf of America.  And the Obama hacks completely failed to secure a deal that actually stripped Assad of his chemical weapons capabilities.

Obama’s disastrous blunders continue to haunt America.  Innocent civilians died because his administration dropped the ball on removing Assad’s chemical weapons.  Had the Obama administration struck a deal that actually removed Assad’s chemical weapons stockpiles, Trump never would have had to launch this recent strike.


[From an article published by GREAT AMERICAN DAILY]




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