45 teachers resign in central Pennsylvania school district

According to WPMT News, an unprecedented 45 teachers have resigned from the Harrisburg School District in Pennsylvania in the last few months. The reason? Out-of-control students and vicious fighting that has spilled over into the classroom.

“Teachers and students are being hit, kicked, slapped, scratched, cussed at … with students flipping over tables, desks, and chairs. Teachers have had to take the rest of their class into the hallway to protect them during these outbursts,” Jody Barksdale of the Harrisburg Education Association revealed to the Patriot-News.

Amanda Sheaffer is one of those affected teachers. She listed violent activity that makes her school seem more like a prison yard than a place of learning, but here’s the stunning part: She teaches first grade.

“I have been hit, I have been kicked, I have been restrained from behind where I’ve been unable to move my arms,” Sheaffer said.

“It really throws off the whole day. I mean, you have an incident happen and you have to do a room clear, get all the students out, and then after that, you have to take the time to do the write-up, and you have to make sure security comes and gets the kids,” the teacher explained.

The city of Harrisburg is fairly poor, a fact which may be connected to the increasing problems. According to the 2010 census, the median income for a household in the city is only $26,920 — less than half of the national average.

Most of the school district’s students are black, while 26 percent of students are Hispanic. The entire city council is Democrat, and Harrisburg has not had a Republican mayor since 1982.

Once again, the evidence shows that liberal policies are absolutely disastrous for the very people they claim to help. In a Democrat-controlled city, chaos in the classroom is now so bad that teachers no longer feel safe.

At the same time, parents deserve a significant amount of blame for this appalling failure. Yes, a school-yard fight here and there isn’t uncommon, but entire classrooms erupting into violence at even the grade school level is anything but normal.

This is learned behavior, and anybody who says it isn’t connected to broken families is being dishonest.

U.S. census data shows that as of 2010, over 30 percent of families in Pennsylvania were single-parent homes. The majority of those did not have the father as the parent. That trend was on the way up, and is no doubt even higher in the city of Harrisburg.

If America cares about its future and the future of its children, this must change immediately… “more of the same” will only guarantee a legacy of failure for students and teachers alike.


[From an article published by CONSERVATIVE TRIBUNE]




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