This graphic will show you immediately why the world is worried about North Korea

The options are getting worse rather than better for the US and its allies as the North nears its goal of being able to deliver nuclear warheads across great distances including to the continental US.

North Korea's growing missle reach...

The real question becomes how badly does the US want to stop North Korea from developing an intercontinental nuclear weapon that could could hit Los Angeles?

Would the North use that new power to deter the US while it bullied the South or even tried to take it over? Opinions vary wildly on this. Kim might use his new power to coerce the South and drive the US out altogether.  Which position is right determines whether it might be better to act sooner rather than later whatever the consequences.

Otherwise, the US might despite all its rhetoric just have to live with a nuclear Korea.

The Pentagon has been been thinking about this for years. They know all the options end badly.


[From an article published by The Advocate (Australia)]


NORM ‘n’ AL Note:  When you click on the above link, you will find an excellent article titled “A Terrifying Glimpse Into What War with North Korea Would Look Like.”  We recommend it to you very highly if you’d like to have some reliable and additional perspectives.




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