Different plan (finally) from US Defense Secretary…let’s hope the Pentagon can make it work

The U.S. is joining Kurdish and Arab forces to begin an offensive to annihilate the Islamic State terror group.  U.S. coalition forces are honing in on Raqqa, Syria, the so-called caliphate or capital of the Islamic State.

“Our strategy right now is to accelerate the campaign against ISIS,” Defense Secretary James Mattis recently told CBS’ “Face the Nation.”

Mattis went on to say that the U.S. is beginning to change tactics to aim at completely destroying the Islamic State’s presence in the region.

“We have already shifted from attrition tactics where we shove them from one position to another in Iraq and Syria, to annihilation tactics where we surround them,” he said.

A major battle is currently underway in Raqqa.  The Islamic State seized control of Raqqa in 2014, when it took control of many areas in the Middle East, imposing violent rule.

“Our intention is that the foreign fighters do not survive the fight to return home to north Africa, to Europe, to America, to Asia, to Africa.  We are not going to allow them to do so. We are going to stop them there and take apart the caliphate,” said Mattis.


[From an article by Veronica Neffinger, published by CHRISTIAN HEADLINES]


NORM ‘n’ AL Note:  If you remember the Obama approach to the conflict in the Middle East (“We don’t have a plan yet”), you should welcome at least the formulation of something that sounds like a plan from the current administration.  Wouldn’t it be nice to see US citizens support it rather than oppose it?




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