Obama’s hidden legacy…but he will never call it that

Obama made eight years of systemic changes in this country, legal and regulatory, yes, but also cultural, moral, and psychological.  Some of these changes will very difficult, and perhaps impossible, to reverse.

Obama’s Justice and Education Depts. enforced policies, regulations, and laws that prevent educators from disciplining insubordinate students.  The government said that because statistics show that black students are disciplined at a higher rate than white students, this proves that US teachers and administrators are racist. Obama’s bureaucracy forced schools into allowing two generations of high school students to go unrestrained and unpunished.  The result?  Millions of young people have been “educated” to ignore both rules and laws.

Obama also attacked our prison system, accusing it of deep-seated racism.  He blamed the makeup of jail populations not on law-breaking, but on the law itself…and particularly on judges and law enforcement officers.  Obama accused police of racism so vile that we are supposed to believe police often murder a man just because he is black.  By the end of Obama’s second term it became quite common to see people marching in the streets, trashing public places, beating people on the sidewalks, and rioting in cities like Ferguson and Baltimore.

Obama, occupying an office created to enforce the law, personally undermined the rule of law.  He often openly refused to enforce laws that his office is specifically required to enforce.  His enforcement of immigration was lawless at best, and completely anti-law at worst.  Because of his example, many more Americans now mistrust, disrespect, and even attack law enforcement officers.  US citizens seems to hate the law more than they hate the crime.

Obama fundamentally and deliberately weakened American culture, economy, and security.  He opened the doors wide on entitlements and spent hundreds of billions giving away phones, health care, money, and lots more, hooking tens of millions of Americans on welfare benefits.  He forced passage of a gargantuan health care law, reportedly the largest tax in US history, that was a massive federal overreach into our personal lives.

Obama was the biggest spender not just in US history, but in world history, accumulating so much public debt that he just about doubled the amount this country now owes to others.  He openly supported Black Lives Matter by inviting the organization to the White House…an organization which has more to do with anti-Constitution socialism and race-baiting than with any betterment of black lives.  He also bathed the exterior of the White House with the LGBT colors to be sure Americans would get the message that he especially loves queers and their causes more than what 98% of America stands for.

But all that wasn’t enough.  Obama used both the Justice Dept. and the IRS as political weapons to further “persuade” Americans that he was in charge.  He authorized surveillance of journalists, mass surveillance of average Americans, and targeted killing of Americans suspected of connections with terrorism, trying to give the US government the right to kill Americans anywhere in the world without the inconvenience of a legal trial.

The only “legacy” Obama can possibly point to is lawlessness.  He had no interest at all in enforcing laws, instead trying to enforce his personal will.  In that process he showed all of us what this country will look like when the police decide they have had enough abuse and start resigning by the thousands.

Confronting America’s changed mentality will not be easy…but we will not be great again until we demand a return to living by our Constitution and the rule of law.


[From an article by Brad McDonald, writing for The Trumpet.]




As always, posted for your edification and enlightenment by

NORM ‘n’ AL, Minneapolis





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