Obama summed up the past eight years for us, needing 50 minutes; Rush Limbaugh summed up the past eight years also, needing about a minute and a half


Limbaugh said the speech is now much like the man who gave it.

“It’s done and forgotten, like pretty much the Obama administration is except for all those aspects of it that have to be repealed and reworked and redone because such a mess has been made,” he said.

Elsewhere in his Wednesday broadcast, Limbaugh denounced Obama’s speech as “pathetic.”

“It was one lie after the other about all the great things he did,” Limbaugh said, saying the speech was “full of delusional lies.”

Limbaugh further ridiculed Obama’s liberal following as “a pathetic minority now rendered impotent because they have no idea how to deal with Donald Trump.”

“Barack Obama did his farewell address last night, and it’s totally gone. Every bit of the oxygen has been sucked up by Donald Trump… there’s not a syllable being spoken since last night about Obama’s farewell speech,” he said.


[From an article published by Western Journalism]




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