The aftermath of Obama’s eight years in office: A divided country, greater racial tension than we have seen in years, a new “war on cops,” and the Democrat party in shambles…not to mention a doubling of America’s national debt in those terrible eight years

ObamaThe numbers are now in, and they are ugly.

The number of spots in state legislatures, governor’s mansions, and Congress lost by Democrats during Obama’s presidency: More than 1030 seats.

Worse than that, if you’re a Democrat, is a complete lack of strategy, and list of candidates, to win them back.

Seems like Obama, the community organizer, forgot to organize the grassroots to support any one else but him.

The “coattail” effect for Obama is non-existent.  (The party of a winning presidential candidate will often secure many seats in Congress as well. These members of congress are voted into office “on the coattails” of the president. This may also apply to down-ballot races for various governors and state legislatures.)  The evidence?  The democrats now have full control of only five states.

Obama can talk up his wonderful and entirely fraudulent national economic recovery all he likes, but a more accurate assessment of the aftermath of Obama’s eight year reign is a very divided nation and his party in utter ruin…along with a doubling of our national debt to a level that is both horrifying and shameful.

Some legacy.


[From an article published by The Common Constitutionalist]




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