Obama just issued unthinkable last-days, here’s-what-I-really-think-of-you regulation banning all attempts at defunding Planned Parenthood’s monstrous abortion mill

It’s Obama’s most deadly lawlessness – in his final days.

As a parting stab in the back to pro-life Americans, most of whom voted for Donald Trump, the Obama Administration just imposed an unthinkable regulation banning states from defunding Planned Parenthood’s abortion business.

Planned Parenthood slaughters over 323,000 innocent babies a year – 900 babies murdered a day. And it takes half a billion of your tax dollars every year to keep doing that.

Planned Parenthood has been caught selling aborted babies’ body parts. It has been referred for criminal prosecution by both the House and Senate.

This is how your tax dollars are being spent. And Obama is forcing you to fund this outrage.

We’re aggressively fighting back on Capitol Hill. We’re urging the new President to end this evil. We’re demanding Congress repeal this deadly rule. And if necessary, we’re preparing legal action.

No American should be forced to fund abortion. Period.

We can defeat Obama’s Planned Parenthood bailout, but we desperately need to know that you’re with us and that you’re willing to support us. Even a small donation will help, because through the generosity of other supporters, all year-end donations are now being doubled.

Double Your Impact: $5 Becomes $10. $20 Becomes $40.

Thank you so much!


[From a letter to us from the American Center for Law and Justice]




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NORM ‘n’ AL, Minneapolis



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