Media’s nonsensical conspiracy theory about Russia trying to influence our election is nothing less than a brazen coup attempt by the CIA

The media is fully cooperating with a CIA coup that projects its own treason on Donald Trump. Suddenly, all the prostitutes in the Establishment’s harem are very concerned about “foreign influence” on our election. Where were these cries of alarm when the Clinton Foundation was getting tens of millions of dollars from the Saudis and other Oil Kleptocracies in the Middle East?

In fact, the financing of the Clinton Foundation is highly relevant to what is going on now. The Saudi oil barons and others invested heavily in Hillary Clinton to get continued U.S. backing for “regime change” in Syria. Who had the Saudis been working with in Syria? The CIA!

The CIA and the Saudis have been acting as partners in supplying terrorists (“rebels”) with weapons to overthrow Bashar al-Assad.

Do you think the Saudis would walk away from millions of dollars invested in Clinton?

Remember the CIA has already tried to alter this election. That’s where “former” CIA operative, Evan McMullen came from.

No, the real security breach is that Saudi Arabia and the CIA are working to not only influence an election, but, having failed, to undermine and possibly overturn one. As Justin Raimondo writes at,

The Saudis, having given millions to the Clinton Foundation, along with their Gulf state allies, were counting on a Clinton victory. The CIA has a longstanding relationship with Riyadh, and together they have been working assiduously to not only overthrow Assad in Syria but to forge a “moderate” Sunni alliance that will effectively police the region while establishing the Saudis as the regional hegemon. This was the Clintonian strategy while Hillary was at the helm of Foggy Bottom: Libya, Syria, the alliance with the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, are all examples of this utterly disastrous “Sunni turn.”

Trump represents a threat to this grand design, and therefore has to be stopped by whatever means necessary. His desire to “get along with Russia,” his opposition to regime change in Syria, his critique of the Libyan misadventure, his foreign policy stance in general – all this meant that he would come to power and “drain the swamp” of the CIA and the State Department.

And the mainstream media not only recites unsubstantiated claims from anonymous sources in the CIA, but is doing all it can to convince dupes that the CIA is “not political.”

This is the same CIA whose director, then William Casey, said some years ago, “We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.”  So the CIA, which practices a “disinformation program” as the normal course of its daily business, wishes us to accept its “proof” of Russian interference without hesitation or question.

The American public has spent the last eight years being fed lies and more lies by everyone in the government, from the White House to the Clinton house to the CIA outhouse. That is one of the principal reasons why Donald Trump was recently elected president.  Next time you see something said or claimed by the CIA, remember that this is the US agency that always practices “disinformation”…and that the rest of the US government has spent two Obama terms trying its best to imitate that practice.


[From articles published by CONSTITUTION.COM and MISHTALK.COM]




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