Obama’s comments show he is deep in denial that his own mistakes doomed the Democrats

As Obama sought to blame Fox News for the Democrats’ humbling and humiliating showing on Election Day, Fox host Neil Cavuto suggested Friday that Obama was in denial over the fact that his mistakes doomed the Democratic Party.

During a Rolling Stone interview about the election, Obama continued his assault on media outlets that reported different perspectives than his own.

“The challenge is people are getting a hundred different visions of the world from a hundred different outlets or a thousand different outlets, and that is ramping up divisions. It’s making people exaggerate or say what’s most controversial or peddling in the most vicious of insults or lies, because that attracts eyeballs,” Obama said.

He later added that the election loss was triggered in part by “Fox News in every bar and restaurant in big chunks of the country.”

Cavuto heard in Obama’s words the same type of refusal to admit the truth Cavuto had experienced with health issues that led him to need open heart surgery.

Denial is deadly, so forgive me when I see the same reaction from Obama, not over a physical crisis, but a personal crisis, this election. His candidate lost, and he cannot fathom why that happened,” Cavuto said.

Cavuto said Obama is confusing cause and effect.

“Fox News didn’t create this populist wave, your policies did. It wasn’t us playing in bars that doomed you, but so many people perhaps going to those bars because of you,” he said.

Cavuto noted that Obama does not seem to have understood then or now the consequences of his actions.

“You went after the rich, and seemed stunned when everyone else revolted. All but called the other side racist, yet failed to see the writing on the wall that was pretty black and white,” Cavuto said.

“Just like you failed to see that voters didn’t have a problem with the color of your skin, maybe just the thickness of it. Just like you failed to see Americans weren’t chauvinist for rejecting a woman for president, but just this hugely  corrupt and dishonest woman,” he added.

Cavuto said the election turned on what the president had done, not what voters were doing.

“The buck stopped with you, not some guys in a bar watching Fox reporting on you. Fox News didn’t help to win the election, but you helped mightily to lose it. Yet even that is beyond your understanding.”

Cavuto closed with one final comment.

“Sometimes the toughest part is looking in the mirror and knowing the only guy who will ever be looking back is you, with all your flaws and imperfections,” he said.


[From an article by Jack Davis, writing for WESTERN JOURNALISM]


NORM ‘n’ AL Note:  Personal accountability is, unfortunately, not a part of the lives of many American politicians. Just like Hillary attributed her election loss to the thickest of “glass ceilings” which prevented her from breaking through to a victory on November 8th, Obama cannot remotely understand that his own stupid mistakes and accompanying arrogance over the past eight years were responsible for his disastrous two terms in the White House.  People who are unable or unwilling to admit they need to change their view of reality should not run for public office, let alone be elected in spite of that huge shortcoming. Both Obama and Clinton are poor examples at best of what it takes to govern a nation, and when you demonstrate that you are seeking an office in order to better yourself instead of the country you’re attempting to lead, American citizens have no trouble at all seeing through that charade. Putting yourself ahead of the country is called SELFISHNESS and GREED; putting the country first is called DOING THE JOB RIGHT.  Neither Obama nor Clinton ever thought for a moment about doing the job right, and they cannot understand why the American public despises them. THAT is called STUPIDITY.




As always, posted for your edification and enlightenment by

NORM ‘n’ AL, Minneapolis








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