Correct vote counting shows Hillary lost the election by approximately 10 million popular votes

The non-progressive progressive chosen one, Hillary Clinton and her propaganda machine, would like us to believe she won the popular vote by almost 2 million. What they are not telling us is over 3 million of her votes were cast by illegal aliens, almost 2 million votes came from dead people, and almost 3 million people were registered to vote in more than 1 state.

Thus, the claim she won the popular vote is a total fraud, given that off the top 3 million of her votes should be disqualified, since they were cast by people who are here illegally. So what we have here is Hillary Clinton losing the election by over 10 million popular votes, considering the ones we know about being illegal votes, as well as possibly millions more when you take into consideration the manipulation of the electronic ballots at the polls on election day.

What Hillary Clinton and her government controlled propaganda machine, masquerading as the lame stream media, failed to realize is most of us remembered how Hillary cheated her way to winning the presidential primaries where she cheated Sanders out of a win in the beginning in Iowa, supposedly defying impossible odds by winning 6 coin tosses in a row. This was just one example out of a whole primary long string of cheating and fraud that led to her being chosen as the cheating, fraudulent Democrat nominee for President.

Even her nomination for president required her to openly bribe Bernie Sanders into not contesting the results, via her buying him a new house on the shore of Lake Champlain for $600,000. Sanders had every right to contest her being nominated since going into the convention neither one of them had the required number of delegates to secure the nomination.

What the Democrat dictatorship in Washington, Hillary Clinton, and their propaganda machine actually did was fool themselves into believing Hillary could not lose. Their confidence in their ability to fool the American people into believing Hillary had all this support, ended up building such a false sense of confidence that everyone involved was surprised at Hillary’s defeat. The American people saw through the whole mirage.

The reality is, the people of the United States rejected the corrupt, lying, and treasonous ideals of the current Democrat Dictatorship, demanded their country back, and then made sure they got it.

What we all can and should do now is take comfort that Hillary Clinton’s political career is dead and will be buried on Inauguration Day, 01/20/2017.

The majority of the people have spoken and have taken their country back. They not only want to make America great again, but even more important, make us the United States of America again.


[from an article by Tony Elliott published by EAGLE RISING]




As always, posted for your edification and enlightenment by

NORM ‘n’ AL, Minneapolis




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