A small (and cheap) product that every American needs

Unlike lots of (many!) blogs in publication, it is not our policy or our practice to try to sell anything to our readers.

Please allow us this one small diversion. We promise you will thank us for it.

We have tried a product called AquaLyte (TM) which is nothing more than a super-easy way to add minerals to our drinking water.  If you know anything about the normal American diet today, you know that both our food and our water are often greatly deficient in nutrients. Our farmers must rely on fertilizers to add nutrients to our soil, many of our food producers are now giving us genetically modified (and heavily processed) foods, and the water most of us drink is utterly devoid of the minerals which are essential to healthy living.

Do yourself a favor, and perform just a small amount of research. Verify that the statements above are true.

Farmers in the US have been heavily using chemical fertilizers for many decades now. (Organic foods are not the answer, either. Organic only means the producer has not used pesticide chemicals in the growing process.) And our potable water comes to us via the local water service, or via bottled water. The local water company must add chlorine to the tap water it sells in order to be sure the water is safe to drink when it gets to you…and it also adds fluoride to help prevent tooth decay. Bottled water is also heavily processed, normally being tap water which has been filtered by reverse osmosis, or spring water which has also been filtered and then had a small amount of minerals added “for taste.” All the water we normally drink has virtually no mineral content, and especially no ionic mineral content.

On the other side of the water spectrum there is an island in Japan, the island of Okinawa, which is essentially a coral island. Its water comes from rainwater which is naturally filtered through that coral, and the people of Okinawa live much longer and healthier lives than the rest of us, because they are getting the ionic minerals their bodies need for health and long life.

Scientific researchers have said there are four main reasons why the people of Okinawa experience such incredible longevity and good health:

  1.  Their water is alkaline, not acidic. It is filtered by coral, which helps to create a healthy bodily pH level.
  2. Their water contains over 70 essential minerals and elements including the rare elements such as lithium and deuterium, which further enhance the body’s ability to absorb essential minerals.
  3. Their water contains minerals already ionized to be a thousand times smaller than almost any other minerals or mineral supplements; this enables the minerals to easily enter the cells of organisms to help them grow and thrive.
  4. Their water contains minerals that are electrically charged; these electrolytes are necessary for the transmission of electrical impulses throughout the nervous system. (The water that most of us are getting, tap water and filtered water, have none of these electrolytes.)

Water is the source of all life. It covers most of the earth’s surface, and makes up 70% of our bodies and 90% of our blood.  It is only common sense that drinking healthy, mineral-rich water would be beneficial for your blood, your bones, even for enhancing the efficiency of your immune system.

The company we want to introduce to you, Basic Reset of Nashville, Tennessee, has a product called AquaLyte (TM).  AquaLyte is really nothing more than the coral minerals of Okinawa delivered to the consumer in a small sachet (think of a miniature tea bag) for easy insertion into a bottle or glass of ordinary water. AquaLyte is the same premier coral mineral product that is the #1 seller in Japan.

Please visit USA1.BasicReset.com.  Spend a few minutes and learn about its science and its products. Order a month’s supply of AquaLyte ($24.95 plus shipping) and start your body on a path back to healthy living. You WILL notice a difference in how you feel once your body is getting the ionic minerals it needs. (If you don’t, just ask for your money back. The product is 100% guaranteed.)

If you happen to know people who would also like to feel better — better health, less pain, more energy, etc. — let those folks know about AquaLyte too. It’s an amazing product, and one that we ALL NEED.

For ONE MONTH, forget expensive energy drinks, pain pills, and $7.00 Starbucks coffees.  Put a little tiny “tea bag” into your bottled water once a day, and KNOW that you are GOING TO FEEL BETTER.




As always, posted for your edification and enlightenment (and good health) by

NORM ‘n’ AL, Minneapolis



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