Now that the election has been decided, perhaps Hillary will go away. (One can always hope.) But the Clinton scandals and her legal problems will not go away.

“The further a society drifts from truth, the more it will hate those who speak it.”  (George Orwell)


If Hillary Clinton (and ex-president Bill, her husband) were not so corrupt, so evil, and so deceitful, they would not constantly be in the headlines (and the headlights of truth-seekers). is a website which publishes what it is given by whistleblowers (after proper and thorough fact-checking and verification, of course).  Wikileaks does not publish information which is obtained by any other means.

If it has seemed a bit strange that over the past several months Wikileaks has published information which almost exclusively focused on Hillary Clinton and her political campaign, that is because it was given that information (and it was then checked and verified) by people who felt a need to bring it into public scrutiny. The Trump campaign was largely ignored by Wikileaks for the simple reason that it received no information on the Trump campaign.

In other words, the Clinton campaign, and Hillary’s life in general, was so thoroughly messy and corrupt, and was generating so many submissions from people who thought those submissions should be made public, that Wikileaks could simply not ignore them. Hillary’s corruption (and by connection, Obama’s also) was being delivered to Wikileaks as if by a firehose.

It will be very educational and extremely eye-opening if you take a couple of minutes to peruse a website called

Remember, Wikileaks publishes only what it is given and only what it then verifies.

Also remember that Obama does not leave the White House until Friday, January 20th, 2017.  You can safely bet that he will do his best to create all kinds of mischief and mayhem and illegal executive orders between now and then.  His time is short, and his legacy is shot.  (And after Trump’s inauguration, Obama will be remembered for only the wrong reasons.  And Obama knows it.)

Why not organize a little group excursion to Washington, DC to give him a proper send-off?  Tell your boss it’s a well-deserved vacation!


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NORM ‘n’ AL, Minneapolis


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