Standing on principle vs. standing on nothing at all…

We call our blog This Is The New Normal because we are seeing seismic shifts in society occur right before our eyes in the United States of America today.

Just when you think you’ve become accustomed to a change in what’s normal, the ground seems to shift under your feet and normal shifts again with it.

Think about what Americans have seen happen just in the past several years:

– We elected a US president who had no real proof that he met the birth requirements to hold the job — in other words, the voters decided this requirement didn’t really matter.

– We elected a US president who had no experience in any kind of high-level (or even low-level) executive position prior to coming to the Oval Office.

– Americans somehow bought into Obama’s “hope and change” mantra without blinking an eye.

– Americans somehow decided to overlook the lack of experience and the lack of a detailed plan going forward in favor of the vague “hope and change” slogan.

– What Americans then got for their votes was a US president who told them lies at every possible opportunity, tried to circumvent Congress with executive orders at every opportunity, and who ignored the advice and counsel of the multitude of people who were, and still are, paid to provide that counsel.

– Further, Americans have seen a political divide in this country never before seen in modern times. We have seen Democrats and Republicans at each others’ throats in a new normal that brought the US government to a virtual standstill. Democrats like Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi have demonstrated again and again that nothing matters but the political outcome…because they have watched people like the Clintons practice that brand of politics for decades without ever being held accountable for it. (Oh, sure, Bill Clinton was impeached while holding the highest office in the land, but he was not convicted because too many of our finest politicians simply could not bring themselves to take that final step.)

– We used to have news media in this country who took pride in careful investigation and honest reporting; now we have news media who take pride in bending the news to their own agenda.

– We used to have a country in which “One Nation Under God” and “In God We Trust” actually meant something. The soon-to-depart occupant of the Oval Office has taken pains not to mention God and not to stand for anything Christian; rather, he has openly taken the side of Muslims whenever he could, and actively stood against the common good of our ally, Israel.

Americans, apparently, like being lied to by those they elect. Where have been the massive protests, the angry citizens gathering in front of the White House to denounce ANY of the above? All of us, surely, are not too young to remember the Vietnam War in the 1960s, when the US erupted into protests about a war many Americans felt was unjust and unneeded. Or think about the massive protests in this country when civil rights was the top issue. Our current Oval Office occupant has done more to resurrect civil discord in the US than any president in recent memory. Have we seen any protests at all? Any media stories worthy of our time to read them? None at all.

We take the time to point out all of the above, friends, because we are digging our hole deeper with each passing day. Our debt gets larger; our dollars become weaker; our friends around the globe become fewer; our military gets more and more unprepared to protect our homeland. Our economy cannot seem to find any traction, so we just keep slogging along in the wake of our last recession, hoping against hope that we do not see another one anytime soon. (A hope we believe will shortly be proven entirely futile.) Our government tells us it is going to bring to America’s shores and cities thousands of refugees from war-torn countries in the Middle East, while it also tells us it has no practical way of vetting those thousands of people to weed out those who will seek to destroy us as soon as they get here.

Do you not see or understand what a different world this is than the one we were living in less than a decade ago?

Do you not see or understand the peril of doing nothing about that?

For God’s sake or for your own, CAST A VOTE next month which will MEAN SOMETHING. A vote for Hillary Clinton will deliver a very simple message to her: I like being lied to, I like watching elected government officials who do not care at all about those they are supposed to lead and protect. I especially like knowing that the people I elect are going to do everything they possibly can to leave office much richer, at the country’s expense.


There is an old saying:  If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything.

Discovering the truth of that statement in your own personal experience can be extremely painful.

We think it’s about time America stood for something. Again.




As always, posted for your edification and enlightenment by

NORM ‘n’ AL, Minneapolis



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