Join “The Deplorables” and wear the title proudly…

Hillary Clinton thinks people who support Donald Trump, and by extension who support anyone but her, are deplorable. Granted, Mr. Trump is not a perfect representation of the character we would all like to see in a president. But Hillary herself is so far off that mark that “character” and “Hillary Clinton” never even come up in the same sentence.  Even her husband Bill has no redeemable sense of character…as Mr. Trump made abundantly clear in the most recent presidential debate. (Hillary even tried to get the Debate Commission to remove the four rape victims from the front row of seats before the debate started. Looks like Trump hit a nerve there which both Bill and Hillary reacted to. The Clintons have left so much garbage behind them in their climb up the political ladder over the years, you would think they’d hesitate to even appear in public anymore…but alas, they do not have even enough character to be ashamed of the lives they have ruined.)

Bill Clinton startled by appearance of four rape victims

Not long ago Hillary referred to Mr. Trump’s supporters as “a basket of deplorables.”  Based on positions and policies which Mr. Trump has already announced, many people not only deeply resent that comment, but they think that our founding fathers would easily fit into that basket as well.

We agree. They would.

The Deplorables

Hillary obviously does not know the meaning of the word she so easily uses. Deplorable is truly an excellent term to describe the lives and careers of the Clintons. They have no shame. They have no character. They have no sense of ethics or of right and wrong. And they have no sense of patriotism, which means LOVE FOR OUR COUNTRY.  If they did have any love for America, they would never have treated her like they have for the past forty years.  Bill Clinton was even impeached, for crying out loud!

Is America better off because of the Clintons? Absolutely not. The Clintons are nothing but thieves, stealing anything they could from America at every opportunity. (They even stole tens of thousands of dollars in White House art and furnishings when they left, but were forced to return the items when confronted.) The only people who are better off because of the Clintons are Bill and Hillary…and they want that to continue because it’s always at our expense. At America’s expense.

Join The Deplorables. This picture truly says much more than words.




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NORM ‘n’ AL, Minneapolis





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