Just a little more proof: You should NEVER believe Obama when he says ANYTHING

Obama’s “growing chorus” was a chorus of just six people…and it was opposed by a true chorus of many thousands of Americans who are fed up with a president who always lies. Always.


Remember Obama’s claim that in opening up bathrooms and showers to both genders he was merely “acting in response to the requests of a ‘growing chorus of educators, parents, and students’ who demanded it?”

According to Public Advocate, a non-profit group headquartered in Virginia, “We now see that Obama based this grotesque social experiment on the views of only six troubled and confused Americans, along with 27 pre-written ‘form letters.’ Meanwhile, the Department of Education completely ignored the over 4,100 Americans who wrote it to oppose the idea.”

If there was a ‘growing chorus’ at all who communicated their views, it was made up of those thousands of parents who strongly opposed what the Obama Administration has now done.

DOE received only six letters from individuals actually supporting transgendered bathrooms. On the other hand, it received 42 letters from individuals specifically asking DOE not to give in to transgender bathroom demands. That means seven times as many people wrote to oppose the DOE’s plan than wrote to support it!

In addition to individual letters, DOE received 27 prewritten “form letters” in favor of bathroom desegregation, but it received at least 4,101 petitions asking DOE not to desegregate school bathrooms! That’s 157 times more people opposed to the idea than in favor of it! One Public Advocate social website post on facebook has 50,000 opposed to the policy.

Additionally, DOE received a handful of letters from pro-homosexual/ transgender lobbying groups – all special interest groups – much different from the individual “educators, parents, and students,” as DOE and DOJ had claimed.

Public Advocate again hits the nail squarely on the head. The Obama Administration continues to force radical, leftist policies on this country that are opposed by a majority of Americans, and our elected president is an inveterate liar who never tells the truth.


[From an article published by PublicAdvocateUSA.org]


NORM ‘n’ AL Note:  Always remember: IF HIS LIPS ARE MOVING, HE IS LYING.




As always, posted for your edification and enlightenment by

NORM ‘n’ AL, Minneapolis





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