White House to US federal court: “We don’t have to comply with the law”

The Obama Administration blatantly lies, continually. To anyone and everyone.

President Obama sent what appears to be a $1.7 billion ransom – using your tax dollars – to the leading state sponsor of terror. It used Iran Air to transport the unmarked bills to Iran after secretly removing the airline from the sanctions list the day before.

Every day the lies get worse on the Iran nuclear deal. The administration lied about when the negotiations began, who they began with, what the secret terms were, and how we sent billions of tax dollars to the leading state sponsor of terrorism. American lives are put at risk continually by this lawless administration.

We’ve filed a major federal lawsuit against the Obama administration to hold it accountable for its Iran lies. In its response, the Obama administration had the audacity to indicate to the court that it doesn’t have to comply with the law.

It’s wrong. We’re going to defeat the deceit of Mr. Obama and his staffers. But we need your voice now as we take the most lawless and corrupt administration in history to court.

Sign Our Petition: Stop the Obama Administration’s Iran Lie.


[From a communication sent to us by the American Center for Law and Justice]




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NORM ‘n’ AL, Minneapolis



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