Want to know what it’s like to serve in today’s US Armed Forces? Here’s a little eye-opener…

Anti-Christian extremists are attacking military chaplains. For praying.

The absurdly named Military Religious Freedom Foundation (MRFF) is demanding senior chaplains (including the two-star Air Force Chief of Chaplains) be investigated and punished for praying in uniform . . . at a religious freedom event.

MRFF actually claims chaplains use Christianity “as a weapon to intimidate, menace, harass, subdue, and terrify their otherwise helpless armed forces subordinates.”

It’s ludicrous and dishonoring to those who serve our nation.

MRFF’s leader calls Christians in the military “monsters who terrorize,” compares them to jihadists, and demands Christian generals be court martialed for their faith.

Now it wants to use the Department of Defense as a weapon to eviscerate religious freedom in the military.

We’ve defeated these unconstitutional attacks before. Our senior military team – including a former senior-ranking Army Chaplain at the Pentagon – is fighting back, preparing critical legal letters.

Take action to protect religious liberty and honor military chaplains.

Sign Our New Petition: Don’t Punish Chaplains for Praying


From a recent communication sent to us by Jay Sekulow, Chief Council, American Center for Law and Justice


NORM ‘n’ AL Note:  The sort of stupid and ludicrous harassment you see above is happening in ALL of our US military services, not just the Air Force. The message our military is now trying to deliver to our men and women in uniform is this one: “We used to do all this training and preparation for God and country. We’re not doing it for God anymore. He’s too busy to care, and the MRFF folks and others like them are too ignorant to care. So we’re doing it now just for country. The same country being pounded into the ground by the jerk in the White House who won’t let us go up against ISIS and pound THEM into the ground. So welcome aboard, people, and enjoy your time with us. Try to get yourself trained and prepared for combat since you could be unfortunate enough to be sent to war. But whatever you do, don’t get caught praying to come home again if you manage to live through the war we might send you to. Praying is against the rules now. Got it? Good. Dismissed!”




As always, posted for your edification and enlightenment by

NORM ‘n’ AL, Minneapolis





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