“The Constitution as we Americans know it is what is truly on the ballot in the 2016 presidential election”

Despite the clear victory that billionaire businessman Donald Trump scored in the Republican primary, earning the title “presumptive GOP presidential nominee,” he still faces staunch opposition from some on his side of the aisle.

In fact, after nearly disappearing following their crushing defeat in Indiana, the NeverTrump movement has seemed to enjoy a resurgence in recent weeks, rekindling speculation regarding efforts to “dump Trump” at the GOP convention in July.

But conservative talk radio host Rush Limbaugh just issued a reminder to those planning to sabotage the presumptive GOP nominee, letting them know that there are bigger things to worry about than keeping Trump out of office.

“The Constitution, as you know it and I know it, is now what’s on the ballot in this presidential election in 2016,” Limbaugh posted to his Facebook page. “And of course the answer to this is not ‘Never Trump.’ The answer to this is ‘Never Hillary.’ The answer to this is ‘Never Tyranny,’” he added.

As usual, Rush was correct in his observation. The potential unconstitutional nightmare that would inevitably arise from a Hillary Clinton presidency should send a chill down the spine of anyone who loves this country and reveres the founding documents that serve as a foundation for our society.

Is Donald Trump the perfect candidate? Not remotely. Is he at times crass, rude, unrefined and unknowledgeable on certain issues? Yes, he is.

Is he nonetheless light years ahead of Clinton when it comes to recognizing the issues our nation faces and proposing solutions to change our destructive course? Most certainly, and that should be the main thing that NeverTrumpers are reminded of constantly.

Donald Trump may have his flaws, but he remains a much better choice than the only other person with even a remote chance of winning November’s general election, Hillary Clinton — no ifs, ands or buts about it.

Voting for Trump in this election is the only way to prevent a tyrannical Hillary Clinton from assuming office and doing her worst.




NORM ‘n’ AL Note:  Have you enjoyed having an Oval Office Occupant for the last eight years who is not remotely qualified to hold the job, who has lied to the citizens of this formerly great country virtually every time he opened his mouth to speak, and who has demonstrated time and time again that he sought the highest office in the land only to enrich himself and never because he cared about making this a better country to live in?  Do you like having an OOO who is the laughing stock both of our allies and our enemies? Obama does not know how the political game is played, which means he has been forced to go through on-the-job training…and you have seen lots and lots of examples of how well that has worked out. The man has been humiliated virtually since his first day in office because he was so poorly prepared for the job…and the USA has been humiliated because this country elected him. Twice. We have said this before, and we must now say it again: If the US elects Hillary Clinton to the position of our next OOO…the wife of the last OOO who was impeached, a woman who has proven to possess fewer ethics and scruples than her husband, and someone who is even more determined to enrich herself while in office than Bill Clinton was…then we, the citizens of this formerly great country, will all have front row seats to the demise of the USA. If you think that could not possibly happen, you are living in a dream world.  At the very least, vote for a candidate who is too well off to be bought.  Hillary Clinton is not, and can be bought by anybody.  How do we know that?  Because she knew she was breaking the law when she set up her home-based email server, but she did it anyway.  Because we have watched her lie, and lie, and lie some more…about the email scandal, about the Benghazi scandal, about the scandals that took place back in Arkansas, about the scandals that followed her to Washington.  Hillary has had years to perfect her lying skills, all while watching her husband take mistresses by the dozens…and rather than do what most other women would do, which is to object to being made a fool, she has simply gritted her teeth and enabled Bill so she could use him and many, many others in order to climb over them to the Oval Office.  If Hillary has her way, she will be the first elected woman to our highest office, and she will also be our first truly tyrannical Oval Office Occupant.  She and Obama are completely alike in one important aspect: They do not care at all about us Americans, they care ONLY about themselves.




As always, posted for your edification and enlightenment by

NORM ‘n’ AL, Minneapolis



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