How crazy does this world have to get before we realize something is really wrong?

Remember Al Gore?  He’s the one back in 1999 who claimed to have invented the Internet.  He must have done that while he was taking some time off from political activities.

Obama famously, and stupidly, said in 2012 “If you’ve got a business, you didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen.” He was trying to claim that no new business could exist without all the US government does to build the infrastructure we use as US citizens every day, y’know, roads, bridges, buildings, the Internet, stuff like that. (He made this comment while his IRS was doing all it could to make sure a lot of US businesses never happened at all.)

Now Nancy Pelosi, perhaps the ultimate Crazy Person in the entire US government (not a title to be taken lightly, by the way, as there are many who are obviously vying for the right to claim that title), says the government, not Steve Jobs, created the iPhone. “Federal research invented it,” she says.  All Apple did was design it, assemble it from a few already-invented components, create the software that made it work, cram everything into a pocket-sized package, and bring it to market. Anybody with half a brain could have done that, Pelosi wants us to believe, once the mighty and exalted US government got through with the really hard stuff.

We have already seen that Obama is loathe to allow credit for anything to go to anyone but himself. Must be a trait deep in Democrats.  “I invented the Internet.”  “I built your business for you.”  “I built the iPhone for you while you weren’t even looking.”  Apparently we are supposed to come to the realization that the wonderful lives we all share under the shining example of selfless leadership provided by Democrats is that life would be hugely different under some other brand of leadership.

If that is the case, why are so many people in this great US of A ready and eager for some other brand of leadership?

It is because what Democrats say and what they do are two vastly different things.  Democrats are not selfless.  They are among the most selfish so-called “leaders” this nation has ever seen.  Obama himself has already proven that.  He did not seek the White House to better the nation, but to better himself.  Obama could not have done a worse job of leading if he had made self-betterment his announced and single goal.  New crisis today? Great. Let’s go play some golf.  Country’s economy is getting worse and worse while the public debt piles up to insane levels?  A real shame. C’mon, kids, time for another multi-million dollar family vacation paid for by the citizenry.

Harry Reid showed us (and admitted to us in a startling moment of candor) during the last election that any end justifies the means.

Bill and Hillary Clinton have shown us the most selfish and dysfunctional brand of Democrat “family life” we have probably ever seen in these United States.  Bill was impeached because he was an out-of-control sexual predator before, in, and after the White House. Hillary could not control him so she enabled him and tried to make that into something she herself could benefit from. She is getting perilously close to that goal. While all this is going on, they are both skimming many millions of dollars from their foundation which was set up for precisely that purpose. What a shining example for Americans to follow!

Democrats believe that government is the answer. More government means more good things will happen. (Never mind that more good things will cost more money, and more money can only come from more taxes.)  Any problem we might run into in our daily lives means government is not yet sufficiently involved in that aspect of our daily living.  Please allow us to suggest that if Democrats would stop inventing things and pay attention to the business of government — which is supposed to be, first and foremost, protecting Americans from those who wish to harm us, as in ISIS-sponsored radical terrorists — then more Americans might be persuaded to look somewhat more favorably upon the selfish Democrat brand of non-leadership. As it is, all we have seen lately is a very selfish nearly eight years of making it up as we go along. (Planning ahead is something still beyond Democrat governmental practice. Obama does not even listen to the people he is paying to counsel him.)

Just another day in paradise, people. The asylum is being run by the inmates. We are rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic. Get the picture?


As always, posted for your edification and enlightenment by
NORM ‘n’ AL, Minneapolis

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