Five reasons why Hillary in the Oval Office would be a huge disaster for America

Another true-blue American, just like Obama...Now that the presidential race has been narrowed down and it’s apparent we will have a Donald Trump vs. Hillary Clinton title bout, liberals should be taking a good, hard look at their champion.

While many on the Left are hard-core Never Trumpers (as are some on the Right), another Clinton presidency would clearly be an unmitigated disaster for the country.

There are many reasons to want to keep Hillary out of the White House, from her history of scandals to the potential indictment hanging over her head for her email fiasco. Following are five policies Clinton wants to implement that should be reason enough to want her stopped. Bear in mind these are just five out of many.

  1. Energy. Mrs. Clinton on her website vows to make America the “clean energy superpower of the 21st century.” Problem is, we’ve all seen how well massive solar energy investments have panned out in the past seven years, which is to say, they haven’t. Wedding her campaign to the global warming scam, Clinton vows to install 500 million solar panels to make every home self-powered. Where do you think the money to pay for those will come from? It won’t be from oil taxes, because she also promises to decrease oil consumption by a third and drastically reduce those nasty greenhouse gases. It goes without saying that our own resources will not be developed any further, and those that currently exist will be subject to being shut down. Say goodbye to energy independence, all in the name of the phantom menace, climate change. President Obama thought his election was enough to slow the rise of the oceans, and Hillary apparently also thinks she can control nature itself.
  2. Free college. On the surface, free college tuition and textbooks does sound nice to a lot of people, but more than a second’s thought on the subject reveals why it would be a grave mistake. Not only does the money for such a feat not currently exist in the federal budget, meaning massive tax increases would be necessary, but if a college education ever becomes as easy and ubiquitous as a high school education, then a college degree will mean nothing. That’s not to mention that many people who have not worked for a spot in college, and who will not survive college, will nonetheless take advantage of the system for various reasons and simply wind up wasting public resources. The net result of “free” college will be a further dumbing down of America.
  3. Criminal reform. Don’t let the word “reform” fool you. Clinton wants to give early release to people who are currently in prison or jail in order to “end the era of mass incarceration.” She vows to “reform” (there’s that word again) mandatory minimum sentences, i.e., reduce or eliminate them. She also wants police body cameras, an end to racial profiling and to “rebuild trust.” Considering most of the alleged “out-of-control police” incidents we’ve seen in recent years were really justifiable law enforcement, this position is clearly just pure pandering. Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe already got this ball rolling, because ex-cons are apparently seen as ripe pickings for the Democratic Party, along with illegal aliens.
  4. Family incomes. Wouldn’t you like a raise? I’d like a raise. Raises are good things, provided an employee has worked hard and really helped add value to his employers’ business. They’re not good things, however, when they are coerced out of businesses by government decree. Witness the recent push for $15 an hour minimum wages in numerous states and the outcome — McDonald’s, for example, has explored moving toward fully automated restaurants that won’t employ a single soul (except presumably the guy who fixes the machines). Hillary’s talking points include giving “working families a raise, and tax relief that helps them manage rising costs.” Part of those rising costs, of course, will be due to government under her reign forcing through a minimum wage increase, which will only make things worse. She further says she will create jobs by “investing” in “infrastructure, clean energy, and scientific and medical research.” While these things might be worth spending money on, none of them is a big blue-collar jobs creator, and millions of people who have given up hope of working in the past seven years need a better plan, particularly when Hillary also plans to make the job creators “pay their fair share” by increasing taxes on the well-off.
  5. Guns. Clinton’s approach to the alleged wave of gun violence in this country is to require more background checks, punish “irresponsible” gun dealers and manufacturers, and close “dangerous loopholes” to keep guns out of the hands of “terrorists, domestic abusers, other violent criminals, and the severely mentally ill.” There are numerous problems with Clinton’s position here. Political scaremongering aside, there is no wave of gun violence, which has actually decreased by almost half over the past two decades. Background checks have no doubt stopped some potentially violent people, but they’ve also failed in several notorious mass shootings. Unless you’re talking about some guy selling Uzis out of a car trunk, truly irresponsible gun dealers and manufacturers are rare, if they exist at all. As for dangerous loopholes, they mostly don’t exist except in the minds of liberals who consider any allowance of gun sales to be a loophole. This is more pandering to the Left’s base that has been brainwashed into fearing the use of guns, even in the hands of police and soldiers. But it’s also an attempt to take away your right to defend yourself, your family and your community, not just against criminals but against an overreaching government.

There’s more where those all came from.

To my thinking, though, Hillary’s fatal flaw is that when you cut right to the chase, she has the same entitlement mentality as many of her followers. She clearly believes that she deserves to be president simply because she’s a woman; she has waited in line for many years and now it’s time for a woman president.

Hillary is weak. She’s a strong liar, but that’s just another sign of real weakness. She doesn’t have the ability anymore to tell the truth.

Whatever other traits Trump may have, he’s a heck of a hard worker, and he has fought tooth and nail to be where he is now.  Clinton has not. She’s still waiting for the key to the Oval Office to be delivered on a velvet pillow.

America finds itself at a time when it needs a strong hand to pull it back from the brink of a collapse that is due in very large part to the same kinds of policies that a Hillary presidency would embrace.


NORM ‘n’ AL Note:  The fatal flaws in the Democrat worldview are these:  (1) Democrats believe government is the answer to every problem.  (2) Democrats are obviously willing to go to any extent to try to reach their goals.  Bring lots of illegal immigrants into the country, give them whatever they want, and bingo! Lots of new Democrat voters.  Free college for our youth? You bet! Bingo again! Lots more happy Democrat voters. Release as many prisoners as possible, too…they should be really grateful and willing to vote Democrat. Set up your email account on your own server instead of a secure government server, because that way you can keep prying eyes from seeing your emails. (At least until the expert hackers decide to focus on getting paid to deliver your account’s content.)  While you’re at it, set up your own foundation and monetize the fact that you’re an ex-president.  Tell other world leaders you’re solving this problem and that problem, and then skim as much money as you can right off the top. Pretty good way to cure your version of poverty, which most other Americans would surely be happy to have to rely on.  (3) Uh oh…all these benefits we’re dishing out are starting to really add up…guess we better raise taxes again to pay for ’em.  And where do we start? Why, with the people who have the most money, of course. The people who have managed to own businesses, run businesses, and create jobs. Let’s tax them first. Shouldn’t kill too many jobs, should it, all those higher taxes and government regulations?  (4) Have you enjoyed having an Oval Office Occupant for the last two terms who has lied to you repeatedly, professionally, and without hesitation? An OOO who wanted the job not to make America better, but to make himself richer? (Just like Bill Clinton, the previous Democrat OOO.) An OOO who has spent many, many millions of your tax dollars taking one vacation after another?  An OOO who wants to change America not for the better, but to fit his warped idea of what a “progressive USA” should look like?  (“Progressive” as it’s used to describe the Democrat agenda NEVER has any connection with “progress.” None. Don’t be confused by the similarity in terms.)  If you’ve enjoyed having an OOO who cares so little about you, and has so little respect for you, that he refuses to ever let the truth get in his way, then you are going to really enjoy sending Hillary to the same Oval Office.


[from an article by Tad Cronn at  CONSTITUTION.COM]




As always, posted for your edification and enlightenment by

NORM ‘n’ AL, Minneapolis







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