It’s hard to teach politics in the schools when the kids are already this smart…

A teacher was trying to explain politics to her sixth grade class. She had just finished trying to explain differences between Republicans and Democrats. Then she asked her class how many of them were Hillary Clinton supporters.

Not really knowing exactly what the teacher meant, but wanting the teacher’s approval, all the students raised their hands. Except for Jason.

“Jason, why aren’t you a Hillary Clinton supporter?”

Jason answered, “Because I’m a Republican.”

The teacher said, “Well, Jason, that’s very interesting. Why are you a Republican?”

Jason said, “Because my dad is a Republican, and my mom is a Republican, so I’m a Republican too.”

The teacher was having trouble hiding her annoyance with Jason’s answer, and with his refusal to go along with the liberal lesson of the day that she was trying to embed into her students. “Well, Jason, if your dad was an idiot and your mom was a moron, what would that make you?”

Jason replied sweetly, “Well, I guess that would make me a Hillary Clinton supporter.”


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