Aspen (Colorado) airport passengers FURIOUS over Michelle Obama taking over airport

In a nation where power, in theory, belongs to the people, travelers wanting to fly in and out of Aspen, Colorado on Friday learned where the real power lies.

Travelers had to wait, regardless of schedules, so that the airport could be taken over by first lady Michelle Obama and her children.

The news emerged when it was tweeted out by political analyst and Georgetown University professor Ron Christie.

“Let them eat cake: ‪#Aspen flight delayed due to “security bubble” so @FLOTUS/kids can have airport for themselves,” he tweeted.

He followed that up moments later.

“The ‘1%’ ‪@POTUS rails against while taking their $ are furious. Wow, you should hear what they saying about ‪@FLOTUS entitlement,” he tweeted.

There was one more comment.

“Worst part is we were originally told plane had a mechanical issue before they fessed up ‪@FLOTUS needed to fly there 1st,” he tweeted.

“Her Royal Highness Michelle Obama is head and shoulders above the rest of us Americans. When she flies into an airport, it’s as if no one else matters,” wrote John S. Roberts on Young Conservatives.

“The Obama’s don’t act like the First Family as much as they do celebrities, and that is highly unbecoming,” he wrote. “Just another day in Obama’s America.”

The cost of this year’s trip has not been revealed, but last year, the watchdog group Judicial Watch reported the cost of Michelle Obama’s 2015 Aspen ski getaway was 14 times higher than what it would cost a normal family, even in pricey Aspen. Air travel costs alone totaled $57,068.80, Judicial Watch reported. On top of that were costs for security, accommodations, rental cars and entertainment.

“The Obamas abuse taxpayers with unnecessarily luxury vacations and travel,” said Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton. “How many times did the Obama family travel to Aspen prior to the presidency? Misusing the perks of presidency to travel to luxury hot spots is an abuse that must end. If Congress is looking to save tax dollars, they might consider trimming the platinum travel budgets of this and future presidents.”


NORM ‘n’ AL Note:  Don’t you just love having an elected Oval Office Occupant (and wife) who have absolutely NO regard for ordinary citizens?  Who think they are entitled to spend US tax dollars in any amount they deem to be sufficient for their frequent and excessive needs?  Why don’t you send POTUS and FLOTUS a warm and friendly note expressing your feelings?


[by Jack Davis, writing for WESTERN JOURNALISM]




As always, posted for your edification and enlightenment by

NORM ‘n’ AL, Minneapolis



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