News reporter realizes what Obama really thinks of American citizens…

Mary Katherine Ham, a contributor to Fox News, was watching the State of the Union address the other night, and she suddenly realized what Obama was trying to communicate in all his blathering, bragging, and lies: She says she understood during his speech that he is “very disappointed in us for not fulfilling the promises of his ’08 speeches.”

When this comment went viral via Twitter following the SOTU address, it hit a nerve immediately with both commentators and the American public. People all over the country knew right away that Mary Katherine had nailed it exactly.

He's disappointed in US?
We have heard over and over again during Obama’s time in office that nothing was his fault. He always found someone else to blame for his errors, omissions, lies, and misstatements. During the speech she saw this being played out again as Obama wanted to blame America for his failed presidency.

He won’t tell the truth; he can’t lead; and he continues to live in a world where his ego will not permit him to admit a mistake.

Let’s count it a blessing that he will soon be gone.  HE is disappointed in US?

Anyone planning a big send-off party as the moving vans drive up to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in January of next year?


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NORM ‘n’ AL, Minneapolis



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